Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/libpeas
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2019-11-13 15:28:05
Message id:

Log Message:
libpeas: update to 1.24.1.

Now uses meson for building.

Overview of Changes in libpeas 1.24.1

* Fix missing access to peas_gettext() in public ABI
* Fix loading of python2 plugin loader
* Fix use of -export-dynamic with Clang
* Various macOS build fixes
* Fixes for libpeas-gtk pkg-config generation
* Add support for GInitiallyUnowned with PeasExtension
* Translation updates:
  - Danish
  - Dutch
  - Persian

Overview of Changes in libpeas 1.24.0

* Setup troubleshooting environment when running automated tests
* Translation updates:
  - Brazilian Portuguese
  - German
  - Italian
  - Turkish

Overview of Changes in libpeas 1.23.92

This is a RC release for the upcoming GNOME 3.34 release.

* Fix soname usage to match 1.22.x
* Fix typo in deprecation ignores
* Fix gtk_menu_popup() deprecations
* Fix meson build warning
* Translation updates:
  - Basque
  - Catalan
  - Croatian
  - Czech
  - Finnish
  - French
  - Friulan
  - Galician
  - Hungarian
  - Japanese
  - Korean
  - Lithuanian
  - Polish
  - Romanian
  - Serbian
  - Spanish
  - Swedish

Overview of Changes in libpeas

This is a followup release to yesterdays 1.23.90 which includes a
fix to ensure that programs linking against libpeas-1.0 also link
against gobject-introspection-1.0.

Overview of Changes in libpeas 1.23.90

This release is the first to use the meson build system. Autotools
has been removed. In most cases, the transition to meson should be
relatively painless, and has many examples from other projects in
the GNOME ecosystem to serve as examples.

See meson_options.txt for the updated parameters.

We'll have a series of .90, .91, .92 releases up to 1.24 if they
are necessary following the GNOME release schedule for 3.34 in

* Port to meson build system, autotools has been removed
* Support for python3.8 in the python3 loader
* Reduce warning impact of GParameter deprecations on API consumers
* Fix a number of deprecations in internal API
* Remove use of intltool in favor of gettext
* Add versioning macros and hide non-public symbols
* Translation updates:
  - Catalan
  - Dutch
  - Esperanto
  - French
  - Icelandic
  - Malayalam
  - Polish

Thanks to everyone who provided patches along the way.

Overview of Changes in libpeas 1.22.0

* Translation updates:
  - Catalan
  - Danish

Overview of Changes in libpeas 1.21.0

* Consider all an interfaces potential properties
* Fix PeasEngine virtual annotations
* Allow extensions to be an Abstract Base Class
* Cache an extension type's base class and interfaces

* Translation updates:
  - Belarusian
  - Croatian
  - Simplified Chinese