Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
Date: 2019-05-27 18:10:08
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Log Message:
Update to 1.12.0

Version 1.12.0
(12 Apr 2019, from /branches/1.12.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Major new features:

  - Minor new features and improvements:
    * 'move vs. move' merge conflicts can now be resolved (r1846851, r1851913)
    * 'svn --version --verbose' shows loaded libraries on Linux (r1843774)
    * 'svnrdump' can read/write a file instead of stdin/stdout (r1844906)
    * 'svn list' tries to not truncate the author's name (r1847384 et al.)
    * 'svn list' can show sizes in base-2 unit suffixes (r1847384 et al.)
    * 'svn info' shows the size of files in the repository (r1847441 et al.)
    * 'svn cleanup' can remove read-only directories (#4806, r1854072 et al.)

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * Repos-to-WC copy with --parents works with absent target (r1843888)
    * Repos-to-WC copy from foreign repo with peg/operative revs (#4785)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * Ignore empty group definitions in authz files (#4802, r1851687)

  - Client-side and server-side bugfixes:

  - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
    * svnauthz: warn about empty groups in authz files (#4803, r1851823)
    * Storing passwords in plain text on disk is disabled by default (r1845377)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * Updated the required libtool version to 2.x (r1845716)
    * Remove references to Googlemock and Googletest (r1849200)
    * All C++ code is compiled in C++11 mode by default (r1849202)

  - Bindings:
    * JavaHL: Fixed potential core dump in ISVNClient.diff (r1845408)
    * JavaHL: Let clients decode file contents from ISVNClient.blame (r1851333)

Version 1.11.1
(11 Jan 2019, from /branches/1.11.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Minor new features and improvements:
    * Conflict resolver support for added vs unversioned file (r1845577)
    * Conflict resolver support for unversioned directories (r1846299)
    * Improve help for 'svn add' and the '-N' option (r1842814 et al.)
    * Improve display of Mac OS name in 'svn --version --verbose' (r1842334)

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * Fix: repos-to-WC copy with --parents doesn't create dirs (#4768)
    * Fix: foreign repo copy with peg/operative revisions (#4785)
    * Fix: foreign repo copy of file adding mergeinfo (#4792)
    * Fix: assertion failure using -rPREV on a working copy at r0 (#4532)
    * Fix: tree conflict message ends a sentence with a colon (#4717)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * Fix CVE-2018-11803: malicious SVN clients can crash mod_dav_svn
    * Fix: unexpected SVN_ERR_FS_NOT_DIRECTORY errors (#4791)
    * Fix: mod_dav_svn's SVNUseUTF8 had no effect in some setups (r1844882)
    * Fix crash in mod_http2 (#4782)

  - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
    * svndumpfilter: Clarify error messages by including node path (r1845261)

  - Bindings bugfixes:
    * JavaHL: Fix crash in client code when using external diff (r1845408)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * Fix build on systems without python in $PATH (r1845555)
    * Fix compiler warnings about indentation (r1845556 et al.)

  - API changes:

Version 1.11.0
(30 Oct 2018, from /branches/1.11.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Major new features:
    * Shelving is no longer based on patch files (experimental) (issue #3625)
    * Checkpointing (experimental) (issue #3626)
    * Viewspec output command (experimental) (issue #4753)

  - Minor new features and improvements:
    * Improvements to tree conflict resolution (issue #4694 #4766 ...)
    * 'patch' can now read non-pretty-printed svn:mergeinfo diffs (r1822151)
    * Better error when http:// URL is not a Subversion repository (r1825302)
    * Add 'schedule' and 'depth' items to 'svn info --show-item' (r1827032)
    * Allow the client cert password to be saved (r1836762)

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * Fix a crash in a repo:WC summary diff of a local copy (r1835218)
    * Fix double diff headers (r1836746)
    * Tree conflict resolver: avoid endless scan in some cases (r1839662)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * svnadmin dump shouldn't canonicalize svn:date (issue #4767)
    * 'svnadmin verify --keep-going --quiet' shows an error summary (r1837790)
    * Let 'svnadmin recover' prune the rep-cache even if disabled (r1838813)

  - Client-side and server-side bugfixes:
    * Fix pattern-matching of top level path in listing with search (r1830599)
    * Allow commands like 'svn ci --file X' to work when X is a FIFO (r1836306)

  - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
    * tools/client-side/bash_completion: Add '--password-from-stdin' (r1820045)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * new tool: tools/dist/edit-N-log-messages (r1819207)
    * tools/dev/unix-build/Makefile.svn: various fixes
    * Expose the diff option 'pretty_print_mergeinfo' in APIs (r1822014)
    * In 'revert' APIs, choose whether to delete schedule-add nodes (r1822534)

  - Bindings:
    * Fix Python binding fs.FileDiff behaviour with python-future (r1823802)
    * Fix Python unit test, fs.SubversionFSTestCase, on Windows (r1824410)
    * Bump minimum JDK version required for JavaHL to 1.8 (r1831895)
    * Enable building against Java 10 (r1841180 et al)
    * Fix a potential crash in JavaHL (issue #4764)