Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/roundcube
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2020-01-14 15:30:00
Message id:

Log Message:
mail/roundcube: update to 1.4.2

Update roundcube ot 1.4.2.
pkgsrc change:

* Use "complete" distfile and avoid downloading each JavaScript libraries.
* Use common patches/distinfo directory.

Here is release 1.4.0 announce (2019/11/09):

It's a big honor for me to announce the final release of the long awaited
major version 1.4 of Roundcube webmail.
After more than two years of hard work by Alec and other volunteer
contributors, Roundcube finally gets the responsive skin with full mobile
device support - the Elastic.

In addition to the new UI we introduce these new features:

* Email Resent (Bounce) feature
* Improved [Mailvelope]( integration
* Support for Redis and Memcached cache
* Support for SMTPUTF8 and GSSAPI

Plus numerous improvements and bug fixes collected from your precious
feedback as well as updates to recent versions of 3rd party libraries like
jQuery and TinyMCE. See the full changelog in the release notes on the
Github download page [1].

The new Elastic theme, which is the new default skin, is built with LESS
and of course the sources are included. They allow a certain degree of
customization by adjusting some colors and variables using the
`_styles.less` and `_variables.less` files. Please consider customizing
your Roundcube installation in order to make phishing [2] harder. You'll
find guidance in the file inside the skin folder.

This release is considered stable and we encourage you to update your
productive installations after carefully testing the upgrade scenario and
preparing your users to the significant changes in their webmail UI.
Download it from

With the release of Roundcube 1.4.0, the previous stable release branches
1.3.x and 1.2.x will change into LTS low maintenance mode which means they
will only receive important security updates but no longer any regular
improvement updates. The 1.1.x series is no longer supported and maintained.

RELEASE 1.4.1 (2019/11/22)
- Elastic: Change HTML editor widget to improve form flow (#6992)
- Elastic: Fix position of mobile floating action button (#7038)
- Managesieve: Fix locked UI after opening filter frame (#7007)
- Fix PHP warning: "array_merge(): Expected parameter 2 to be an array, \ 
null given in (#7003)
- Fix bug where cache keys could exceed length limit specified in db schema (#7004)
- Fix invalid Signature button state after escaping Mailvelope mode (#7015)
- Fix so 401 error is returned only on failed logon requests (#7010)
- Fix db_prefix handling in queries with `TRUNCATE TABLE <name>` and \ 
`UNIQUE <name>` (#7013)
- Fix so script warns about changed defaults (#7011)
- Fix tables listing routine when DSN contained a database with unsupported \ 
suffix (#7034)
- Fix so Elastic is also a default in jqueryui plugin (#7039)
- Fix bug where the Installer would not warn about required schema upgrade (#7042)

RELEASE 1.4.2 (2020/01/01)
- Plugin API: Make actionbefore, before<action>, actionafter and \ 
after<action> events working with plugin actions (#7106)
- Managesieve: Replace "Filter disabled" with "Filter \ 
enabled" (#7028)
- Managesieve: Fix so modifier type select wasn't hidden after hiding modifier \ 
select on header change
- Managesieve: Fix filter selection after removing a first filter (#7079)
- Markasjunk: Fix marking more than one message as spam/ham with email_learn \ 
driver (#7121)
- Installer: Fix DB Write test on SQLite database ("database is \ 
locked" error) (#7064)
- Installer: Fix so SQLite DSN with a relative path to the database file works \ 
in Installer
- Elastic: Fix contrast of warning toasts (#7058)
- Elastic: Simple search in pretty selects (#7072)
- Elastic: Fix hidden list widget on mobile/tablet when selecting folder while \ 
search menu is open (#7120)
- Fix so type attribute on script tags is not used on HTML5 pages (#6975)
- Fix unread count after purge on a folder that is not currently selected (#7051)
- Fix bug where Enter key didn't work on messages list in "List" \ 
layout (#7052)
- Fix bug where deleting a saved search in addressbook caused display issue on \ 
sources/groups list (#7061)
- Fix bug where a new saved search added after removing all searches wasn't \ 
added to the list (#7061)
- Fix bug where a new contact group added after removing all groups from \ 
addressbook wasn't added to the list
- Fix bug where Ctype extension wasn't required in Installer and INSTALL file (#7049)
- Fix so removes Bootstrap's sourceMappingURL (#7035)
- Fix so use of Ctrl+A does not scroll the list (#7020)
- Fix/remove useless keyup event handler on username input in logon form (#6970)
- Fix bug where cancelling switching from HTML to plain text didn't set the flag \ 
properly (#7077)
- Fix bug where HTML reply could add an empty line with extra indentation above \ 
the original message (#7088)
- Fix matching multiple X-Forwarded-For addresses with 'proxy_whitelist' (#7107)
- Fix so displayed maximum attachment size depends also on 'max_message_size' (#7105)
- Fix bug where 'skins_allowed' option didn't enforce user skin preference (#7080)
- Fix so contact's organization field accepts up to 128 characters (it was 50)
- Fix bug where listing tables in PostgreSQL database with db_prefix didn't work \ 
- Fix bug where 'text' attribute on body tag was ignored when displaying HTML \ 
message (#7109)
- Fix bug where next message wasn't displayed after delete in List mode (#7096)
- Fix so number of contacts in a group is not limited to 200 when redirecting to \ 
mail composer from Contacts (#6972)
- Fix malformed characters in HTML message with charset meta tag not in head (#7116)