Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/ii
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2020-05-16 20:14:21
Message id:

Log Message:
ii: Update to 1.8

1.8 (2018-02-04):
    - prevent nick collisions by only setting the nick after the server
      accepted it and print a message about change to server log.
    - remove
    - add OpenBSD pledge(2) support.
    - fix QUIT message string.
    - raw IRC output to stdout.
    - add quit command (/q [string]).
    - write timestamp in outfile as UNIX timestamp (UTC+0).
    - server host (-s) doesn't default to irc.freenode and is now required.
    - add option (-u) to connect directly to a UNIX domain socket, this
      is useful for tunneling connections.
    - remove "in" file when leaving a channel (enabled commented code).
    - remove "in" files on exit.
    - use IRC_MAX (512), instead of PIPE_BUF (4096) on most systems.
      PIPE_BUF is guaranteed to be atleast 512 bytes for atomic operations.
    - Makefile: always be verbose.
    - use C99 and -D_DEFAULT_SOURCE
    - remove obsolete gethostbyname, use getaddrinfo.
    - IPV6 support.
    - timeout now uses separate exit statuscode 2.
    - cleanup:
        - use arg.h for command-line option parsing.
        - use sbase util functions (estrtol, eprintf).
        - use and import OpenBSD strlcpy().
        - man page typos.
    - style:
        - linewrap to 79 characters.
        - coding style fixes.
        - non-roman numerals for LICENSE period.