Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/scons
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2019-05-06 17:11:05
Message id:

Log Message:
scons: updated to 3.0.5

RELEASE 3.0.5:
- Fix Issue 3283 - Handle using --config=force in combination with \ 
  3.0.2 in fix for issue 2980 added that deciders can throw DeciderNeedsNode \ 
  The Configure logic directly calls the decider when using --config=force but \ 
wasn't handling
  that exception.  This would yield minimally configure tests using TryLink() \ 
not running and
  leaving TypeError Nonetype exception in config.log
- Fix Issue 3303 - Handle --config=force overwriting the Environment passed into \ 
  Decider and not clearing it when the configure context is completed.
- Add default paths for yacc tool on windows to include cygwin, mingw, and chocolatey
- Fix issue 2799 - Fix mingw tool to respect SHCCCOMSTR, SHLINKCOMSTR and \ 
- Fix Issue 3329 - Add support for MS SDK V10.0A (which is commonly installed \ 
with VS2017)
- Fix Issue 3333 - Add support for finding vswhere under 32 bit windows installs.
- Update the MSVC tool to include the nologo flag by default in RCFLAGS
- Change the default for AppendENVPath to delete_existing=0, so path
  order will not be changed, unless explicitly set (Issue 3276)
- Fixed bug which threw error when running SCons on windows system with no MSVC \ 
- Update link tool to convert target to node before accessing node member
- Update mingw tool to remove MSVC like nologo CCFLAG
- Add default paths for lex tool on windows to include cygwin, mingw, and chocolatey
- Add lex construction variable LEXUNISTD for turning off unix headers on windows
- Update lex tool to use win_flex on windows if available
- Quiet open file ResourceWarnings on Python >= 3.6 caused by
  not using a context manager around Popen.stdout
- Add the textfile tool to the default tool list
- Fix syntax on is/is not clauses: should not use with a literal
- Properly retrieve exit code when catching SystemExit
- scons-time now uses context managers around file opens
- Fix regex patterns that were not specified as raw strings
- Do not store build host+user name if reproducible builds are wanted