Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/din
From: Santhosh Raju
Date: 2019-09-14 18:08:32
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Log Message:
din: Updates to 43

Changes since 42:

DIN Is Noise 43 @ Chennai, India
	+ move groups of harmonics on sine mixer
		+ shift + click harmonic on sine mixer to select / deselect
		+ moving one of the selected harmonics moves all the selected harmonics
			'But then one lizard (or iguana) moved, and all moved'
				- VS Naipaul, Among the Believers
			+ but shift when moving moves just the selected harmonic
		+ all, none, invert buttons for gross selection
	+ resize phrase position slider
		+ DIN saves/reloads slider
	+ change both notes of selected range using mouse slider
		+ Use Menu > Ranges > Change note? > Both
	- removed Change Left note, Change Right note menu items in Menu > Ranges
		+ replaced with Change note? Left Right Both menu items
	+ scrub / scratch point modulations
		+ click on Scrub and move up or down
	+ Sync on Point Modulator
		+ workflow is
			+ select modulations
				+ pause
				+ sync
				+ play
	+ voice volume minimum can be < 0 [voice waveform flips]
	+ spinner to set absolute drone master volume
		+ drone master volume can be < 0 [drone waveform flips]
	- removed mute drones button
			* just spin drone master volume to 0
	+ save/load auto apply state on sine mixer
	+ save/load drone selection state
	+ save/load drone frozen state
	+ save/load plugins fold state for each curve editor
	+ save/load auto select launched drones flag
	+ turn on/off UI in all screens, not just in instruments
		* optimised
	+ click repeat of Apply button and key repeat of shortcut r for continous apply
		of plugin output to curve
		+ useful/interesting when point modulating custom sin/cos/radius curves etc
	+ drones per minute is floating point instead of integer
	* improved phrase handling for voice on microtonal keyboard
	* improved plugin browser on curve editors
	* changed default drone handle size to 3
	! fixed bug: turning on/off ui on point modulator may crash DIN42 !
	! fixed bug: pressing shift/ctrl effected selection box when not previewing mesh !
	! fixed bug: changing parameters on Number plugin didnt update preview !
	! fixed bug: frozen drones saved to disk thawed on reload !
	! fixed bug: didnt save/load turns on spiraler !
	! fixed bug: rotate/scale of drones happened in UI loop, now moved to audio loop !
	! fixed bug: stopped gravity editing when menu displayed !