Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/ansible
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2020-04-29 12:36:26
Message id:

Log Message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.7


Minor Changes

- 'Edit on GitHub' link for plugin, cli documentation fixed to navigate to \ 
correct plugin, cli source.
- Handle get_tags_for_object API correctly in vmware_rest_client.
- Remove redundant encoding in json.load call in ipa module_utils \ 
- ansible-test - Upgrade OpenSUSE containers to use Leap 15.1.
- ansible-test now supports testing against RHEL 7.8 when using the ``--remote`` \ 
- vmware_cluster - Document alternatives for deprecated parameters

Removed Features (previously deprecated)

- ldap_attr, ldap_entry - The ``params`` option has been removed in Ansible-2.10 \ 
as it circumvents Ansible's option handling.  Setting ``bind_pw`` with the \ 
``params`` option was disallowed in Ansible-2.7, 2.8, and 2.9 as it was \ 
insecure.  For information about this policy, see the discussion at: \ … 0.log.html \ 
This fixes CVE-2020-1746


- **security issue** - The ``subversion`` module provided the password via the \ 
svn command line option ``--password`` and can be retrieved from the host's \ 
/proc/<pid>/cmdline file. Update the module to use the secure \ 
``--password-from-stdin`` option instead, and add a warning in the module and in \ 
the documentation if svn version is too old to support it. (CVE-2020-1739)

- **security issue** win_unzip - normalize paths in archive to ensure extracted \ 
files do not escape from the target directory (CVE-2020-1737)

- **security_issue** - create temporary vault file with strict permissions when \ 
editing and prevent race condition (CVE-2020-1740)
- Alter task_executor's start_connection to support newer modules from \ 
collections which expect to send task UUID.
- Ansible.ModuleUtils.WebRequest - actually set no proxy when ``use_proxy: no`` \ 
is set on a Windows module -
- Ensure DataLoader temp files are removed at appropriate times and that we \ 
observe the LOCAL_TMP setting.
- Ensure we don't allow ansible_facts subkey of ansible_facts to override top \ 
level, also fix 'deprefixing' to prevent key transforms.
- Ensure we get an error when creating a remote tmp if it already exists. \ 
- Fact Delegation - Add ability to indicate which facts must always be \ 
delegated. Primarily for ``discovered_interpreter_python`` right now, but \ 
extensible later. (
- Fix nxos_lacp replace operation (
- Handle equal sign in password while using passwordstore lookup plugin.
- In fetch action, avoid using slurp return to set up dest, also ensure no dir \ 
traversal CVE-2019-3828.
- In vmware_guest_network module use appropriate network while creating or \ 
reconfiguring (
- Log additional messages from persistent connection modules that may be missed \ 
if the module fails or returns early.
- `vmware_content_deploy_template`'s `cluster` argument no longer fails with an \ 
error message about resource pools.
- ansible command now correctly sends v2_playbook_on_start to callbacks
- ansible-galaxy - Error when install finds a tar with a file that will be \ 
extracted outside the collection install directory - CVE-2020-10691
- ansible-galaxy collection - Preserve executable bit on build and preserve mode \ 
on install from what tar member is set to - \
- dense callback - fix plugin access to its configuration variables and remove a \ 
warning message (
- display - Improve method of removing extra new line after warnings so it does \ 
not break Tower/Runner (
- docker connection plugin - do not prefix remote path if running on Windows \ 
- for those running uids for invalid users (containers), fallback to \ 
uid=<uid> when logging fixes
- get_url pass incorrect If-Modified-Since header \ 
- mysql_user - Fix idempotence when long grant lists are used \ 
- os_user_role - Fix os_user_role issue to grant a role in a domain.
- ovirt_storage_domain: fix update_check for warning_low_space
- purefa_snmp - Fix error when deleting a manager and when creating a v2c \ 
manager (
- rabbitmq_policy - Fix version parsing for RabbitMQ 3.8.
- routeros_facts - Prevent crash of module when ``ipv6`` package is not installed
- setup.ps1 - Fix ``ansible_fqdn`` using the wrong values to build the actual \