Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/curl
From: Leonardo Taccari
Date: 2019-07-17 11:10:06
Message id:

Log Message:
curl: Update to 7.65.2

This release includes the following bugfixes:

 o Explain Schannel error SEC_E_ALGORITHM_MISMATCH
 o CMake: Convert errant elseif() to else()
 o CMake: Fix finding Brotli on case-sensitive file systems
 o CURLOPT_CAINFO.3: polished wording
 o CURLOPT_HEADEROPT.3: Fix example
 o CURLOPT_RANGE.3: Caution against using it for HTTP PUT
 o CURLOPT_SEEKDATA.3: fix variable name
 o DEPRECATE: fixup versions and spelling
 o bindlocal: detect and avoid IP version mismatches in bind()
 o build: fix Codacy warnings
 o buildconf.bat: fix header filename
 o c-ares: honor port numbers in CURLOPT_DNS_SERVERS
 o config-os400: add getpeername and getsockname defines
 o configure: --disable-progress-meter
 o configure: fix --disable-code-coverage
 o configure: fix typo '--disable-http-uath'
 o configure: more --disable switches to toggle off individual features
 o configure: remove CURL_DISABLE_TLS_SRP
 o conn_maxage: move the check to prune_dead_connections()
 o curl: skip CURLOPT_PROXY_CAPATH for disabled-proxy builds
 o curl_multi_wait.3: escape backslash in example
 o docs: Explain behavior change in --tlsv1. options since 7.54
 o docs: Fix links to OpenSSL docs
 o docs: fix string suggesting HTTP/2 is not the default
 o examples/fopen: fix comparison
 o examples/htmltitle: use C++ casts between pointer types
 o headers: Remove no longer exported functions
 o http2: call done_sending on end of upload
 o http2: don't call stream-close on already closed streams
 o http2: remove CURL_DISABLE_TYPECHECK define
 o http: allow overriding timecond with custom header
 o http: clarify header buffer size calculation
 o krb5: fix compiler warning
 o lib: Use UTF-8 encoding in comments
 o libcurl-tutorial.3: Fix small typo (mutipart -> multipart)
 o libcurl: Restrict redirect schemes to HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS
 o multi: enable multiplexing by default (again)
 o multi: fix the transfer hashes in the socket hash entries
 o multi: make sure 'data' can present in several sockhash entries
 o netrc: Return the correct error code when out of memory
 o nss: don't set unused parameter
 o nss: inspect returnvalue of token check
 o nss: only cache valid CRL entries
 o nss: support using libnss on macOS
 o openssl: define HAVE_SSL_GET_SHUTDOWN based on version number
 o openssl: disable engine if OPENSSL_NO_UI_CONSOLE is defined
 o openssl: fix pubkey/signature algorithm detection in certinfo
 o openssl: remove outdated comment
 o os400: make vsetopt() non-static as Curl_vsetopt() for os400 support
 o quote.d: asterisk prefix works for SFTP as well
 o runtests: keep logfiles around by default
 o runtests: report single test time + total duration
 o smb: Use the correct error code for access denied on file open
 o sws: remove unused variables
 o system_win32: fix clang warning
 o system_win32: fix typo
 o test1165: verify that CURL_DISABLE_ symbols are in sync
 o test1521: adapt to SLISTPOINT
 o test1523: test CURLOPT_LOW_SPEED_LIMIT
 o test153: fix content-length to avoid occasional hang
 o test188/189: fix Content-Length
 o tests: have runtests figure out disabled features
 o tests: support non-localhost HOSTIP for dict/smb servers
 o tests: update fixed IP for hostip/clientip split
 o tool_cb_prg: Fix integer overflow in progress bar
 o travis: disable threaded resolver for coverage build
 o travis: enable alt-svc for coverage build
 o travis: enable brotli for all xenial jobs
 o travis: enable libssh2 for coverage build
 o travis: enable warnings-as-errors for coverage build
 o travis: update scan-build job to xenial
 o typecheck: CURLOPT_CONNECT_TO takes an slist too
 o typecheck: add 3 missing strings and a callback data pointer
 o unit1654: cleanup on memory failure
 o unpause: trigger a timeout for event-based transfers
 o url: Fix CURLOPT_MAXAGE_CONN time comparison
 o win32: make DLL loading a no-op for UWP
 o winbuild: Change Makefile to honor ENABLE_OPENSSL_AUTO_LOAD_CONFIG
 o winbuild: use WITH_PREFIX if given
 o wolfssl: refer to it as wolfSSL only