Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-tox
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2019-04-09 09:51:41
Message id:

Log Message:
py-tox: updated to 3.8.6


- :conf:parallel_show_output does not work with tox 3.8


- the isolated build env now ignores :conf:sitepackages, :conf:deps and \ 
:conf:description as these do not make
- Do not print timings with more than 3 decimal digits on Python 3


- Fix sdist creation on python2.x when there is non-ascii output.
- fix typos in that made it impossible to install package with \ 
requirements in pyproject.toml


- don't crash when version information is not available for a proposed base python
- Do not print exception traceback when the provisioned tox fails


- using -v and -e connected (as -ve) fails
- Changes to the plugin tester module (cmd no longer sets PYTHONPATH), and \ 
action.popen no longer returns the
  command identifier information from within the logs. No public facing changes.
- Spinner fails in CI on UnicodeEncodeError


- The -eALL command line argument now expands the envlist key and includes all \ 
its environment.
- Isolated build environment dependency overrides were not taken in \ 
consideration (and such it inherited the deps
  from the testenv section)
- --result-json puts the command into setup section instead of test (pre and \ 
post commands are now also correctly
  put into the commands section)
- Set setup.cfg encoding to UTF-8 as it contains Unicode characters.
- Fix tox CI, better error reporting when locating via the py fails


- In a posix shell, setting the PATH environment variable to an empty value is \ 
equivalent to not setting it at all;
  therefore we no longer if the user sets PYTHONPATH an empty string on python \ 
3.4 or later
- Fixed bug of children process calls logs clashing (log already exists)
- Interpreter discovery and virtualenv creation process calls that failed will \ 
now print out on the screen their output
  (via the logfile we automatically save)
- Using py2 and py3 with a specific basepython will no longer raise a warning \ 
unless the major version conflicts
- Fix missing error for tox -e unknown when tox.ini declares envlist.
- Resolve symlinks with toxworkdir
- Interrupting a tox call (e.g. via CTRL+C) now will ensure that spawn child \ 
processes (test calls, interpreter discovery,
  parallel sub-instances, provisioned hosts) are correctly stopped before \ 
exiting (via the pattern of INTERRUPT - 300 ms,
  TERMINATE - 200 ms, KILL signals)
- Fix a ResourceWarning: unclosed file in Action
- Fix deadlock when using --parallel and having environments with lots of output
- Removed code that sometimes caused a difference in results between --parallel \ 
and -p when using posargs

- tox now auto-provisions itself if needed (see :ref:auto-provision). Plugins or \ 
minimum version of tox no longer
  need to be manually satisfied by the user, increasing their ease of use.
- tox will inject the TOX_PARALLEL_ENV environment variable, set to the current \ 
running tox environment name,
  only when running in parallel mode.
- Parallel children now save their output to a disk logfile
- Parallel children now are added to --result-json
- Display pattern and sys.platform with platform mismatch
- Setting the environment variable TOX_REPORTER_TIMESTAMP to 1 will enable \ 
showing for each output line its delta
  since the tox startup. This can be especially handy when debugging parallel runs.

- Add a poetry examples to packaging