Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-hypothesis
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2019-05-09 13:53:58
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Log Message:
py-hypothesis: updated to 4.23.4

Fixes a minor formatting issue the docstring of from_type()

Adds a recipe to the docstring of from_type() that describes a means for drawing \ 
values for “everything except” a specified type. This recipe is especially \ 
useful for writing tests that perform input-type validation.

This patch uses autoflake to remove some pointless pass statements, which \ 
improves our workflow but has no user-visible impact.

This patch fixes an OverflowError in from_type(xrange) on Python 2.

It turns out that not only do the start and stop values have to fit in a C long, \ 
but so does stop - start. We now handle this even on 32bit platforms, but remind \ 
users that Python2 will not be supported after 2019 without specific funding.

This release implements the slices() strategy, to generate slices of a \ 
length-size sequence.

This patch exposes DataObject, solely to support more precise type hints. \ 
Objects of this type are provided by data(), and can be used to draw examples \ 
from strategies intermixed with your test code.

This patch fixes the very rare issue 1798 in array_dtypes(), which caused an \ 
internal error in our tests.

This patch fixes a rare bug in from_type(range).

The unique_by argument to lists now accepts a tuple of callables such that every \ 
element of the generated list will be unique with respect to each callable in \ 
the tuple.

This patch cleans up the internals of one_of(). You may see a slight change to \ 
the distribution of examples from this strategy but there is no change to the \ 
public API.

The from_type() strategy now supports slice objects.

This release improves the array_shapes() strategy, to choose an appropriate \ 
default for max_side based on the min_side, and max_dims based on the min_dims. \ 
An explicit error is raised for dimensions greater than 32, which are not \ 
supported by Numpy, as for other invalid combinations of arguments.

The from_type() strategy now supports range objects (or xrange on Python 2).

This release fixes a very rare edge case in the test-case mutator, which could \ 
cause an internal error with certain unusual tests.

This patch makes Hypothesis compatible with the Python 3.8 alpha, which changed \ 
the representation of code objects to support positional-only arguments. Note \ 
however that Hypothesis does not (yet) support such functions as e.g. arguments \ 
to builds() or inputs to @given.

This patch improves the performance of unique collections such as sets() when \ 
the elements are drawn from a sampled_from() strategy.

This release adds the functions() strategy, which can be used to imitate your \ 
‘real’ function for callbacks.

This release refactors stateful rule selection to share the new machinery with \ 
sampled_from() instead of using the original independent implementation.

This patch allows Hypothesis to try a few more examples after finding the first \ 
bug, in hopes of reporting multiple distinct bugs. The heuristics described in \ 
issue 847 ensure that we avoid wasting time on fruitless searches, while still \ 
surfacing each bug as soon as possible.