Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/din
From: Santhosh Raju
Date: 2020-09-04 15:02:58
Message id:

Log Message:
audio/din: Updates to 48

Changes since 47.1:

DIN Is Noise 48:

  /*  create drone pendulum based on number of drones instead of spacing

  /* convert selected pitched drones to noising drones and vice-versa.
    + CTRL + . to convert selected pitched drones to noising drones
      or Menu >> Drone Tools >> Drone > Noise
    + CTRL + , to convert selected noising drones to pitched drones
      or Menu >> Drone Tools >> Noise > Drone

  /* mute and unmute selected drones
    + SHIFT + , to mute selected drones or Menu > Drone tools > Mute
    + SHIFT + . to unmute selected drones or Menu > Drone tools > Unmute

  /* Zero and Reset gravity from Gravity widget

  /* Zero velocity of drones

  /* Start and End angles for geometry > sound plugins on curve editor
    + ie., Circler, Rose_Milker and Lissajous
      + you can now turn a part - an arc - of rose and lissajous curves into \ 
    + Phase for Spiraler
      + End angle found from Turns

  /* Start, End points in Countries plugin on curve editors

    + turn 'arc' of a 'country polygon' into waveform/envelope/modulator

  /* set Phase of each harmonic in Sine_Mixer

    + press g to toggle between harmonics and phase 'levels'
    + Phase levels is blue
      + goes from 0 deg (bottom) to 360 deg (top)

  /* press f to toggle paint harmonics (or phase) in Sine_Mixer

  /* overlay last screen (instrument or editor) on curve editor

  /* !EXPERIMENTAL! mouse slider increment scaling

    When using mouse slider:

      press , to set increment to 1/N of original increment
      press . to set increment to Nx of original increment
      press 1,2,3...9 sets N = 1,2,3...9
      press 0 to set N = 10
      default N = 10

  /* if selected drones exist, set initial menu tab to Drone Params on \ 
microtonal keyboard

  * ` to flip to last screen
      * flip between editors
      * flip between instruments

  * improved curve editor
    * curve samples display, curve component picker, cursor display

  * improved auto splitting 'box that has a ball' in Mondrian
    * results in better trapping of ball(s) in box(es) :)

  ! fixed dont warp mouse when mouse slider activation aborted !
  ! fixed add/remove gravity widget on menu toggle !
  ! fixed load/save of launched drones !
  ! fixed reset velocity & gravity !
  ! fixed crash when clearing all harmonic bookmarks and moving sine mixer !
  ! fixed name of radius curve in spiraler plugin !
  ! fixed drones per minute as float instead of int !
  ! removed release location from the title bar as COVID-19 has grounded me in \ 
Chennai, India :( !