Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/cfitsio
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2019-11-26 11:24:11
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Log Message:
cfitsio: update to 3.470

fix linking of libcurl.

Version 3.47 - May 2019

  - Added set of drivers for performing ftps file transfers.

  - Tile sizes for compression may now be specified for any pair of
    axes, where previously 2D tiles where limited to just X and y.

  - Fix to ffgsky and ffgkls functions for case of keyword with long
    string values where the final CONTINUE statement ended with '&'.
    If the final CONTINUE also contained a comment, it was being
    repeated twice when passed back through the 'comm' argument.

  - Fix made to ffedit_columns() for case of multiple col filters
    containing wildcards.  Only the first filter was being searched.

  - fits_copy_rows (ffcprw) can now handle 'P'-type variable-length

  - Fix made to an obscure case in fits_modify_vector_len, where a
    wrongly issued EOF error may occur.

  - Added internal fffvcl() function.

Version 3.46 - Oct 2018 (Ftools release)

  - Improved the algorithm for ensuring no tile dimensions are smaller
    than 4 pixels for HCOMPRESS compression.

  - Added new functions intended to assist in diagnosing (primarily
    https) download issues: fits_show_download_progress,
    fits_get_timeout, fits_set_timeout.

  - Added the '-O <file>' option to fpack, which previously existed only
    for funpack.  Also added fpack/funpack auto-removal of .bz2 suffix
    equivalent to what existed for .gz.

  - For the fpack '-table' cases, warning message is now sent to stderr
    instead of stdout.  This is to allow users to pipe the results from
    stdout in valid FITS format.  (The warning message is otherwise placed
    at the start of the FITS file and therefore corrupts it.)

  - Fix made to the '-P' file prefix option in funpack.

  - Added wildcard deletion syntax for columns, i.e. -COLNAM* will delete
    the first matching column as always; -COLNAM*+ will delete all matching
    columns (or none); exact symmetry with the keyword deletion syntax.