Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/shells/bash
From: Robert Elz
Date: 2019-04-24 16:04:27
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Log Message:
Update to 5.0.7 - the first 7 patches to bash 5.0

The patches fix:

1. Under certain circumstances, the glob expansion code did not remove
backslashes escaping characters in directory names (or portions of a
pattern preceding a slash).

2. When an alias value ends with an unquoted literal tab (not part of a quoted
string or comment), alias expansion cannot correctly detect the end of the
alias value after expanding it.

3. There are several incompatibilities in how bash-5.0 processes pathname
expansion (globbing) of filename arguments that have backslashes in the
directory portion.

4. In bash-5.0, the `wait' builtin without arguments waits for all children
of the shell. This includes children it `inherited' at shell invocation time.
This patch modifies the behavior to not wait for these inherited children,
some of which might be long-lived.

5. In certain cases, bash optimizes out a fork() call too early and prevents
traps from running.

6. Bash-5.0 did not build successfully if SYSLOG_HISTORY was defined without
also defining SYSLOG_SHOPT.

7. Running `exec' when job control was disabled, even temporarily, but after it
had been initialized, could leave the terminal in the wrong process group for
the executed process.