Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/ruby-parser
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2019-05-06 07:29:20
Message id:

Log Message:
devel/ruby-parser: update to 3.13.1

=== 3.13.1 / 2019-03-25

* 1 major enhancement:

  * Overhauled RubyLexer#lex_state to allow for multi-state value.

* 5 minor enhancements:

  * Added RubyParser#current so scripts can poke around inside.
  * Cleaned up and modernized bin/ruby_parse_extract_error.
  * Removed RubyLexer#in_lex_state? in favor of State#=~ and #==.
  * Renamed RubyLexer#in_arg_state? to is_after_operator?.
  * Replaced all use of :expr_<*> symbols w/ bitfields.

* 15 bug fixes:

  * Added tests to show #233 already fixed.
  * Fixed a lexer state bug dealing with complex edge case in hash  key w/ \ 
interpolated symbol and an array value. Not a great fix. (presidentbeef)
  * Fixed a number of lex_state check problems.
  * Fixed alias and undef keyword data.
  * Fixed bug normalizing to utf-8 on tail of dstr (post-interpolation). (mvz)
  * Fixed handling of hex chars for bare unicode escape. (mvz)
  * Fixed handling of invalid string octals more gracefully. Needs generalization.
  * Fixed lexing of regexps w/ backslashed unicode. I hope.
  * Fixed parse_percent for EXPR_FITEM edge cases. Fixed bug #125.
  * Fixed parsing of op_asgn on constants (eg ::X ||= 1).
  * Fixed precedence of rescue modifier on assignments. (mvz/whitequark)
  * Fixed some EXPR_FNAME edge cases.
  * Fixed using unicode in gvars. Fixed bug 202. (331299)
  * Handle invalid string literals more gracefully.
  * Minor fix lexing %s[]

=== 3.13.0 / 2019-03-12

* 3 major enhancements:

  * Removed 1.8 and 1.9 support. Moved to ruby_parser-legacy gem.
  * Added tentative 2.6 support.
  * Updated ruby_parser.yy to ruby 2.4 architecture.

* 22 minor enhancements:

  * Added debug3 and cmp3 rake tasks that use the above tools.
  * Added tLONELY to compare/normalize.rb
  * Added tools/munge.rb, tools/ripper.rb, and
  * 2.6: Added trailing .. and ... support.
  * Extended StackState to log more state changes, making debugging easier.
  * Extended StackState#store to take an initial value.
  * Improved logging / debugging in StackState.
  * Improved normalization and parser compare tasks.
  * Improved tools/munge.rb output.
  * In f_arglist, track in_kwarg if no parens.
  * In process_newline_or_comment, handle NL if in_kwarg there vs normal.
  * Refactored normalized values to WORDLIST.
  * Refactored parser: push up to relop and rel_expr.
  * Removed Keyword.keyword18.
  * Removed RubyLexer version attr_accessors.
  * Removed long dead deprecations internal to RubyParserStuff.
  * Removed version arg to RubyLexer#initialize (default nil + no-op).
  * Renamed Keyword.keyword19 to Keyword.keyword.
  * Renamed process_bracing to process_brace_close
  * Renamed process_curly_brace to process_brace_open
  * Report first parse error message if all parser versions fail, not last.
  * Updated parser to track against 2.6.

* 11 bug fixes:

  * Fix some shift/reduce errors.
  * Fixed BEGIN blocks having different arg value that END blocks. (mvz)
  * Fixed all reported unused non-terminals/rules.
  * Fixed bug 272.
  * Fixed bug in interpolated symbol lists. (strviola)
  * Fixed bug where block shadow arguments were not registered as lvars. (akimd)
  * Fixed bug where kwsplat args weren't treated as lvars. (mvz)
  * Fixed lex_state and other internals in many cases.
  * Fixed shebang in compare/normalize.rb to use env. Avoids rubygems freaking.
  * Fixed some more internal state bugs.
  * Fixed tRCURLY -> tSTRING_DEND for interpolation brace closes.