Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/py-flask-security
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2018-11-22 04:16:18
Message id:

Log Message:
py-flask-security: update to 3.0.0

- Fixed a bug when user clicking confirmation link after confirmation
  and expiration causes confirmation email to resend.
- Added support for I18N.
  for sending respecively plaintext and HTML version of email.
- Fixed validation when missing login information.
- Fixed condition for token extraction from JSON body.
- Better support for universal bdist wheel.
- Added port of CLI using Click configurable using options
- Added new configuration option `SECURITY_DATETIME_FACTORY` which can
  be used to force default timezone for newly created datetimes.
- Better IP tracking if using Flask 0.12.
- Renamed deprecated Flask-WFT base form class.
- Added tests for custom forms configured using app config.
- Added validation and tests for next argument in logout endpoint.
- Bumped minimal required versions of several packages.
- Extended test matric on Travis CI for minimal and released package
- Added of .editorconfig and forced tests for code style.
- Fixed a security bug when validating a confirmation token, also checks
  if the email that the token was created with matches the user's current
- Replaced token loader with request loader.
- Changed trackable behavior of `login_user` when IP can not be detected
  from a request from 'untrackable' to `None` value.
- Use ProxyFix instead of inspecting X-Forwarded-For header.
- Fix identical problem with app as with datastore.
- Removed always-failing assertion.
- Fixed failure of init_app to set self.datastore.
- Changed to new style flask imports.
- Added proper error code when returning JSON response.
- Changed obsolete Required validator from WTForms to DataRequired. Bumped
  Flask-WTF to 0.13.
- Fixed missing `SECURITY_SUBDOMAIN` in config docs.
- Added cascade delete in PeeweeDatastore.
- Added notes to docs about `SECURITY_USER_IDENTITY_ATTRIBUTES`.
- Send password reset instructions if an attempt has expired.
- Added "Forgot password?" link to LoginForm description.
- Upgraded passlib, and removed bcrypt version restriction.
- Removed a duplicate line ('retype_password': 'Retype Password') in
- Various documentation improvement.