Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/py-paramiko
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2019-12-11 11:43:53
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Log Message:
py-paramiko: updated to 2.7.1

[Bug] Fix a bug in support for ECDSA keys under the newly supported OpenSSH key \ 
format. Thanks to Pierce Lopez for the patch.
[Bug] The new-style private key format (added in 2.7) suffered from an unpadding \ 
bug which had been fixed earlier for Ed25519 (as that key type has always used \ 
the newer format). That fix has been refactored and applied to the base key \ 
class, courtesy of Pierce Lopez.

[Feature]: Add new convenience classmethod constructors to SSHConfig: from_text, \ 
from_file, and from_path. No more annoying two-step process!
[Feature] Implement most ‘canonical hostname’ ssh_config functionality \ 
(CanonicalizeHostname, CanonicalDomains, CanonicalizeFallbackLocal, and \ 
CanonicalizeMaxDots; CanonicalizePermittedCNAMEs has not yet been implemented). \ 
All were previously silently ignored. Reported by Michael Leinartas.
[Feature] Implement support for the Match keyword in ssh_config files. \ 
Previously, this keyword was simply ignored & keywords inside such blocks \ 
were treated as if they were part of the previous block. Thanks to Michael \ 
Leinartas for the initial patchset.

This feature adds a new optional install dependency, Invoke, for managing Match \ 
exec subprocesses.

[Feature]: A couple of outright SSHConfig parse errors were previously \ 
represented as vanilla Exception instances; as part of recent feature work a \ 
more specific exception class, ConfigParseError, has been created. It is now \ 
also used in those older spots, which is naturally backwards compatible.
[Feature] Implement support for OpenSSH 6.5-style private key files (typically \ 
denoted as having BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY headers instead of PEM format’s \ 
BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY or similar). If you were getting any sort of weird auth \ 
error from “modern” keys generated on newer operating system releases (such \ 
as macOS Mojave), this is the first update to try.

Major thanks to everyone who contributed or tested versions of the patch, \ 
including but not limited to: Kevin Abel, Michiel Tiller, Pierce Lopez, and \ 
Jared Hobbs.

[Bug]: Perform deduplication of IdentityFile contents during ssh_config parsing; \ 
previously, if your config would result in the same value being encountered more \ 
than once, IdentityFile would contain that many copies of the same string.
[Bug]: Paramiko’s use of subprocess for ProxyCommand support is conditionally \ 
imported to prevent issues on limited interpreter platforms like Google Compute \ 
Engine. However, any resulting ImportError was lost instead of preserved for \ 
raising (in the rare cases where a user tried leveraging ProxyCommand in such an \ 
environment). This has been fixed.
[Bug]: ssh_config token expansion used a different method of determining the \ 
local username ($USER env var), compared to what the (much older) client \ 
connection code does (getpass.getuser, which includes $USER but may check other \ 
variables first, and is generally much more comprehensive). Both modules now use \ 
[Support]: Explicitly document which ssh_config features we currently support. \ 
Previously users just had to guess, which is simply no good.
[Support]: Additional installation extras_require “flavors” (ed25519, \ 
invoke, and all) have been added to our packaging metadata; see the install docs \ 
for details.