Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/fonts
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2019-05-07 13:11:23
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Log Message:
tex-fontspec: update to 2.7b

* Fix regression in loading `Language=Turkish`. This now allows users
  to define more than one OpenType tag when defining a language name,
  where the first tag found is the one selected for the font. E.g.,


  when selected, this first checks for the existance of the TRK
  language tag, and if not found then checks for the TUR language tag
  to use if available.

* Add new `Renderer` options for LuaTeX that enable the Harfbuzz
  engine. These only work running under `luahbtex` and are currently
  experimental. The new options are `Harfbuzz`, `OpenType`, `AAT`, and

* Always try to remove ‘clashing’ font features inside
  `\addfontfeatures` even in cases when the requested font feature
  doesn't exist. E.g., now if a font is loaded with `Numbers=OldStyle`
  and *doesn't have* `Numbers=Lining`, requesting the latter will still
  re!set the former.

* Add `pxfonts`, `txfonts`, `newpxmath`, `newtxmath`, `mtpro2` to the
  list of packages that automatically invoke `no-math`.

* Add `\providefontfamily`, `\setfontface`, `\renewfontface`, and

* Add local/global distinction with `\fontspec_(g)set_family:Nnn` and