Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print/cups-filters
From: Leonardo Taccari
Date: 2020-06-12 16:59:59
Message id:

Log Message:
cups-filters: Update to 1.27.5

 - cups-browsed: Do not remove the created local queues on
   shutdown, to avoid their re-creation on restart, so that
   desktops get no cluttered with notifications of new queues
   being created. One can return to the old behavior via
   "KeepGeneratedQueuesOnShutdown No" in cups-browsed.conf
   (Ubuntu bug #1869981, #1878241).
 - cups-browsed: Do not accept DNS-SD broadcasts of IPPS type
   of "remote" CUPS queues of another CUPS instance on the
   local machine. This way we get a local queue pointing to
   such a printer only in unencrypted version (IPP). For some
   reason printing from one CUPS server to another on the same
   machine works only unencrypted.
 - foomatic-rip: Map two-sided-short-edge to DuplexTumble (Pull
   request #236)
 - Build system: In use AS_IF instead of
   AC_CHECK_FILE for font check (Issue #239, Pull request #240)
 - cups-browsed: Cleaned up code for determining to which CUPS
   server (host/port/domain socket) to connect, so that
   connection via DomainSocket cups-browsed.conf directive,
   CUPS_SERVER and IPP_PORT environment variables and all
   defaults and methods of libcups, including CUPS' client.conf
 - gstoraster, rastertopdf: Do not pass NULL to fprintf() (Pull
   request #230).
 - libcupsfilters: Silence compiler warning (Pull request #229).