Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors
From: Daniel Horecki
Date: 2020-06-21 21:53:01
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to version 8.2.1033.

8.2.0684  Vim9: memory leak when using lambda
8.2.0685  Build failure
8.2.0686  formatoptions not sufficiently tested
8.2.0687  some tests do not work on FreeBSD
8.2.0688  output clobbered if setting 'verbose' to see shell commands
8.2.0689  when using getaddrinfo() the error message is unclear
8.2.0690  line number of option set by modeline is wrong
8.2.0691  startup test fails
8.2.0692  startup test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.0693  closure using argument not tested
8.2.0694  Haiku: channel and terminal do not work
8.2.0695  Vim9: cannot define a function inside a function
8.2.0696  Vim9: nested function does not work properly
8.2.0697  Vim9: memory leak when using nested function
8.2.0698  insert mode completion not fully tested
8.2.0699  Vim9: not all errors tested
8.2.0700  Vim9: converting error message to exception not tested
8.2.0701  Vim9 test fails without job feature
8.2.0702  running channel tests may leave running process behind
8.2.0703  Vim9: closure cannot store value in outer context
8.2.0704  Vim9: memory leak in disassemble test
8.2.0705  indent tests don't run on CI for FreeBSD
8.2.0706  Vim9: using assert_fails() causes function to finish
8.2.0707  Vim9 function test fails
8.2.0708  Vim9: constant expressions are not simplified
8.2.0709  MS-Windows: compiler warning for int vs size_t
8.2.0710  Netbeans test sometimes fails
8.2.0711  temp directory might be cleared
8.2.0712  various code not fully tested
8.2.0713  the pam_environment file is not recognized
8.2.0714  Vim9: handling constant expression does not scale
8.2.0715  Vim9: leaking memory
8.2.0716  Vim9: another memory leak
8.2.0717  Vim9: postponed constant expressions does not scale
8.2.0718  gcc warning for returning pointer to local variable
8.2.0719  Vim9: more expressions can be evaluated at compile time
8.2.0720  occasional exit when encountering an X error
8.2.0721  Vim9: leaking memory when skipping
8.2.0722  Vim9: not handling constant expression for elseif
8.2.0723  Vim9: nested constant expression not evaluated compile time
8.2.0724  Vim9: appending to buffer/window/tab variable not tested
8.2.0725  Vim9: cannot call a function declared later in Vim9 script
8.2.0726  Vim9: leaking memory when calling not compiled :def function
8.2.0727  MS-Windows: new gcc compiler does not support scanf format
8.2.0728  messages about a deadly signal are not left aligned
8.2.0729  Vim9: When reloading a script variables are not cleared
8.2.0730  Vim9: Assignment to dict member does not work
8.2.0731  Vim9: parsing declarations continues after :finish
8.2.0732  Vim9: storing value in dict messes up stack
8.2.0733  Vim9: assigning to dict or list argument does not work
8.2.0734  Vim9: leaking memory when using :finish
8.2.0735  Vim9: using unitialized memory
8.2.0736  some files not recognized as pamenv
8.2.0737  when shell doesn't support CTRL-Z Vim still handles it
8.2.0738  mouse handling in a terminal window not well tested
8.2.0739  incomplete profiling when exiting because of a deadly signal
8.2.0740  minor message mistakes
8.2.0741  Python tests fail because of changed message
8.2.0742  handling of a TERM signal not tested
8.2.0743  can move to another buffer from a terminal in popup window
8.2.0744  the name vim is not capitalized in a message
8.2.0745  crash on exit when not all popups are closed
8.2.0746  popup_clear() hangs when a popup can't be closed
8.2.0747  cannot forcefully close all popups
8.2.0748  cannot get a list of all popups
8.2.0749  TERM signal test fails on FreeBSD
8.2.0750  netbeans test is a bit flaky
8.2.0751  Vim9: performance can be improved
8.2.0752  terminal in popup window test is a bit flaky
8.2.0753  Vim9: expressions are evaluated in the discovery phase
8.2.0754  Vim9: No test for forward declaration
8.2.0755  Vim9: No error when variable initializer is not a constant
8.2.0756  MS-Windows: still a compiler warning
8.2.0757  Vim9: no test for MEMBER instruction
8.2.0758  Vim9: no test for STORELIST and STOREDICT
8.2.0759  Vim9: missing changes for performance improvements
8.2.0760  Vim9: dict member errors not tested
8.2.0761  Vim9: instructions not tested
8.2.0762  buffer is not considered modified after setting crypt key
8.2.0763  GUI test fails without the terminal feature
8.2.0764  Vim9: assigning to option not fully tested
8.2.0765  In the GUI can't use all the modifiers.
8.2.0766  display error when using 'number' and 'breakindent'
8.2.0767  modifyOtherKeys active when using a shell command in autocmd
8.2.0768  Vim9: memory leak in script test
8.2.0769  VimLeavePre not triggered when Vim is terminated
8.2.0770  cannot map CTRL-B when using the GUI
8.2.0771  Vim9: cannot call a compiled closure from not compiled code
8.2.0772  Vim9: some variable initializations not tested
8.2.0773  switching to raw mode every time ":" is used
8.2.0774  t_TI and t_TE are output when using 'visualbell'
8.2.0775  not easy to call a Vim function from Lua
8.2.0776  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0777  terminal test fails
8.2.0778  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0779  tmode_T not used everywhere
8.2.0780  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0781  compiler warning for not using value in Lua
8.2.0782  cannot build with Lua on MS-Windows
8.2.0783  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0784  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0785  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0786  channel test is flaky on FreeBSD
8.2.0787  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0788  memory leak in libvterm
8.2.0789  Vim9: expression testing lost coverage using constants
8.2.0790  Vim9: list index not well tested
8.2.0791  a second popup window with terminal causes trouble
8.2.0792  build failure with small features
8.2.0793  MS-Windows: cannot build GUI with small features
8.2.0794  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0795  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0796  MS-Windows: compiler can't handle C99 construct in libvterm
8.2.0797  MS-Windows: compiler still can't handle C99 construct
8.2.0798  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0799  build fails if snprintf is not available
8.2.0800  errors from failing test are unclear
8.2.0801  terminal test fails on Mac
8.2.0802  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0803  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0804  libvterm code lags behind the upstream version
8.2.0805  terminal key codes test fails on some systems
8.2.0806  using "func!" after vim9script gives confusing error
8.2.0807  cannot easily restore a mapping
8.2.0808  not enough testing for the terminal window
8.2.0809  build failure with small features
8.2.0810  error when appending "tagfile" to 'wildoptions'
8.2.0811  terminal keycode test is flaky
8.2.0812  mapset() does not properly handle <> notation
8.2.0813  libvterm code is slightly different from upstream
8.2.0814  clang warning for implicit conversion
8.2.0815  maparg() does not provide enough information for mapset()
8.2.0816  terminal test fails when compiled with Athena
8.2.0817  not enough memory allocated when converting string
8.2.0818  Vim9: using a discovery phase doesn't work well
8.2.0819  compiler warning for unused variable
8.2.0820  Vim9: function type isn't set until compiled
8.2.0821  Vim9: memory leak in expr test
8.2.0822  Vim9: code left over from discovery phase
8.2.0823  Vim9: script reload test is disabled
8.2.0824  still not enough memory allocated when converting string
8.2.0825  def_function() may return pointer that was freed
8.2.0826  Vim9: crash in :defcompile
8.2.0827  Vim9: crash in :defcompile
8.2.0828  Travis: regexp patttern doesn't work everywhere
8.2.0829  filter() may give misleading error message
8.2.0830  Motif: can't map "!"
8.2.0831  compiler warnings for integer sizes
8.2.0832  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.0833  mapping <C-bslash> doesn't work in the GUI
8.2.0834  :drop command in terminal popup causes problems
8.2.0835  Motif: mapping <C-bslash> still doesn't work
8.2.0836  not all :cdo output is visible
8.2.0837  compiler warning for value set but not used
8.2.0838  MS-Windows: compiler warning for uninitialized variables
8.2.0839  dropping modifier when putting a character back in typeahead
8.2.0840  search match count wrong when only match is in fold
8.2.0841  'verbose' value 16 causes duplicate output
8.2.0842  MS-Windows: channel tests fail
8.2.0843  filetype elm not detected
8.2.0844  text properties crossing lines not handled correctly
8.2.0845  text properties crossing lines not handled correctly
8.2.0846  build failure with small features
8.2.0847  typval related code is spread out
8.2.0848  MS-Windows: the Windows terminal code has some flaws
8.2.0849  BeOS code is not maintained and probably unused
8.2.0850  MS-Windows: exepath() works different from cmd.exe
8.2.0851  can't distinguish <M-a> from accented \ 
"a" in the GUI
8.2.0852  cannot map CTRL-S on some systems
8.2.0853  ml_delete() often called with FALSE argument
8.2.0854  xxd cannot show offset as a decimal number
8.2.0855  GUI tests fail because the test doesn't use a modifier
8.2.0856  CTRL-S stops output
8.2.0857  GTK cell height can be a pixel too much
8.2.0858  not easy to require Lua modules
8.2.0859  no Turkish translation of the manual
8.2.0860  cannot use CTRL-A and CTRL-X on unsigned numbers
8.2.0861  cannot easily get all the current marks
8.2.0862  ":term ++curwin" makes the current buffer hidden
8.2.0863  cannot set a separate color for underline/undercurl
8.2.0864  pragmas are indented all the way to the left
8.2.0865  syntax foldlevel is taken from the start of the line
8.2.0866  not enough tests for buffer writing
8.2.0867  using \{xxx} for encoding a modifier is not nice
8.2.0868  trim() always trims both ends
8.2.0869  it is not possible to customize the quickfix window contents
8.2.0870  MS-Windows: Control keys don't work in the GUI
8.2.0871  cannot use getmarklist() as a method
8.2.0872  XIM code is mixed with multi-byte code
8.2.0873  a .jl file can be sawfish (lisp) or Julia
8.2.0874  signals test is a bit flaky
8.2.0875  getting attributes for directory entries is slow
8.2.0876  :pwd does not give a hint about the scope of the directory
8.2.0877  cannot get the search statistics
8.2.0878  no reduce() function
8.2.0879  compiler warning for unused function argument
8.2.0880  leaking memory when using searchcount()
8.2.0881  compiler warning for argument type
8.2.0882  leaking memory when using reduce()
8.2.0883  memory leak in test 49
8.2.0884  searchcount() test fails on slower systems
8.2.0885  "make shadow" does not link new lua test dir
8.2.0886  cannot use octal numbers in scriptversion 4
8.2.0887  searchcount().exact_match is 1 right after a match
8.2.0888  readdirex() returns size -2 for a directory
8.2.0889  using old style comments
8.2.0890  no color in terminal window when 'termguicolor' is set
8.2.0891  clang warns for invalid conversion
8.2.0892  ubsan warns for undefined behavior
8.2.0893  assert_equalfile() does not take a third argument
8.2.0894  :mkspell can take very long if the word count is high
8.2.0895  :mkspell output does not mention the tree type
8.2.0896  crash when calling searchcount() with a string
8.2.0897  list of functions in patched version is outdated
8.2.0898  missing help for a function goes unnoticed
8.2.0899  assert_equalfile() does not give a hint about the difference
8.2.0900  function list test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.0901  formatting CJK text isn't optimal
8.2.0902  using searchcount() in 'statusline' causes an error
8.2.0903  comparing WINVER does not work correctly
8.2.0904  assuming modifyOtherKeys for rhs of mapping
8.2.0905  test coverage could be better
8.2.0906  when setting 'termguicolors' SpellBad is no longer red
8.2.0907  when using :global clipboard isn't set correctly
8.2.0908  crash when changing the function table while listing it
8.2.0909  cannot go back to the previous local directory
8.2.0910  Vim is not reproducibly buildable
8.2.0911  crash when opening a buffer for the cmdline window fails
8.2.0912  a few test cases for CJK formatting are disabled
8.2.0913  code for resetting v:register is duplicated
8.2.0914  MS-Windows: cannot specify a "modified by" text
8.2.0915  search() cannot skip over matches like searchpair() can
8.2.0916  mapping with partly modifyOtherKeys code does not work
8.2.0917  quickfix entries do not suport a "note" type
8.2.0918  duplicate code for evaluating expression argument
8.2.0919  merging modifier for modifyOtherKeys is done twice
8.2.0920  writing viminfo fails with a circular reference
8.2.0921  CTRL-W T in cmdline window causes trouble
8.2.0922  search test fails
8.2.0923  cmdline test is slow
8.2.0924  cannot save and restore a register properly
8.2.0925  getcompletion() does not return command line arguments
8.2.0926  cmdline test fails on Appveyor
8.2.0927  some sshconfig and ssdhconfig files are not recognized
8.2.0928  many type casts are used for vim_strnsave()
8.2.0929  v:register is not cleared after an operator was executed
8.2.0930  script filetype detection trips over env -S argument
8.2.0931  some remarks about BeOS remain
8.2.0932  missspelling spelllang
8.2.0933  'quickfixtextfunc' does not get window ID of location list
8.2.0934  lhelpgrep twice in help window doesn't jump to the help topic
8.2.0935  flattening a list with existing code is slow
8.2.0936  some terminals misinterpret the code for getting cursor style
8.2.0937  asan failure in the flatten() test
8.2.0938  NFA regexp uses tolower ()to compare ignore-case
8.2.0939  checking for term escape sequences is long and confusing
8.2.0940  build failure with tiny features
8.2.0941  detecting terminal properties is unstructured
8.2.0942  expanding to local dir after homedir keeps "~/"
8.2.0943  displaying ^M or ^J depends on current buffer
8.2.0944  xxd test leaves file behind
8.2.0945  cannot use "z=" when 'spell' is off
8.2.0946  cannot use "q" to cancel a number prompt
8.2.0947  readdirex() doesn't handle broken link properly
8.2.0948  spell test fails
8.2.0949  strptime() does not use DST
8.2.0950  tagjump test fails
8.2.0951  search stat test has leftover from debugging
8.2.0952  no simple way to interrupt Vim
8.2.0953  spell checking doesn't work for CamelCased words
8.2.0954  not all desktop files are recognized
8.2.0955  build fails
8.2.0956  spell test fails
8.2.0957  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.0958  not sufficient testing for buffer writing
8.2.0959  using 'quickfixtextfunc' is a bit slow
8.2.0960  cannot use :import in legacy Vim script
8.2.0961  MS-Windows: no completion for locales
8.2.0962  terminal test sometimes hangs on Travis
8.2.0963  number increment/decrement does not work with 'virtualedit'
8.2.0964  TextYankPost does not provide info about Visual selection
8.2.0965  has_funcundefined() is not used
8.2.0966  'shortmess' flag "n" not used in two places
8.2.0967  unnecessary type casts for vim_strnsave()
8.2.0968  no proper testing of the 'cpoptions' flags
8.2.0969  assert_equal() output for dicts is hard to figure out
8.2.0970  terminal properties are not available in Vim script
8.2.0971  build with tiny features fails
8.2.0972  Vim9 script variable declarations need a type
8.2.0973  Vim9: type is not checked when assigning to a script variable
8.2.0974  Vim9: memory leak when script var has wrong type
8.2.0975  Vim9: script variable does not accept optional s: prefix
8.2.0976  some 'cpoptions' not tested
8.2.0977  t_8u is made empty for the wrong terminals
8.2.0978  leaking memory in termcodes test
8.2.0979  a couple of screendump tests fail
8.2.0980  raku file extension not recognized
8.2.0981  Vim9: cannot compile "[var, var] = list"
8.2.0982  insufficient testing for reading/writing files
8.2.0983  SConstruct file type not recognized
8.2.0984  not using previous window when closing a shell popup window
8.2.0985  simplify() does not remove slashes from "///path"
8.2.0986  MS-Windows: functions test fails
8.2.0987  Vim9: cannot assign to [var; var]
8.2.0988  getting directory contents is always case sorted
8.2.0989  crash after resizing a terminal window
8.2.0990  Using duplicate error number
8.2.0991  cannot get window type for autocmd and preview window
8.2.0992  Vim9: crash when using :import in the Vim command
8.2.0993  Vim9 script test fails with normal features
8.2.0994  Vim9: missing function causes compilation error
8.2.0995  insufficient testing for the readdir() sort option
8.2.0996  using "aucmdwin" in win_gettype() is not ideal
8.2.0997  cannot execute a register containing line continuation
8.2.0998  not all tag code is tested
8.2.0999  moving to next sentence gets stuck on quote
8.2.1000  get error when leaving Ex mode with :visual
8.2.1001  Vim9: crash with nested "if" and assignment
8.2.1002  test may fail when run directly
8.2.1003  Vim9: return type of sort() is too generic
8.2.1004  line numbers below filler lines not always updated
8.2.1005  Vim9: using TRUE/FALSE/MAYBE for ctx_skip is confusing
8.2.1006  Vim9: require unnecessary return statement
8.2.1007  completion doesn't work after ":r ++arg !"
8.2.1008  Vim9: no test for disassambling newly added instructions
8.2.1009  Vim9: some failures not checked for
8.2.1010  build failure in libvterm with debug enabled
8.2.1011  Vim9: some code not tested
8.2.1012  Vim9: cannot declare single character script variables
8.2.1013  channel tests can be a bit flaky
8.2.1014  using "name" for a string result is confusing
8.2.1015  popup filter gets key with modifier prepended
8.2.1016  Vim9: test fails when channel feature is missing
8.2.1017  Appveyor output doesn't show MinGW console features
8.2.1018  typo in enum value
8.2.1019  mapping <M-S-a> does not work in the GUI
8.2.1020  popupwin test fails in the GUI
8.2.1021  Ruby interface not tested enough
8.2.1022  various parts of code not covered by tests
8.2.1023  Vim9: redefining a function uses a new index every time
8.2.1024  Vim9: no error for using "let g:var = val"
8.2.1025  tabpage menu and tabline not sufficiently tested
8.2.1026  Vim9: cannot break the line after "->"
8.2.1027  GUI: multi-byte characters do not work in a terminal
8.2.1028  Vim9: no error for declaring buffer, window, etc. variable
8.2.1029  Vim9: cannot chain function calls with -> at line start
8.2.1030  reducing size of a terminal window may cause a crash
8.2.1031  build failure with Perl5.32
8.2.1032  error message for declaring a variable cannot be translated
8.2.1033  not easy to read the test time in the test output