Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/ansible
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2020-06-20 08:55:04
Message id:

Log Message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.10


Minor Changes
- Add new magic variable ``ansible_collection`` that contains the collection name
- Add new magic variable ``ansible_role_name`` that contains the FQCN of the role
- Added missing platform guide for FRR
- Fix a typo in remove_signature flag in podman_image module
- Remove the deprecation message for the ``TRANSFORM_INVALID_GROUP_CHARS`` setting.
- The results queue and counter for results are now split for standard / handler \ 
results. This allows the governing strategy to be truly independent from the \ 
handler strategy, which basically follows the linear methodology.
- Updates ``ansible_role_names``, ``ansible_play_role_names``, and \ 
``ansible_dependent_role_names`` to include the FQCN
- ``Display.deprecated()``, ``AnsibleModule.deprecate()`` and \ 
``Ansible.Basic.Deprecate()`` now also accept the deprecation-by-date parameters \ 
and collection name parameters from Ansible 2.10, so plugins and modules in \ 
collections that conform to Ansible 2.10 will run with newer versions of Ansible \ 
- ovirt: update operating system options
- ovirt_storage_vm_info: fix example
- ovirt_vm: fix quotas example

Deprecated Features
- Using the DefaultCallback without the correspodning doc_fragment or copying \ 
the documentation.

- Allow tasks to notify a fqcn handler name
- Avoid bare select() for running commands to avoid too large file descriptor \ 
numbers failing tasks
- Avoid running subfunctions that are passed to show_vars function when it will \ 
be a noop.
- Create an ``import_module`` compat util, for use across the codebase, to allow \ 
collection loading to work properly on Python26
- Do not keep empty blocks in PlayIterator after skipping tasks with tags.
- Ensure that ``--version`` works with non-ascii ansible project paths
- Fix content encoding/decoding and do not fail when key based auth is used
- Fix gather_facts not working for network platforms when network_os is in FQCN \ 
- Fix issue with nxos_l2_interfaces where replaced doesn't remove superfluous config
- Fix nxos_facts with VDC having no interfaces
- Fix nxos_interfaces enabled not working properly because of broken system \ 
default dict generation
- Fix the issue when OS secgroup rule couldn't be imported from a different tenant
- Fixed the equality check for IncludedFiles to ensure they are not accidently \ 
merged when process_include_results runs.
- Prevent a race condition when running handlers using a combination of the free \ 
strategy and include_role.
- Properly handle unicode in ``safe_eval``.
- Remove unused and invalid import from FRR cliconf plugin
- RoleRequirement - include stderr in the error message if a scm command fails
- To fix ios_l3_interfaces Loopback issue
- To fix ios_vlans vtp version 2 issue
- Update NX-OS cliconf to accomodate MDS
- Update terminal plugin to check feature privilege only when escalation is needed
- Validate include args in handlers.
- added 'unimplemented' prefix to file based caching
- added new option for default callback to compat variable to avoid old 3rd \ 
party plugins from erroring out.
- ansible-doc - Allow and give precedence to `removed_at_date` for deprecated \ 
- ansible-galaxy - Fix ``multipart/form-data`` body to include extra CRLF
- ansible-galaxy - Preserve symlinks when building and installing a collection
- ansible-galaxy collection build - Command did not ignore .git files, which had \ 
the potential to cause troubles later on (for example, when importing into \ 
Automation Hub)
- ansible-test - Disabled the ``duplicate-code`` and ``cyclic-import`` checks \ 
for the ``pylint`` sanity test due to inconsistent results.
- ansible-test - The shebang sanity test now correctly identifies modules in \ 
subdirectories in collections.
- ansible-test change detection - Run only sanity tests on ``docs/`` and \ 
``changelogs/`` in collections, to avoid triggering full CI runs of integration \ 
and unit tests when files in these directories change.
- ansible-test is now able to find its ``egg-info`` directory when it contains \ 
the Ansible version number
- ansible-test no longer optimizes setting ``PATH`` by prepending the directory \ 
containing the selected Python interpreter when it is named ``python``. This \ 
avoids unintentionally making other programs available on ``PATH``, including an \ 
already installed version of Ansible.
- ansible-test pylint sanity test - do not crash when ``version`` specified to \ 
``AnsibleModule.deprecate()`` or ``Display.deprecated()`` contains string \ 
components, f.ex. tagged version numbers for Ansible 2.10.
- archive - fix issue with empty file exclusion from archive
- avoid fatal traceback when a bad FQCN for a callback is supplied in the whitelist.
- ce - Modify the way of parsing NETCONF XML message in
- collection loader - fix file/module/class confusion issues on case-insensitive \ 
- copy - Fixed copy module not working in case that remote_src is enabled and \ 
dest ends in a /
- discovery will NOT update incorrect host anymore when in delegate_to task.
- dnf - enable logging using setup_loggers() API in dnf-4.2.17-6 or later
- docker_machine - fallback to ip subcommand output if IPAddress is missing
- ensure we pass on interpreter discovery values to delegated host.
- file - return ``'state': 'absent'`` when a file does not exist
- fixed issues when using net_get & net_put before the persistent connection \ 
has been started
- interpreter discovery will now use correct vars (from delegated host) when in \ 
delegate_to task.
- k8s - Handle set object retrieved from lookup plugin.
- lineinfile - use ``module.tmpdir`` to allow configuration of the remote temp \ 
- lxd_container - enables to set keys not present in existing config
- ovirt_disk fix activate
- ovirt_disk: fix upload/download of images for ovirt 4.4
- ovirt_disk: force wait when uploading disk
- ovirt_vm: fix cd_iso search by name
- profile_tasks - typecast results before using it
- sesu - make use of the prompt specified in the code
- syslog_json callback - fix plugin exception when running
- yum/dnf - check type of elements in a name
- zfs_delegate_admin - add missing choices diff/hold/release to the permissions \