Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2019-01-28 12:27:57
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Log Message:
tex-memoir{,-doc}: update to 3.7h

-- The following packages are no longer embedded into the class
   sources: array, delarray, dcolumn and tabularx.

   These are all part of the _tools_ section of every LaTeX
   installation, thus there is no reason to embed it anymore (let
   alone keep track of when they are updated). Instead we require them
   from the LaTeX installation.

   Note that the class still makes its own defaults for some of the
   default settings for these packages.

   Historical note: When the class was first created updating LaTeX
   was not an easy task, often done by hand. Also there was no manual
   requirements, or if there were a manual it might not be easy to
   find. So it made sense to have it all in one place and their
   manuals added to the class manual. This usage information in the
   manual will stay, but might no longer be 100% up to date, so users
   are always referred to the package manuals.

   We may remove more embedded packages in the future and replace them
   with just require the distribution provided ones.

-- remembered to note \pagerefname when dealing with page notes.

-- fixed bug in inline toc entries in the manual when there are subitem
   that are not typeset and hyperref is in use (\endlinechar=-1 around
   the toc), also noted in the manual that this problem may occur and
   how to deal with it.

   One might argue that \endlinechar=-1 should be the default thenever
   the ToC are being typeset.

-- Added \SingleSpacing* which does *not* add a \vskip at the
   end. Also adjusted \SingleSpacing such that it does not emit a
   \vskip when used in the preamble.