Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/libcec
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2019-09-08 14:30:54
Message id:

Log Message:
libcec: Update to 4.0.4

libcec ( #DIST#; urgency=medium

  * fixed: only prevent TV polls when a Samsung TV is detected instead of
    suppressing all logical addresses. issue #424 #444

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Fri, 21 Dec 2018 \ 
22:34:14 +0100

libcec ( #DIST#; urgency=medium

  * fixed:
    * detect debian based distros properly when installing python. closes #314
    * don't filter out broadcast in HandleDeviceVendorCommandWithId(). issue
    * send an active source message when a routing change has been received with
      libCEC's address as new route and no active source message has been sent
      yet. issue #309 #205 #233
    * vs2015 c++ redistributables
    * fix missing tinfo linking in cec-client. #341
    * set wrong variable. #343 #352
    * LG - don't activate the source when receiving vendor command 0xB. #344
    * LG TV always changing input when turned on #307
    * Fix menu language string. #360
    * correct python lib path for python 2.7+/3+. #356
    * Fix build if tinfo library is not present. #398
    * disable autonomous mode when a Samsung TV is connected. Samsung 2017+ TVs
      will power on randomly (Samsung bug). don't poll the TV. #424
    * CRPiCECAdapterMessageQueue::Write() accessed the queue without locking.
    * use sig_atomic_t for shared object between sig handler and main. #425
    * python 3.5+ import. #356
    * TDA995x: Fix logical address readback. #303
    * TDA995x: Handle physical address change, optimize logical address setup.
    * Pulse-Eight USB CEC adapter detection on macOS Mojave. #434
    * Fix broken Python version check and failure to build on cmake < 3.7. #409
    * 13 char device name got truncated

  * changed:
    * log a warning when we detect that RPi's CEC service is used by something
      else, blocking libCEC. issue #191
    * const IAdapterCommunication::GetLogicalAddresses(), making the mutex
      mutable for now without changing the platform lib. closes #259
    * Add a Reinitialze action.  Useful for after the device has been powered
      down. #299
    * Panasonic media control info to the readme
    * detect WIN64 in cmake automatically. #322
    * #330
    * instructions for hdmi_force_hotplug=1 on the pi
    * eventghost plugin install/create. #375
    * Include C version of libCEC loader when installing. #397
    * Explicitly use python3 in pyCecClient. #433
    * build with vs 2015

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Thu, 8 Nov 2018 \ 
18:05:36 +0100

libcec ( #DIST#; urgency=medium

  * fixed:
    * windows: device detection. credits: @Portisch
    * don't automatically assume that an AVR is active in some situations
    * don't take Panasonic's vendor id when emulating an AVR
    * drm EDID parser not compiled in. credits @gdachs
    * python: have Swig generate Python threading support
    * python: only pass unsigned
    * python: allow empty callback parameters
    * python: install demo app as executable
    * python: correct install path. credits @Lo0k @mkreisl. #284 #288 #289 #291
    * python: possible crash when passing an invalid callback

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Mon, 23 Jan 2017 \ 
16:28:00 +0100

libcec ( #DIST#; urgency=medium

  * fixed:
    * TransmitVolumeDown to use CEC_USER_CONTROL_CODE_VOLUME_DOWN. credits:
    * HAVE_AOCEC_API missing in if in AdapterFactory. credits: @gdachs
    * env.h had 'ON' instead of '1' for some values

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Tue, 3 Jan 2017 \ 
19:12:00 +0100

libcec ( #DIST#; urgency=medium

  * fixed:
    * headers weren't installed after package name changes

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Tue, 14 Nov 2016 \ 
10:15:00 +0100

libcec ( #DIST#; urgency=medium

  * changed:
    * updated readme files
    * renamed 'libcec-dev' to 'libcec4-dev'

  * fixed:
    * removed debian Replaces/Provides/Conflicts
    * crash in drm edid code. credits: @zivillian
    * compilation with -DHAVE_AOCEC_API=1

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Tue, 7 Nov 2016 \ 
22:43:00 +0100

libcec ( #DIST#; urgency=medium

  * API cleaned up for v4
  * changed:
    * signature for GetDeviceMenuLanguage() changed
    * signature for GetDeviceOSDName() changed
    * signature for libcec_get_device_menu_language() changed
    * signature for get_device_osd_name() changed
    * cec_datapacket size reduced to 16 bytes
    * callbacks changed to pass pointers instead of copies
    * obsolete entries removed from libcec_configuration
    * removed deprecated FindAdapters() and MuteAudio()
    * send volume change commands to the TV if no audio system is present. Only
      some TVs support this. closes #223

  * added:
    * bAutoWakeAVR entry in libcec_configuration, which controls whether to
      automatically power on the avr or not when the source is activated. issue
    * iDoubleTapTimeoutMs replacing iDoubleTapTimeout50Ms. time is now in
    * new AO CEC adapter. credits: @gdachs

  * fixed:
    * compilation with full debugging enabled
    * handling of LG vendor command 0x0B. Issue #256. Credits @Vollstrecker
    * return value wasn't checked correctly in CLibCEC::RegisterClient()
    * Raspberry Pi fixes for issues #252 and #191

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Tue, 26 Oct 2016 \ 
18:08:00 +0100

libcec ( #DIST#; urgency=medium

  * Slit up repositories for libCEC and .Net utilities.

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Wed, 19 Oct 2016 \ 
16:57:00 +0100

libcec ( #DIST#; urgency=medium

  * changed / added:
    * bump platform lib (windows)
    * use a template that can be used by scripts for the changelog
    * make released key polling wait for exact time until key gets released.
      credits @popcornmix
    * keep track of time since initial button press and last button update
      credits @popcornmix
    * support repeating button presses with configurable repeat rate. credits
    * pass through duration on all button repeats. credits @popcornmix
    * updated
    * moved the buffer in CDRMEdidParser::GetPhysicalAddress() from the stack
      to heap
    * added #include to make the IDE happy. not actually used when compiling
    * clean up device detection code a bit and replace winapi calls with
      CM_* calls. issue #130
    * replaced lockdev by flock. closes #141
    * use a single number as major SO version like others. credits @rbalint
    * Sharp uses vendor id 0x534850 too. issue #36
    * use p8-platform instead of platform
    * detect dirty trees
    * support for vs2015 to build scripts
    * update build scripts for vs2015 and win10uni

  * fixed:
    * missing version.h when installing on windows
    * skip double press removal. It is handled through other means. credits
    * don't generate an invalid env.h when not built with the .git dir present.
      closes #112
    * fix multi-arch libdir locations. credits @wsnipex
    * fix for holding buttons on remotes of Philips TVs. credits @mrgreywater
    * initialisation issue found on Raspberry Pi with Buildroot. credits
    * crash on systems without /sys/class/drm. credits @rbalint
    * segfault when an empty EDID blob is passed to
    * combo key (stop by default) in the EventGhost plugin. fixes #128
    * silence compiler warnings
    * script
    * clean/fix platform detection
    * display a nice error message if LibCecSharp failed to load
    * limit the log in cectray to 100k
    * open cec-tray minimised if configured. don't open and minimise. issue
    * cosmetics: persist -> save
    * query commands in eventghost. fixes #160
    * eventghost demo config
    * don't call PowerOnDevices() if no devices to wake have been configured.
      issue #97
    * Don't skip checking for Rasperry Pi library (Fixes #166). credits
    * TDA99x check
    * disable DRM for FreeBSD

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Wed, 20 Jan 2016 \ 
00:37:32 +0100

libcec (3.0.1-1~#DIST#) #DIST#; urgency=low

  * changed / added:
    * autodetect physical ID from DRM. credits @PoppyPop
    * cmake command line options for raspberry pi distributions that don't use
      standard system paths for libs for some reason
    * convenience methods for compilation on the raspberry pi with non-standard
      system directories and cross compilation
    * explanation in for Exynos and TDA995x
    * don't treat failed acks from the tv as error when sending an active
      source message
    * compilation info when building libCEC
    * build shared libraries by default
    * cec-client: 'tx' command parsing

  * fixed:
    * return code of CCECClient callbacks after async changed. credits: @mk01
    * polling addresses on RPi. credits: @mk01
    * interruptable Sleep() in RPiCECAdapterMessageQueue
    * Exynos support. credits: @YamashitaRen
    * XCASE got removed from posix termios in some recent version
    * don't return an abort code if sending a response code fails

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Fri, 03 Jul 2015 \ 
15:19:00 +0200

libcec (3.0.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * fixed:
    * build fixes on non-linux

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Fri, 01 May 2015 \ 
01:41:00 +0200

libcec (3.0.0-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * changed / added:
    * initial version of an EventGhost plugin
    * Python API added through Swig, based on the C++ API
    * switched from autotools to cmake
    * added curses support. credits @joao29a
    * added cecc-client (testclient for the C api)
    * added runtime libCEC loading for C
    * updated the C interface to include new features and no longer use a
      global library instance
    * some AVRs fail to be powered up by the TV when it powers up. power up the
      AVR explicitly
    * added support for CEC_DEVICE_TYPE_TV (useful for testing)
    * compile with c++11
    * removed CStdString
    * drop 'using namespace std'
    * autogenerated version numbers, drop some backwards compat code
    * LibCecSharp: added PhysicalAddressToString()
    * CecSharpClient: better formatting of the scan command

  * fixed:
    * Debian packaging cleaned up. Credits @PimentNoir
    * fixed Raspberry Pi compilation. Credits @NHellFire
    * ignore vendor command with id from pioneer AVRs. bugzid: 3853
    * update the vendor id of a device when receiving a vendor command with id
      before receiving a vendor id
    * XBMC->Kodi rebranding
    * don't delete m_client when m_cec hasn't been deleted yet in
      CLibCEC::~CLibCEC(). issue #63
    * change device types in CCECProcessor::Process(), not directly. issue #63
    * use shared_ptr<CPVRClient> instead of passing raw pointers around that
      can be unregistered from another thread and crash
    * check if the port or device actually changed in CCECClient::SetHDMIPort()
    * potential buffer overflow
    * fixed setting the physical address at startup when using default settings
    * don't call callbacks directly in libCEC, but queue them and process from
      a worker thread
    * libCEC Tray: crash when retrying to find adapters
    * libCEC Tray: don't show the "no device found" warning when resuming
      from standby
    * libCEC Tray: reconnect to the adapter after resuming from standby
    * libCEC Tray: send key presses to the active window when none of the
      predefined (wmc/kodi) ones are active
    * libCEC Tray: fixed key combinations with the windows key

 -- Pulse-Eight Packaging <>  Fri, 03 Apr 2015 \ 
21:13:00 +0200