Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/din
From: Santhosh Raju
Date: 2020-05-23 19:42:32
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Log Message:
audio/din: Updates to 47

Minor description fix.

Changes since 46.3:

DIN Is Noise 47 @ Chennai, India
	+ Menu > Drone Params now split into 3 tabs:
		+ Modulation:
			+ has controls to edit drone modulation parameters like AM/FM depth, BPM
		+ Visual:
			+ has controls to edit drone trail length, handle size,
				connection stiffness (see below), colors (see below) etc
		+ Motion:
			+ controls to edit drone parameters like velocity, acceleration,
				drones per minute, lifetime etc

	+ On the mouse slider
		+ when you can slide both horizontally and vertically:
			+ press SHIFT to slide just vertically
			+ press CTRL to slide just horizontally

	/* connect and disconnect drones
		+ Workflow:
			+ select a bunch of drones (eg., Menu > Drone Tools > Select all drones)
			+ Menu > Drone Tools > Connect
				+ DIN connects drones in selection order
					+ points one drone to next
						+ last drone points in the direction second last drone points

						+ To select drones in desired order, select drones one at a time by
							click+moving a box around a drone and use SHIFT / CTRL keys while
							selecting to add to existing selection or remove a drone from selection

				+ Steps @ 1 connects drones successively, this is default
					Steps @ 2 connects alternate drones
					Steps @ 1 2 does both
						try other steps sequences:
							eg., 1 3 5 OR 1 2 4 etc
							!note! separate steps with SPACE not comma

			+ Just select a drone and move (Menu > Drone Tools > Move) and all the
				connected drones move to keep their original distance on connection.

					'But then one lizard (or iguana) moved, and all moved'
						- VS Naipaul, Among the Believers

				+ Use Connection Stiffness parameter to control the 'elasticity' of
					the connections (Menu > Drone Params > Visual)
						+ This is a global parameter, affects all connections among all drones
			+ Menu > Drone Tools > Disconnect to disconnect the connected drones
				+ Select a drone in the middle of a chain and disconnect splits the chain in two
				+ Select the 'head' drones of two different chains and connect to merge the two
					chains into one

	/*	new curve & curve editor to sculpt amplitude (aka depth) & bpm of
			drone pendulum's drones
		+ access using Menu > Editors > Drone Pendulum
		+ edit curves even after creating drone pendulums!
			+ affects drone pendulums selected drones belong to
			+ use Menu > Overlay Instrument on the editor to see the effects of the
				edits while making them.

	/* new color sliders to set the color of selected drones
		+ 2 sets of 3 sliders (1 for Red, Green and Blue).
			+ Top set called Top
			+ Bottom set called Bottom
			+ Select some drones and
				+ change color to Top to set color of all selected drones to the RGB of Top \ 
				+ change color to Bottom to set color of all selected drones to RGB of \ 
Bottom sliders
				+ change color to Blend to set color of all selected drones to RGB blended \ 
from Top to Bottom sliders
					+ first selected drone color is from the Top sliders
					+ last selected drone is from the Bottom sliders
					+ other drones take inbetween colors

					+ To select drones in desired order, select drones one at a time by \ 
click+moving a box
						around a drone and use SHIFT / CTRL keys while selecting to add or remove \ 
drone to an
						existing selection

				+ change color to Random to set random colors on all selected drones
					+ not truly random but a random color between RGB of Top and Bottom sliders
						+ useful as colors are random but still from a certain part of the spectrum

			+ If drones are noise, their color is grayscale, derived from just the Red \ 
channel of Top
				and/or/both Bottom sliders, based on the chosen scheme.
			+ If you edit a color slider, DIN hides the menu so you can see the edits \ 
better, hit ESC or click on Close
				to finish/abort

	/* abort octave shift
		+ useful to take the key note away from 'piano notes' into 'weird' pitches yet \ 
still have 'scales' based on
			this new key 'note'.
				+ without Abort this was still possible by editing the octave shift curve
					(Menu > Editors > Octave Shift)
		+ to set the key back to a note, goto Settings screen and use the Key spinner
		+ click Menu > Misc > Abort on Microtonal-Keyboard, Mondrian and \ 
Binaural Drones instruments
			+ or press SHIFT + ESC
		+ click Abort button on Keyboard-Keyboard
			+ or press n

	/* edit arrow width, depth for each drone
		+ until DIN46, this was global
		+ very useful for snake/centepede like visualisations of connected drones

	* scale drones
		* press CTRL to scale along horizontal
		* press SHIFT to scale along vertical

	+ moved Scale, Rotate drones to join Move in Menu > Drone Tools
	+ SHIFT + e to scale selected drones
	+ CTRL + e to rotate selected drones

	+ press ` to flip between current instrument and last used curve editor

	+ detach Spinners from Menu when using the < and > buttons to \ 
decrease/increase values

	* Optimised GUI controls
		* field, spinner etc

	\0/ fixed crash when browsing waveforms on keyboard-keyboard
	\0/ fixed search field in countries
	\0/ fixed value field in number for bits of char