Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/p5-Locale-Codes
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2020-09-07 14:03:06
Message id:

Log Message:
p5-Locale-Codes: update to 3.65.

3.65  2020-09-01  sbeck
  -  NEW CODE(s)

3.64  2020-06-02  sbeck
  -  NEW CODE(s)
  -  Fixed bug deleting retired codes
         The delete_code function failed if you tried to delete a retired
         code. This is now fixed. GitHub #12

3.63  2020-03-01  sbeck
  -  NEW CODE(s)
         NOTE: no code changes on 2019-12-01 so no release made at that

  -  Fixed a retired code

3.62  2019-08-29  sbeck
  -  NEW CODE(s)
  -  Fixed tests
        Tests were not working correctly since the previous version. This is
        now fixed.

  -  Fixed error messages
        Many of the error messages were inconsistent or completely wrong
        (due to cut-and-paste errors). They have been fixed.

  -  Fixed some return codes
        The name2code and code2name functions returned 1 in the case of an
        error in some situations instead of undef (which was the documented

  -  Removed unnecessary dependencies
        A number of modules were included as test dependencies that are only
        used by the author when preparing releases. These have been removed
        as dependencies. Petr Pisar on GitHub #11

3.61  2019-06-01  sbeck
  -  NEW CODE(s)
  -  Converted tests to use Test::Inter
        Now uses the same module to do tests as all my other modules.

3.60  2019-03-01  sbeck
  -  NEW CODE(s)

3.59  2018-12-03  sbeck
  -  NEW CODE(s)
  -  Removed travis file from the tarball
        The tarball had a .travis.yml file in it that wasn't in the MANIFEST
        file. Since the MANIFEST file is automatically generated by the perl
        mkmanifest tool, since it didn't see the .travis.yml file, I have
        excluded it from the tarball. Reported by Mohammad S Anwar on GitHub