Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/ruby-parser
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2019-10-30 16:19:43
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Log Message:
devel/ruby-parser: update to 3.14.1

Update ruby-parser to 3.14.1.

=== 3.14.1 / 2019-10-29

* 1 minor enhancement:

  * Declared that ruby_parser supports ruby 2.2 and up.

* 3 bug fixes:

  * Fixed a problem with %W with a null-byte terminator. (wtf?) (spohlenz)
  * Fixed line numbering for command (eg methods without parentheses) arguments. \ 
  * Fixed lineno on new dxstrs. (presidentbeef)

=== 3.14.0 / 2019-09-24

* 8 minor enhancements:

  * Added Sexp#line_min & new line number debugging feature.
  * Allow bin/ruby_parse to use RP_TIMEOUT to tweak default timeout for large \ 
files & slow debugging modes.
  * Did you know that custom inspect can't be > 65 chars? 65! Me neither. Fixed.
  * For now, value_expr == remove_begin.
  * Improved error messages for unterminated regexps.
  * Moved all STR_* consts into State::Values and made them State instances.
  * Overhauled RubyLexer::State + Values to allow for completely separate groups \ 
of States.
  * RubyParserExtras#remove_begin removes nested begins and patches line numbers.

* 22 bug fixes:

  * Changed EOF signaling to return [false, false] per doco.
  * Changed RubyParserStuff#remove_begin to keep inner line number, if any. (mvz)
  * Differentiated between lambda call and stabby proc. Added :lambda sexp. \ 
  * Extended State#== to check equal? first as an optimization.
  * Fixed a bug in tab indent width.
  * Fixed a line numbering bug for assignables.
  * Fixed a line numbering bug for defns w/ nil bodies.
  * Fixed another missing line number, driven out by ruby_to_ruby bootstrap.
  * Fixed dedenting squiggle heredocs if interpolation is in the mix. (mvz)
  * Fixed differentiation of `{ |a| ... }` vs `{ |a,| ... }`. Fixes #236 \ 
  * Fixed lex_state for symbols.
  * Fixed lex_state for tSTRING_END and tREGEXP_END.
  * Fixed line numbers for BEGIN block. (mvz)
  * Fixed op_asgn1 w/ command_call having array instead of arglist. (mvz)
  * Fixed parsing of () in a command-call (eg p).
  * Fixed remaining missing line numbers by forcing extra checks during test and \ 
blowing up. They may still be wrong (esp after heredocs, ugh), but they're \ 
there! Special thank you to mvz for pushing on this and providing tests and PRs.
  * Fixed some lex_state versioning issues with closing braces/bracket on ruby<25.
  * Keep carriage return escapes in heredocs. (mvz)
  * Massive overhaul of line number code.
  * More line number fixes and extra tests from mvz. Thank you!
  * Parsing BEGIN block when not at top level should raise an error. (mvz)
  * Removed irb task from Rakefile as it has been pushed up to Hoe and doubles \ 
up here.