Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/roundcube-plugin-enigma
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2020-01-14 15:31:55
Message id:

Log Message:
mail/roundcube-plugin-enigma: update to 1.4.2

Update roundcube-plugin-enigma to 1.4.2.

pkgsrc change:

* Use common patches/distinfo directory with roundcube.

- Enigma: Add script to import keys from filesystem to the db storage (for multihost)

- Enigma: Fix bug where signing option was set to disabled after saving a draft \ 
in Elastic skin (#6515)

RELEASE 1.4-rc2
- Added 'keyservers' option to define list of HKP servers for Enigma/Mailvelope \ 
- Enigma: For verified signatures, display the user id associated with the \ 
sender address (#5958)
- Enigma: Fix bug where revoked users/keys were not greyed out in key info
- Enigma: Fix error message when trying to encrypt with a revoked key (#6607)
- Enigma: Fix "decryption oracle" bug [CVE-2019-10740] (#6638)
- Enigma: Fix bug where signature verification could have been skipped for some \ 
message structures (#6838)

RELEASE 1.4-rc1
- Enigma: Update to OpenPGPjs 4.2.1 - fixes user name encoding issues in key \ 
generation (#6524)
- Enigma: Fixed multi-host synchronization of private and deleted keys and \ 
pubring.kbx file
- Elastic: Fix bug where Enigma options in mail compose could sometimes be \ 
ignored (#6515)

RELEASE 1.4-beta
- Enigma: Add button to send mail unencrypted if no key was found (#5913)
- Enigma: Add options to set PGP cipher/digest algorithms (#5645)
- Enigma: Multi-host support