Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2019-12-30 19:17:22
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Log Message:
freeradius: updated to 3.0.20

FreeRADIUS 3.0.20 Thu 14 Nov 2019 12:00:00 EDT urgency=medium
Feature improvements
* Add Jenkins continuous integration.
  Used to build
* Added Force10 dictionary.
* Update dictionary.hp with new attributes.
* Update dictionary.aruba with new attributes.
* Update logrotate settings to rotate as non-root user.
* Fix side-channel leak in EAP-PWD.  Patch from Mathy Vanhoef.
* Relax OpenSSL version checks, now that their API is both
  public, and stable.
* Note that tls_min_version/tls_max_version also support "1.3"
  Since there is no standard yet for EAP with TLS 1.3, it
  will not work.
* Added tripplite dictionary.
* Switch to the async interface for rlm_sql_postgresql so that
  we can enforce query_timeout.
* Added new LDAP option 'allow_dangling_group_ref'.
* Updated documentation and functionality for EAP session caching.
  See "cache" section of mods-available/eap.
* Tighten systemd unit file security.
* Disable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 support in the default configuration.
  We STRONGLY recommend doing this for all installations.
* Add expansions for *outgoing* Radsec connections.
  "%{proxy_listen:TLS-...}"  for TLS-Client-Cert-* and TLS-Cert-*
* Add %{listen:tls} which returns "yes" or "no" for TLS or \ 
* Update dictionary.lancom with new attributes.
* Added rlm_sql_mongo.  See raddb/mods-available/sql.  Note that
  this module is experimental.
* Added more documentation in sites-available/robust-proxy-accounting
* sqlippool now re-allocates unexpired leases, to prevent IP pool
  exhaustion when clients perform multiple reauthentication attempts.
  Patch from Terry Burton.
* Add support to radmin keep the history in ~/.radmin_history
* Add support for ENV and LD_PRELOAD in radiusd.conf.  See the new
  ENV sub-section of radiusd.conf.
* Update dictionary.aptilo.
* Update dictionary.airespace.
* Add sites-available/coa-relay, which makes CoA easier.
  Patch from Terry Burton.
* Add example stored procedure for IP Pools in MySQL.
  See mods-config/sql/ippool/mysql/procedure.sql
  Patch from Terry Burton.
* Update dictionary.dhcp dictionary with the recent hardware types.
* Add experimental rlm_python3.  This should largely work the same
  as rlm_python, which was Python2 only.
* Add Dockerfiles for Debian10 and CentOS8.
* Add RPM spec file compatibility for RHEL/CentOS 8.
* Notes on iOS 13 certificate issues.  See
* Notes on certificate constraints.  See raddb/certs/server.cnf.
* Add NAIRealm example to raddb/certs/server.cnf, for RFC 7585.

Bug fixes
* Allow listen.ipaddr to reference an IPv6-only host.
* ERX-Acct-Request-Reason is "integer".
* Fix a slow memory leak in the file management code.
* Try to fix file permissions if they get modified while
  the server is running.
* Fix slow memory leak with clients.
* Fix request and connection timeouts in rlm_rest.
* Fix systemd issues.  Patches from Daniele Rondina.
* Fixes from clang analyzer.
* Fix missing include for the dictionaries: alcatel.esam,
  starent.vsa1, telkom, wimax.wichorus.
* Fix internal sanity check when running with "-Xx"
* Allow "inner-tunnel" virtual servers to work better with
  "accept" and "reject" policies.
* Fix dictionary.huawei data types for Huawei-DNS-Server-IPv6-address
  and Huawei-Framed-IPv6-Address.
* Framed-Interface-ID in postgresql/queries.conf is string, not inet

* Fix rlm_cache to complain on unknown attributes in the
  "update" section of its configuration.
* Add configure checks for -latomic.  This helps on armel, mips
  and mipsel.
* Add support to Oracle 19 and 18.
* Add support for decoding tags in rlm_rest.
* Use correct passwords when updating CRLs in raddb/certs/
* Properly separate "originate-coa" packets when accounting packets
  are read from the detail file reader.
* Use the correct virtual server for pre/post-proxy.
* radsqlrelay fixes backported from "master" branch.
  Patches from Terry Burton.
* Fix DoS issues due to multithreaded BN_CTX access.
  Patch from Mathy Vanhoef.  CVE-2019-17185