Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/din
From: Santhosh Raju
Date: 2020-02-12 13:13:19
Message id:

Log Message:
audio/din: Updates to 44.0.2

Changes since 43.0.1:

DIN Is Noise 44 @ Chennai, India

	!+! new noise generator in DIN Is Noise!
		+ using drone UI
		+ choose if a drone drones a pitch or makes noise
			+ Menu > Drone Tools > Drone is Drone OR Drone is Noise
				+ OR SHIFT + q
			+ when a drone makes noise:
				+ a low frequency 'drone' makes low frequency noise
				+ a high frequency 'drone' makes high frequency noise
				+ manipulate drones ie move, modulate, launch, orbit to
					manipulate noises!
				+ choose Menu > Editors > Noise Interpolator to
					+ edit the noise sample interpolator curve

	+ use drone pendulum's parameters to turn rows and/or columns
		of a drone mesh into drone pendulums! :)
			+ works best when you make all drones of the mesh at the same time
				+ so set In seconds to 0
				+ and make drones in:
					+ ascending or descending rows
					+ ascending or descending columns
			+ apply to AM BPM and/or FM BPM to turn rows and/or columns of drone
				mesh as drone pendulums!

	+ flip button to flip start/end bpm of drones in drone pendulum

	+ harmonic bookmarks on Sine Mixer
		+ click on + to bookmark selected harmonics
		+ click on - to delete selected bookmarks
		+ click on x to delete all bookmarks
		+ click bookmark to select harmonics linked to it
			+ SHIFT click to select more bookmarks

	+ DIN switches menu to:
		+ Drone Params when drones selected
		+ Voice when Voice is enabled
		+ Ranges when a range is selected

	+ new microtonal keyboard shortcuts:
		+ SHIFT + f selects range under cursor
		+ CTRL + f to switch between change note to note and change note by octave
		+ CTRL + v to change both notes (to another note or by octave) of current range
		+ CTRL + g to change left note (to another note or by octave) of current range
		+ CTRL + h to change right note (to another note or by octave) of current range
		+ SHIFT + b to change height of current range
		+ CTRL + b to change height of entire microtonal keyboard

	+ rearranged menu items on Drone Params
		+ brought drone AM depth and FM depth together
		+ brought drone AM BPM and FM BPM together
		+ moved Rotate and Scale drones to Drone Params tab from Drone Tools tab

	+ new ~ checkbutton on all spinners to toggle random increment
		+ click > on spinner to edit random increment
			+ in field after ~ label
			+ default is -100% to 100% of steady increment ie value in +- field

	+ press ESC to abort active octave shift on current instrument

	+ press g to toggle draw cursor guide on curve editors
		+ useful for aligning curve components
		+ activate with keyboard shortcut only, may appear on menu in future

	* improved turn and speed ball operator on Mondrian
		+ using new noise / random algorithm!

	* improved bezier curve generation

	* improved expression evaluation in numeric fields

	* improved warper default curves

	* improved waveforms library

	! fixed bug: DIN may crash when deleting a vertex of curve that has point \ 
modulation !
	! fixed bug: make absolute values of a binaural pair available for editing
							 when selection changed from multiple pairs to one pair. !
	! fixed bug: num pad + and - to change slit size on Mondrian !
	! fixed bug: non decaying notes when ball volume < 0 on Mondrian !
	! fixed bug: in display of Selected Range number on Microtonal Keyboard!
	! fixed bug: reposition drones when left note of first range, right note of \ 
last range changed !
	! fixed bug: in 2600 patch !
	! fixed typo: paris instead of pairs in binaural drones instrument !