Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/vim-share
From: Daniel Horecki
Date: 2020-02-23 11:39:33
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to version 8.2.0303.

8.2.0001  #endif comments do not reflect corresponding #ifdef
8.2.0002  "dj" only deletes first line of closed fold
8.2.0003  Build file dependencies are incomplete
8.2.0004  get E685 and E931 if buffer reload is interrupted
8.2.0005  duplication in version info
8.2.0006  test using long file name may fail
8.2.0007  popup menu positioned wrong with folding in two tabs
8.2.0008  test72 is old style
8.2.0009  VMS: terminal version doesn't build
8.2.0010  test64 is old style
8.2.0011  screen updating wrong when opening preview window
8.2.0012  some undo functionality is not tested
8.2.0013  not using a typedef for condstack
8.2.0014  test69 and test95 are old style
8.2.0015  not all modeline variants are tested
8.2.0016  test name used twice, option not restored properly
8.2.0017  OS/2 and MS-DOS are still mentioned
8.2.0018  :join does not add white space where it should
8.2.0019  cannot get number of lines of another buffer
8.2.0020  mouse clicks in the command line not tested
8.2.0021  timer test fails too often on Travis with MacOS
8.2.0022  click in popup window doesn't close it in the GUI
8.2.0023  command line editing not sufficiently tested
8.2.0024  filetype Rego not recognized
8.2.0025  repeated word in comment
8.2.0026  still some /* */ comments
8.2.0027  still some /* */ comments
8.2.0028  searchpairpos() is not tested
8.2.0029  MS-Windows: crash with empty job command
8.2.0030  "gF" does not work on output of "verbose command"
8.2.0031  MS-Windows: test for empty job fails
8.2.0032  MS-Windows: test for blank job fails
8.2.0033  crash when make_extmatch() runs out of memory
8.2.0034  missing check for out of memory
8.2.0035  saving and restoring called_emsg is clumsy
8.2.0036  not enough test coverage for match functions
8.2.0037  missing renamed message
8.2.0038  spell suggestions insufficiently tested
8.2.0039  memory access error when "z=" has no suggestions
8.2.0040  timers test is still flaky on Travis for Mac
8.2.0041  leaking memory when selecting spell suggestion
8.2.0042  clearing funccal values twice
8.2.0043  timers test is still flaky on Travis for Mac
8.2.0044  expression type is used inconsistently
8.2.0045  script test fails
8.2.0046  tests for spell suggestions are slow
8.2.0047  cannot skip tests for specific MS-Windows platform
8.2.0048  another timers test is flaky on Travis for Mac
8.2.0049  command line completion not fully tested
8.2.0050  after deleting a file mark it is still in viminfo
8.2.0051  command line completion test skipped
8.2.0052  more-prompt not properly tested
8.2.0053  windowsversion() does not always return the right value
8.2.0054  :diffget and :diffput don't have good completion
8.2.0055  cannot use ":gui" in vimrc with VIMDLL enabled
8.2.0056  execution stack is incomplete and inefficient
8.2.0057  cannot build with small features
8.2.0058  running tests changes ~/.viminfo
8.2.0059  compiler warnings for unused variables in small build
8.2.0060  message test only runs with one encoding
8.2.0061  the execute stack can grow big and never shrinks
8.2.0062  memory test is flaky on FreeBSD
8.2.0063  wrong size argument to vim_snprintf()
8.2.0064  diffmode completion doesn't use per-window setting
8.2.0065  Amiga and alikes: autoopen only used on Amiga OS4
8.2.0066  some corners of vim_snprintf() are not tested
8.2.0067  ERROR_UNKNOWN clashes on some systems
8.2.0068  crash when using Python 3 with "utf32" encoding
8.2.0069  ETYPE_ is used for two different enums
8.2.0070  crash when using Python 3 with "debug" encoding
8.2.0071  memory test often fails on Cirrus CI
8.2.0072  memory test still fails on Cirrus CI
8.2.0073  initializing globals with COMMA is clumsy
8.2.0074  Python 3 unicode test sometimes fails
8.2.0075  Python 3 unicode test still sometimes fails
8.2.0076  Python 3 unicode test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.0077  settagstack() cannot truncate at current index
8.2.0078  expanding <sfile> works differently the second time
8.2.0079  Python 3 unicode test still fails on MS-Windows
8.2.0080  globals using INIT4() are not in the tags file
8.2.0081  MS-Windows also need the change to support INIT4()
8.2.0082  when reusing a buffer listeners are not cleared
8.2.0083  text properties wrong when tabs and spaces are exchanged
8.2.0084  complete item "user_data" can only be a string
8.2.0085  dead code in builtin functions
8.2.0086  build error for small version
8.2.0087  crash in command line expansion when out of memory
8.2.0088  insufficient tests for tags; bug in using extra tag field
8.2.0089  crash when running out of memory in :setfiletype completion
8.2.0090  generated files show up in git status
8.2.0091  compiler warnings for size_t / int types
8.2.0092  tags functionality insufficiently tested
8.2.0093  win_splitmove() can make Vim hang
8.2.0094  MS-Windows: cannot build with Strawberry Perl 5.30
8.2.0095  cannot specify exit code for :cquit
8.2.0096  cannot create tiny popup window in last column
8.2.0097  crash with autocommand and spellfile
8.2.0098  exe stack length can be wrong without being detected
8.2.0099  use of NULL pointer when out of memory
8.2.0100  macros for Ruby are too complicated
8.2.0101  crash when passing null object to ":echomsg"
8.2.0102  messages test fails in small version
8.2.0103  using null object with execute() has strange effects
8.2.0104  using channel or job with ":execute" has strange effects
8.2.0105  Vim license not easy to find on github
8.2.0106  printf formats are not exactly right
8.2.0107  hgignore is out of sync from gitignore
8.2.0108  when sign text is changed a manual redraw is needed
8.2.0109  corrupted text properties when expanding spaces
8.2.0110  prop_find() is not implemented
8.2.0111  VAR_SPECIAL is also used for booleans
8.2.0112  illegal memory access when using 'cindent'
8.2.0113  "make cmdidxs" fails
8.2.0114  info about sourced scripts is scattered
8.2.0115  byte2line() does not work correctly with text properties
8.2.0116  BufEnter autocmd not triggered on ":tab drop"
8.2.0117  crash when using gettabwinvar() with invalid arguments
8.2.0118  crash when cycling to buffers involving popup window
8.2.0119  message test fails on some platforms
8.2.0120  virtcol() does not check arguments to be valid
8.2.0121  filter() and map() on blob don't work
8.2.0122  readme files still mention MS-DOS
8.2.0123  complete_info() does not work when CompleteDone is triggered
8.2.0124  compiler warnings for variable types
8.2.0125  :mode no longer works for any system
8.2.0126  textprop test fails
8.2.0127  some buffer commands work in a popup window
8.2.0128  cannot list options one per line
8.2.0129  MS-Windows installer doesn't use Turkish translations
8.2.0130  Python3 ranges are not tested
8.2.0131  command line is not cleared when switching tabs
8.2.0132  script may be re-used when deleting and creating a new one
8.2.0133  invalid memory access with search command
8.2.0134  some map functionality not covered by tests
8.2.0135  bracketed paste can still cause invalid memory access
8.2.0136  stray ch_logfile() call
8.2.0137  crash when using win_execute() from a new tab
8.2.0138  memory leak when starting a job fails
8.2.0139  MS-Windows: default for IME is inconsistent
8.2.0140  CI does not test building doc tags
8.2.0141  no swift filetype detection
8.2.0142  possible to enter popup window with CTRL-W p
8.2.0143  Coverity warning for possible use of NULL pointer
8.2.0144  some mapping code is not fully tested
8.2.0145  using #error for compilation errors should be OK now
8.2.0146  wrong indent when 'showbreak' and 'breakindent' are set
8.2.0147  block Visual mode operators not correct when 'linebreak' set
8.2.0148  mapping related function in wrong source file
8.2.0149  maintaining a Vim9 branch separately is more work
8.2.0150  cannot define python function when using :execute
8.2.0151  detecting a script was already sourced is unreliable
8.2.0152  restoring ctrl_x_mode is not needed
8.2.0153  warning shows when listing version info
8.2.0154  reallocating the list of scripts is inefficient
8.2.0155  warnings from MinGW compiler; tests fail without +float
8.2.0156  various typos in source files and tests
8.2.0157  Vim9 script files not in list of distributed files
8.2.0158  triggering CompleteDone earlier is not backwards compatible
8.2.0159  non-materialized range() list causes problems
8.2.0160  range test fails
8.2.0161  not recognizing .gv file as dot filetype
8.2.0162  balloon test fails in the GUI
8.2.0163  test hangs on MS-Windows console
8.2.0164  test_alot takes too long
8.2.0165  Coverity warning for using NULL pointer
8.2.0166  Coverity warning for using uninitialized variable
8.2.0167  Coverity warning for ignoring return value
8.2.0168  Coverity warning for assigning NULL to an option
8.2.0169  Coverity warning for dead code
8.2.0170  Coverity warning for ignoring return value
8.2.0171  Coverity warning for using uninitialized buffer
8.2.0172  Coverity warning for not restoring character
8.2.0173  build fails with old compiler
8.2.0174  various commands not completely tested
8.2.0175  crash when removing list element in map()
8.2.0176  generating os headers does not work for Swedish
8.2.0177  memory leak in get_tags()
8.2.0178  with VTP the screen may not be restored properly
8.2.0179  still a few places where range() does not work
8.2.0180  test for wrapmargin fails if terminal is not 80 columns
8.2.0181  problems parsing :term arguments
8.2.0182  min() and max() materialize a range() list
8.2.0183  tests fail when the float feature is disabled
8.2.0184  blob test fails
8.2.0185  Vim9 script: cannot use "if has()" to skip lines
8.2.0186  a couple of tests may fail when features are missing
8.2.0187  reduntant code
8.2.0188  Check commands don't work well with Vim9 script
8.2.0189  cd() with NULL argument crashes
8.2.0190  Kotlin files are not recognized
8.2.0191  cannot put a terminal in a popup window
8.2.0192  build failure without +terminal feature
8.2.0193  still build failure without +terminal feature
8.2.0194  some commands can cause problems in terminal popup
8.2.0195  some tests fail when run in the GUI
8.2.0196  blocking commands for a finished job in a popup window
8.2.0197  some Ex commands not sufficiently tested
8.2.0198  no tests for y/n prompt
8.2.0199  Vim9 script commands not sufficiently tested
8.2.0200  Vim9 script commands not sufficiently tested
8.2.0201  cannot assign to an imported variable
8.2.0202  when 'lazyredraw' is set the window title may not be updated
8.2.0203  :helptags and some other functionality not tested
8.2.0204  crash when using winnr('j') in a popup window
8.2.0205  error code E899 used twice
8.2.0206  calling Vim9 function using default argument fails
8.2.0207  crash when missing member type on list argument
8.2.0208  fnamemodify() does not apply ":~" when followed by ":."
8.2.0209  function a bit far away from where it's used
8.2.0210  Coverity complains about uninitialized field
8.2.0211  test for ANSI colors fails without an "ls" command
8.2.0212  missing search/substitute pattern hardly tested
8.2.0213  configure does not recognize gcc 10.0 and later
8.2.0214  a popup window with a terminal can be made hidden
8.2.0215  wrong file name shortening
8.2.0216  several Vim9 instructions are not tested
8.2.0217  terminal test fails on Mac
8.2.0218  several Vim9 instructions are not tested
8.2.0219  terminal test still fails on Mac
8.2.0220  terminal test did pass on Mac
8.2.0221  no test for Vim9 += and ..=
8.2.0222  Vim9: optional function arguments don't work yet
8.2.0223  some instructions not yet tested
8.2.0224  compiling :elseif not tested yet
8.2.0225  compiling lambda not tested yet
8.2.0226  compiling for loop not tested
8.2.0227  compiling a few instructions not tested
8.2.0228  configure does not recognize gcc version on BSD
8.2.0229  compare instructions not tested
8.2.0230  terminal popup test is flaky
8.2.0231  silent system command may clear the screen
8.2.0232  the :compiler command causes a crash
8.2.0233  crash when using garbagecollect() in between rand()
8.2.0234  message test fails on SunOS
8.2.0235  draw error when an empty group is removed from 'statusline'
8.2.0236  MS-Windows uninstall doesn't delete vimtutur.bat
8.2.0237  crash when setting 'wincolor' on finished terminal window
8.2.0238  MS-Windows: job_stop() results in exit value zero
8.2.0239  MS-Windows: 'env' job option does not override existing vars
8.2.0240  using memory after it was freed
8.2.0241  crash when setting 'buftype' to "quickfix"
8.2.0242  preview popup window test fails with long directory name
8.2.0243  insufficient code coverage for ex_docmd.c functions
8.2.0244  compiler warning in Lua interface
8.2.0245  MSVC: error message if the auto directory already exists
8.2.0246  MSVC: deprecation warnings with Ruby
8.2.0247  misleading comment in NSIS installer script
8.2.0248  MS-Windows: dealing with deprecation is too complicated
8.2.0249  MS-Windows: various warnings
8.2.0250  test_clear_search_pat() is unused
8.2.0251  a couple of function return types can be more specific
8.2.0252  Windows compiler warns for using size_t
8.2.0253  crash when using :disassamble without argument
8.2.0254  compiler warning for checking size_t to be negative
8.2.0255  VMS: missing files in build
8.2.0256  time and timer related code is spread out
8.2.0257  cannot recognize a terminal in a popup window
8.2.0258  modifyOtherKeys cannot be temporarily disabled
8.2.0259  terminal in popup test sometimes fails
8.2.0260  several lines of code are duplicated
8.2.0261  some code not covered by tests
8.2.0262  fileformat test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.0263  a few new Vim9 messages are not localized
8.2.0264  fileformat test still fails on MS-Windows
8.2.0265  "eval" after "if 0" doesn't check for following command
8.2.0266  terminal in popup test sometimes fails on Mac
8.2.0267  no check for a following cmd when calling a function fails
8.2.0268  trycatch test fails
8.2.0269  Vim9: operator after list index does not work
8.2.0270  some code not covered by tests
8.2.0271  the "num64" feature is available everywhere
8.2.0272  ":helptags ALL" gives error for some directories
8.2.0273  MS-Windows uninstall may delete wrong batch file
8.2.0274  hang with combination of feedkeys(), Ex mode and :global
8.2.0275  some Ex code not covered by tests
8.2.0276  Vim9: not allowing space before ")" in function call
8.2.0277  Vim9: not all instructions covered by tests
8.2.0278  channel test is flaky on Mac
8.2.0279  Vim9: no test for deleted :def function
8.2.0280  Vim9: throw in :def function not caught higher up
8.2.0281  two placed signs in the same line are not combined
8.2.0282  Vim9: setting number option not tested
8.2.0283  Vim9: failing to load script var not tested
8.2.0284  Vim9: assignment test fails
8.2.0285  unused error message; cannot create s:var
8.2.0286  cannot use popup_close() for a terminal popup
8.2.0287  Vim9: return in try block not tested; catch not tested
8.2.0288  Vim9: some float and blob operators not tested
8.2.0289  Vim9: :echo did not clear the rest of the line
8.2.0290  running individual test differs from all tests
8.2.0291  Vim9: assigning [] to list<string> doesn't work
8.2.0292  Vim9: CHECKNR and CHECKTYPE instructions not tested
8.2.0293  various Ex commands not sufficiently tested
8.2.0294  cannot use Ex command that is also a function name
8.2.0295  highlighting for :s wrong when using different separator
8.2.0296  mixing up "long long" and __int64 may cause problems
8.2.0297  compiler warnings for the Ruby interface
8.2.0298  Vim9 script: cannot start command with a string constant
8.2.0299  Vim9: ISN_STORE with argument not tested
8.2.0300  Vim9: expression test fails without channel support
8.2.0301  insufficient testing for exception handling
8.2.0302  setting 'term' may cause error in TermChanged autocommand
8.2.0303  TermChanged test fails in the GUI

8.1.2201  cannot build with dynamically linked Python 3.8
8.1.2202  MS-Windows: build failure with GUI and small features
8.1.2203  running libvterm tests without the +terminal feature
8.1.2204  crash on exit when closing terminals
8.1.2205  sign entry structure has confusing name
8.1.2206  no test for fixed issue #3893
8.1.2207  "gn" doesn't work quite right
8.1.2208  Unix: Tabs in output might be expanded to spaces
8.1.2209  LF in escape codes may be expanded to CR-LF
8.1.2210  using negative offset for popup_create() does not work
8.1.2211  listener callback "added" argument is not the total
8.1.2212  cannot see the selection type in :reg output
8.1.2213  popup_textprop tests fail
8.1.2214  too much is redrawn when 'cursorline' is set
8.1.2215  unreachable code in adjusting text prop columns
8.1.2216  text property in wrong place after :substitute
8.1.2217  compiler warning for unused variable
8.1.2218  "gN" is off by one in Visual mode
8.1.2219  no autocommand for open window with terminal
8.1.2220  :cfile does not abort like other quickfix commands
8.1.2221  cannot filter :disp output
8.1.2222  accessing invalid memory
8.1.2223  cannot see what buffer an ml_get error is for
8.1.2224  cannot build Amiga version
8.1.2225  the "last used" info of a buffer is under used
8.1.2226  cannot use system copy/paste in non-xterm terminals
8.1.2227  layout wrong if 'lines' changes while cmdline window is open
8.1.2228  screenpos() returns wrong values when 'number' is set
8.1.2229  cannot color number column above/below cursor differently
8.1.2230  MS-Windows: testing external commands can be improved
8.1.2231  not easy to move to the middle of a text line
8.1.2232  MS-Windows: compiler warning for int size
8.1.2233  cannot get the Vim command line arguments
8.1.2234  get_short_pathname() fails depending on encoding
8.1.2235  "C" with 'virtualedit' set does not include multi-byte char
8.1.2236  ml_get error if pattern matches beyond last line
8.1.2237  mode() result depends on whether CURSOR_SHAPE is defined
8.1.2238  error in docs tags goes unnoticed
8.1.2239  CI fails when running tests without building Vim
8.1.2240  popup window width changes when scrolling
8.1.2241  match highlight does not combine with 'wincolor'
8.1.2242  creating docs tags uses user preferences
8.1.2243  typos in comments
8.1.2244  'wrapscan' is not used for "gn"
8.1.2245  third character of 'listchars' tab shows in wrong place
8.1.2246  some tests are still in old style
8.1.2247  "make vimtags" does not work in runtime/doc
8.1.2248  CTRL-W dot does not work when modifyOtherKeys is enabled
8.1.2249  "make vimtags" does not print any message
8.1.2250  CTRL-U and CTRL-D don't work in popup window
8.1.2251  ":term command" may not work without a shell
8.1.2252  compiler warning for int size
8.1.2253  using "which" to check for an executable is not reliable
8.1.2254  MS-Windows: mouse scroll wheel doesn't work in popup
8.1.2255  ":term ++shell" does not work on MS-Windows
8.1.2256  test for ":term ++shell" fails on MS-Windows
8.1.2257  MS-Windows GUI: scroll wheel always uses current window
8.1.2258  may get hit-enter prompt after entering a number
8.1.2259  running tests may leave XfakeHOME behind
8.1.2260  terminal test may fail on MS-Windows
8.1.2261  with modifyOtherKeys set 'noesckeys' doesn't work
8.1.2262  unpack assignment in function not recognized
8.1.2263  'noesckeys' test fails in GUI
8.1.2264  there are two test files for :let
8.1.2265  when popup with "botleft" does not fit it flips incorrectly
8.1.2266  position unknown for a mouse click in a popup window
8.1.2267  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.1.2268  spell file flag zero is not recognized
8.1.2269  tags file with very long line stops using binary search
8.1.2270  "gf" is not tested in Visual mode
8.1.2271  build error if FEAT_TAG_BINS is not defined
8.1.2272  test may hang at more prompt
8.1.2273  wrong default when "pos" is changed with popup_atcursor()
8.1.2274  newlines in 'balloonexpr' result only work in the GUI
8.1.2275  using "seesion" looks like a mistake
8.1.2276  MS-Windows: session test leaves files behind
8.1.2277  terminal window is not updated when info popup changes
8.1.2278  using "cd" with "exe" may fail
8.1.2279  computation of highlight attributes is too complicated
8.1.2280  crash when passing partial to substitute()
8.1.2281  'showbreak' cannot be set for one window
8.1.2282  crash when passing many arguments through a partial
8.1.2283  missed on use of p_sbr
8.1.2284  compiler warning for unused variable
8.1.2285  padding in structures wastes memory
8.1.2286  using border highlight in popup window leaks memory
8.1.2287  using EndOfBuffer highlight in popup does not look good
8.1.2288  not using all space when popup with "topleft" flips to above
8.1.2289  after :diffsplit closing the window does not disable diff
8.1.2290  autocommand test fails
8.1.2291  memory leak when executing command in a terminal
8.1.2292  v:mouse_winid not set on click in popup window
8.1.2293  join adds trailing space when second line is empty
8.1.2294  cursor pos wrong with concealing and search causes a scroll
8.1.2295  if buffer of popup is in another window cursorline sign shows
8.1.2296  text properties are not combined with syntax by default
8.1.2297  the ex_vimgrep() function is too long
8.1.2298  missing part of 8.1.2296
8.1.2299  ConPTY in MS-Windows 1909 is still wrong
8.1.2300  redraw breaks going through list of popup windows
8.1.2301  MS-Windows GUI: drawing error when background color changes
8.1.2302  :lockmarks does not work for '[ and ']
8.1.2303  cursor in wrong position after horizontal scroll
8.1.2304  cannot get the mouse position when getting a mouse click
8.1.2305  no warning for wrong entry in translations
8.1.2306  double and triple clicks are not tested
8.1.2307  positioning popup doesn't work for buffer-local textprop
8.1.2308  deleting text before zero-width textprop removes it
8.1.2309  compiler warning for argument type
8.1.2310  no proper test for directory changes in quickfix
8.1.2311  warning for missing function prototype
8.1.2312  "line:" field in tags file not used
8.1.2313  debugging where a delay comes from is not easy
8.1.2314  vi' sometimes does not select anything
8.1.2315  not always using the right window when jumping to an error
8.1.2316  FORTIFY_SOURCE can also be present in CPPFLAGS
8.1.2317  no test for spell affix file with flag on suffix
8.1.2318  MS-Windows GUI: main background shows in toolbar
8.1.2319  compiler warning for int size
8.1.2320  insufficient test coverage for quickfix
8.1.2321  cannot select all text with the mouse
8.1.2322  quickfix test fails in very big terminal
8.1.2323  Old MSVC version no longer tested.
8.1.2324  width of scrollbar in popup menu not taken into account
8.1.2325  crash when using balloon with empty line
8.1.2326  cannot parse a date/time string
8.1.2327  cannot build with Hangul input
8.1.2328  a few hangul input pieces remain
8.1.2329  mouse multiple click test is a bit flaky
8.1.2330  vi' does not always work when 'selection' is exclusive
8.1.2331  the option.c file is still very big
8.1.2332  missing file in refactoring
8.1.2333  with modifyOtherKeys CTRL-^ doesn't work
8.1.2334  possible NULL pointer dereference in popup_locate()
8.1.2335  error message for function arguments may use NULL pointer
8.1.2336  when an expr mapping moves the cursor it is not restored
8.1.2337  double-click time sometimes miscomputed
8.1.2338  using Visual mark sith :s gives E20 if not set
8.1.2339  insufficient testing for quickfix
8.1.2340  quickfix test fails under valgrind and asan
8.1.2341  not so easy to interrupt a script programatically
8.1.2342  random number generator in Vim script is slow
8.1.2343  using time() for srand() is not very random
8.1.2344  Cygwin: warning for using strptime()
8.1.2345  .cjs files are not recognized as Javascript
8.1.2346  CTRL-R CTRL-R doesn't work with modifyOtherKeys
8.1.2347  MacOS: build fails
8.1.2348  :const cannot be followed by "| endif"
8.1.2349  :lockvar and :unlockvar cannot be followed by "| endif"
8.1.2350  other text for CTRL-V in Insert mode with modifyOtherKeys
8.1.2351  'wincolor' not used for > for not fitting double width char
8.1.2352  CI doesn't cover FreeBSD
8.1.2353  build failure on FreeBSD
8.1.2354  Cirrus CI runs on another repository
8.1.2355  test with "man" fails on FreeBSD
8.1.2356  rand() does not use the best algorithm
8.1.2357  no test with wrong argument for rand()
8.1.2358  tests fail on Cirrus CI for FreeBSD
8.1.2359  cannot build without FEAT_FLOAT
8.1.2360  quickfix test coverage can still be improved
8.1.2361  MS-Windows: test failures related to VIMDLL
8.1.2362  cannot place signs in a popup window
8.1.2363  ml_get error when accessing Visual area in 'statusline'
8.1.2364  termwinscroll test is flaky on FreeBSD
8.1.2365  missing tests for recent popupwin changes
8.1.2366  using old C style comments
8.1.2367  registers are not sufficiently tested
8.1.2368  using old C style comments
8.1.2369  cannot build with quickfix and without text properties
8.1.2370  build problems on VMS
8.1.2371  FEAT_TEXT_PROP is a confusing name
8.1.2372  VMS: failing realloc leaks memory
8.1.2373  cannot build with +popupwin but without +quickfix
8.1.2374  unused parts of libvterm are included
8.1.2375  no sufficient testing for registers
8.1.2376  preprocessor indents are incorrect
8.1.2377  GUI: when losing focus a pending operator is executed
8.1.2378  using old C style comments
8.1.2379  using old C style comments
8.1.2380  using old C style comments
8.1.2381  not all register related code is covered by tests
8.1.2382  MS-Windows: When using VTP bold+inverse doesn't work
8.1.2383  using old C style comments
8.1.2384  test 48 is old style
8.1.2385  opening cmdline window with feedkeys() does not work
8.1.2386  'wincolor' is not used for 'listchars'
8.1.2387  using old C style comments
8.1.2388  using old C style comments
8.1.2389  using old C style comments
8.1.2390  test94 is old style, fix 7.4.441 not tested
8.1.2391  cannot build when __QNXNTO__ is defined
8.1.2392  using old C style comments
8.1.2393  using old C style comments
8.1.2394  using old C style comments
8.1.2395  using old C style comments
8.1.2396  using old C style comments
8.1.2397  should not define __USE_XOPEN
8.1.2398  strptime() test fails on Japanese Mac
8.1.2399  info popup on top of cursor if it doesn't fit
8.1.2400  test39 is old style
8.1.2401  :cexpr does not handle | in expression
8.1.2402  typos and other small things
8.1.2403  autocmd test fails under valgrind
8.1.2404  channel test fails under valgrind
8.1.2405  matchadd_conceal test fails under valgrind
8.1.2406  leaking memory in test_paste and test_registers
8.1.2407  proto files, dependencies and build instructions outdated
8.1.2408  syntax menu and build instructions outdated
8.1.2409  creating the distribution doesn't work as documented
8.1.2410  MS-Windows: test_iminsert fails without IME support
8.1.2411  function argument copied unnecessarily
8.1.2412  crash when evaluating expression with error
8.1.2413  cannot update ex_cmdidxs.h on MS-Windows
8.1.2414  MS-Windows: properties dialog box shows wrong character
8.1.2415  popup menu flickers if an info popup is used
8.1.2416  loading menus sets v:errmsg
8.1.2417  MinGW/Cygwin build does not clean up all files
8.1.2418  bufnr('$') is wrong after recycling popup buffer
8.1.2419  with a long file name the hit-enter prompt appears
8.1.2420  crash when calling popup_close() in win_execute()
8.1.2421  test88 is old style
8.1.2422  "make depend" does not work correctly for libvterm
8.1.2423  MS-Windows properties shows version as "8, 1, 0"
8.1.2424  MS-Windows: console buffer is resized unnecessarily