Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/py-asn1-modules
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2019-11-26 14:10:44
Message id:

Log Message:
py-asn1-modules: update to 0.2.8.

Use github distfile because pypi one is missing.

Revision 0.2.8, released 16-11-2019

- Improve test routines for modules that use certificate extensions
- Improve test for RFC3709 with a real world certificate
- Added RFC7633 providing TLS Features Certificate Extension
- Added RFC7229 providing OIDs for Test Certificate Policies
- Added tests for RFC3280, RFC3281, RFC3852, and RFC4211
- Added RFC6960 providing Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
- Added RFC6955 providing Diffie-Hellman Proof-of-Possession Algorithms
- Updated the handling of maps for use with openType for RFC 3279
- Added RFC6486 providing RPKI Manifests
- Added RFC6487 providing Profile for X.509 PKIX Resource Certificates
- Added RFC6170 providing Certificate Image in the Internet X.509 Public
  Key Infrastructure, and import the object identifier into RFC3709.
- Added RFC6187 providing Certificates for Secure Shell Authentication
- Added RFC6482 providing RPKI Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs)
- Added RFC6664 providing S/MIME Capabilities for Public Keys
- Added RFC6120 providing Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
  names in certificates
- Added RFC4985 providing Subject Alternative Name for expression of
  service names in certificates
- Added RFC5924 providing Extended Key Usage for Session Initiation
  Protocol (SIP) in X.509 certificates
- Added RFC5916 providing Device Owner Attribute
- Added RFC7508 providing Securing Header Fields with S/MIME
- Update RFC8226 to use ComponentPresentConstraint() instead of the
  previous work around
- Add RFC2631 providing OtherInfo for Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement
- Add RFC3114 providing test values for the S/MIME Security Label
- Add RFC5755 providing Attribute Certificate Profile for Authorization
- Add RFC5913 providing Clearance Attribute and Authority Clearance
  Constraints Certificate Extension
- Add RFC5917 providing Clearance Sponsor Attribute
- Add RFC4043 providing Internet X.509 PKI Permanent Identifier
- Add RFC7585 providing Network Access Identifier (NAI) Realm Name
  for Certificates
- Update RFC3770 to support openType for attributes and reported errata
- Add RFC4334 providing Certificate Extensions and Attributes for
  Authentication in PPP and Wireless LAN Networks