Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-mako
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2019-08-03 13:27:27
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Log Message:
py-mako: updated to 1.1.0



[changed] [setup]
Removed the “python test” feature in favor of a straight run of \ 
“tox”. Per Pypa / pytest developers, “” commands are in general \ 
headed towards deprecation in favor of tox. The tox.ini script has been updated \ 
such that running “tox” with no arguments will perform a single run of the \ 
test suite against the default installed Python interpreter.

[changed] [installer] [py3k]
Mako 1.1 now supports Python versions:
- 2.7
- 3.4 and higher

This includes that no longer includes any conditionals, allowing for a \ 
pure Python wheel build, however this is not necessarily part of the Pypi \ 
release process as of yet. The test suite also raises for Python deprecation \ 


[bug] [py3k] [windows]
Replaced usage of time.clock() on windows as well as time.time() elsewhere for \ 
microsecond timestamps with timeit.default_timer(), as time.clock() is being \ 
removed in Python 3.8. Pull request courtesy Christoph Reiter.

[bug] [py3k]
Replaced usage of inspect.getfullargspec() with the vendored version used by \ 
SQLAlchemy, Alembic to avoid future deprecation warnings. Also cleans up an \ 
additional version of the same function that’s apparently been floating around \ 
for some time.