Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/p5-Mojolicious
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2020-09-07 21:12:46
Message id:

Log Message:
p5-Mojolicious: update to 8.58.

8.58  2020-08-05
  - Improved app and lite_app generators to use templates with subroutine signatures.
  - Updated all documentation to use subroutine signatures. (kiwiroy)

8.57  2020-07-16
  - Added support for YAML config files.
  - Added module Mojolicious::Plugin::NotYAMLConfig.
  - Improved app generator command to use a YAML config file.
  - Fixed a bug in proxy helpers that caused response content to be ignored in \ 
some cases. (mohawk2)
  - Fixed attr_is bug in Test::Mojo that prevented false value comparisons from \ 
working correctly. (tim-2)

8.56  2020-06-19
  - Fixed a bug that prevented "% end, begin" to work in \ 
Mojo::Template. (jberger)

8.55  2020-06-18
  - Fixed a regression in Mojo::DOM::CSS that caused some selectors to not be \ 
valid anymore.

8.54  2020-06-14
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL support for :scope and :has pseudo-classes to \ 
Mojo::DOM::CSS. (Eckankar, kraih)
  - Fixed a bug in Mojo::DOM where select and ruby elements were parsed incorrectly.
  - Fixed a but in Mojo::UserAgent::Transactor that prevented compression \ 
settings to be inherited across redirects.
  - Fixed a bug where Mojolicious templates could not use the continue Perl keyword.

8.53  2020-06-09
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL extname method to Mojo::File.
  - Fixed a bug in Mojolicious::Types where dotfiles would be considered file \ 

8.52  2020-06-01
  - Updated project metadata.
  - Fixed a bug in Mojo::Asset::Memory where the upgrade event could not change \ 
the temporary directory.

8.51  2020-05-30
  - Improved map efficiency in Mojo::Promise. (mst)
  - Improved more tests to use subtests. (veesh)
  - Improved .perltidyrc with more modern settings.

8.50  2020-05-23
  - Increased Perl version requirement to 5.16.0. This is just a first step \ 
however, at some point in the not so distant
    future we will increase the Perl version requirement to 5.20.0 for full \ 
subroutine signatures support.
  - Improved Mojo::Base to enable the Perl 5.16 feature bundle with \ 
"unicode_strings", "unicode_eval", "evalbytes",
    "current_sub" and "fc".

8.43  2020-05-20
  - Removed deprecated argument handling from Mojo::Promise::new.
  - Removed experimental status from all_settled method in Mojo::Promise.
  - Removed experimental status from content_type and file_type methods in \ 
  - Removed experimental status from cleanup event in Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess.
  - Switched from Storable to JSON serialization for Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess \ 
IPC to increase efficiency.
  - Added exit_code method to Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess.
  - Improved Mojo::Promise to warn when an unhandled rejected promise is destroyed.
  - Fixed a bug where the resolve class method in Mojo::Promise would \ 
unnecessarily create new promises.
  - Fixed a promise chaining bug in Mojo::Promise. (karjala)

8.42  2020-05-04
  - This release contains fixes for security issues, everybody should upgrade!
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL support for :any-link pseudo-class to Mojo::DOM::CSS.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL support for case-sensitive attribute selectors like \ 
[foo="bar" s] to Mojo::DOM::CSS
  - Renamed experimental :matches pseudo-class to :is in Mojo::DOM::CSS.
  - Fixed a security issue that allowed for _method query parameters to be used \ 
with GET requests.
  - Fixed a bug in Mojo::DOM::CSS where the case-sensitivity identifier was \ 

8.41  2020-04-30
  - Improved Mojolicious::Commands to treat commands like "mojo generate \ 
lite_app" as "mojo generate lite-app".

8.40  2020-04-23
  - Fixed support for disabling the inactivity timeout in Mojo::UserAgent.

8.39  2020-04-22
  - Fixed a bug in Mojo::Server::Daemon where active connections could get the \ 
keep-alive timeout assigned instead of
    the inactivity timeout.
  - Fixed a race condition in Mojo::UserAgent where test servers would close \ 
connections prematurely.

8.38  2020-04-21
  - Added run_p method to Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess. (batman)

8.37  2020-04-19
  - Added keep_alive_timeout attribute to Mojo::Server::Daemon.
  - Added -k options to daemon and prefork commands.
  - Added keep_alive_timeout setting to Hypnotoad.
  - Increased various default timeouts because keep_alive_timeout takes over \ 
some of their previous responsibility.
  - Improved timeout setting performance significantly in Mojo::IOLoop::Stream.
  - Improved again method in Mojo::Reactor, Mojo::Reactor::EV and \ 
Mojo::Reactor::Poll to allow changing the invocation
    time of active timers.
  - Fixed support for 425 status in Mojo::Message::Response.

8.36  2020-03-31
  - Added handler attribute to Test::Mojo.
  - Added test method to Test::Mojo.
  - Improved Test::Mojo to allow for extensions to be tested more easily.
  - Improved request_id attribute in Mojo::Message::Request to be a little more \ 
unique. (mst)

8.35  2020-03-20
  - Added not_empty filter to Mojolicious::Validator.

8.34  2020-03-16
  - Removed experimental status from proxy->get_p, proxy->post_p and \ 
proxy->start_p helpers in
  - Removed experimental status from compress and min_compress_size attributes \ 
in Mojolicious::Renderer.
  - Removed experimental status from high_water_mark attribute in \ 
  - Removed experimental status from respond method in Mojolicious::Renderer.
  - Removed experimental status from bytes_waiting and can_write methods in \ 
  - Removed experimental status from dehop method in Mojo::Headers.
  - Removed experimental status from scope_guard function in Mojo::Util.
  - Improved size check in Mojolicious::Validator to only require one argument.
  - Fixed Mojolicious::Validator to also validate empty string values instead of \ 
ignoring them. This behaviour had
    caused a lot of confusion in the past.
  - Fixed plugin generator not to use an __END__ section.

8.33  2020-02-11
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL humanize_bytes function to Mojo::Util. (kraih, coolo)
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL humanize_bytes method to Mojo::ByteStream.
  - Updated Future::AsyncAwait requirement to 0.36 for better tests. (ilmari)

8.32  2020-01-18
  - Changed experimental -async flag to -async_await in Mojo::Base, because of a \ 
Perl quirk that Future::AsyncAwait
    can't handle itself.
  - Fixed a bug where the -async_await flag in Mojo::Base would not load \ 

8.31  2020-01-14
  - Added attr_is, attr_isnt, attr_like and attr_unlike methods to Test::Mojo. \ 
  - Improved is_fresh method in Mojolicious::Static with support for weak etags. \ 

8.30  2020-01-07
  - Switch from Future::AsyncAwait::Frozen to Future::AsyncAwait for async/await \ 

8.29  2019-12-28
  - Improved async/await support to work in many more cases, such as WebSocket \ 

8.28  2019-12-26
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL support for async/await (with -async Mojo::Base flag).
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL all_settled and any methods to Mojo::Promise.

8.27  2019-12-04
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL before_command hook.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL scope_guard function to Mojo::Util.
  - Removed experimental status from context method in Mojo::Log.
  - Changed default MIME type of content_type method in Mojolicious::Types to \ 
application/octet-stream. (aitap)

8.26  2019-11-02
  - Removed deprecated slice method from Mojo::Collection.
  - Moved HTML entities from Mojo::Util into a separate file. (rage311)
  - Changed how the state of the event loop is determined in Mojo::Reactor::EV \ 
to be more consistent with

8.25  2019-09-29
  - Added curfile function to Mojo::File. (Grinnz)

8.24  2019-09-11
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL context method to Mojo::Log.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL cleanup event to Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess.
  - Added log helper to Mojolicious::Plugin::DefaultHelpers.
  - Improved log messages generated by Mojolicious to include request ids when \ 

8.23  2019-08-12
  - Updated Cpanel::JSON::XS requirement to 4.09 for duplicate keys support. (Grinnz)
  - Added head and tail methods to Mojo::Collection. (Grinnz)
  - Improved Mojo::File not to allow undefined values in paths.

8.22  2019-07-17
  - Fixed a bug where Mojo::Exception would not stringify correctly for error \ 
messages that end with a newline.
  - Fixed Mojo::Exception to append file and line number to stringified error \ 
messages that do not end with a newline.

8.21  2019-07-13
  - Undeprecated Mojo::Exception::verbose.
  - Added support for MOJO_EXCEPTION_VERBOSE environment variable.
  - Improved built in templates to use the same stack trace format as \ 

8.20  2019-07-08
  - Improved check function in Mojo::Exception to match regular expressions \ 
against stringified exception objects too.
  - Improved num check in Mojolicious::Validator to accept negative numbers. \ 

8.19  2019-07-07
  - Deprecated Mojo::Exception::verbose.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL check and raise functions to Mojo::Exception.
  - Added -f option to generate plugin command.
  - Improved inspect method in Mojo::Exception to be safe to call more than once.
  - Fixed various stack trace bugs in Mojo::Exception, so your error messages \ 
and stack traces can look slightly
    different than before.
  - Fixed bugs in reply->exception helper that could result in exceptions \ 
without error message.
  - Fixed daemonize exception handling in Mojo::Server. (skaji)

8.18  2019-06-28
  - Welcome to the Mojolicious core team CandyAngel, Christopher Rasch-Olsen Raa \ 
and Dan Book.
  - Deprecated the use of the config stash value and $config variable in \ 
templates by Mojolicious::Plugin::Config. You
    can use the config helper instead. Unfortunately there is no good way to \ 
warn users, so this deprecation will be in
    effect until the next major release.
  - Deprecated Mojo::Collection::slice since nobody remembers anymore what its \ 
intended purpose was.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL proxy->get_p, proxy->post_p and proxy->start_p \ 
helpers to Mojolicious::Plugin::DefaultHelpers.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL dehop method to Mojo::Headers.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL bytes_waiting and can_write methods to Mojo::IOLoop::Stream.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL high_water_mark attribute to Mojo::IOLoop::Stream.
  - Updated bundled TLS certificate.
  - Improved Mojo::Base flags not to require a certain order.
  - Improved clone performance in Mojo::Headers by 100%.
  - Improved streaming response performance slightly.
  - Fixed a typo in the 425 status message in Mojo::Message::Response. (CandyAngel)
  - Fixed a missing deprecation warning in Mojo::Promise. (marcus)

8.17  2019-05-23
  - Fixed a bug in Mojo::UserAgent where the request timeout would not work for \ 
keep-alive requests. (ilmari)

8.16  2019-05-14
  - Improved Mojo::Headers to reject characters in header values that would \ 
corrupt the HTTP message.
  - Fixed getopt function in Mojo::Util to behave more like GetOptionsFromArray. \ 
(jberger, reneeb)

8.15  2019-04-26
  - Updated jQuery to version 3.4.0.
  - Improved wait method in Mojo::Promise not to be affected by manually stopped \ 
event loops. (Grinnz)
  - Fixed a bug where the new method in Mojo::Promise could not be passed a \ 
callback to wrap continuation-passing style
    APIs, which is incompatible with the JavaScript API.

8.14  2019-04-18
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL timer method to Mojo::Promise.
  - Added header_exists and header_exists_not methods to Test::Mojo.
  - Fixed a bug where the finally callback in Mojo::Promise was passed a value, \ 
which is incompatible with the
    JavaScript API.
  - Fixed a bug in Mojo::Promise where the finally method could change promise \ 
  - Fixed a merge bug in Mojo::Parameters where multiple values sharing the same \ 
name could get lost.

8.13  2019-03-21
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL map method to Mojo::Promise. (jberger)
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL min_compress_size attribute to Mojolicious::Renderer. \ 
(CandyAngel, mjemmeson)
  - Improved the security of signed cookies by also signing the cookie name. \ 
Note that this means that all sessions will
    be reset.
  - Fixed Mojo::IOLoop::Server to not check if listen sockets are writable.

8.12  2019-01-27
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL timeout method to Mojo::Promise. (batman)
  - Removed deprecated module Mojolicious::Plugin::PODRenderer.
  - Removed deprecated method mojo_lib_dir from Mojo::Home.
  - Fixed rare warning in Mojo::Log. (Grinnz)

8.11  2019-01-01
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL support for SameSite cookies to better protect \ 
Mojolicious applications from CSRF attacks.
    (dylanwh, kraih)
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL samesite attributes to Mojo::Cookie::Response and \ 
Mojolicious::Cookies. (dylanwh, kraih)
  - Added lstat method to Mojo::File. (Grinnz)
  - Added remove method to Mojo::File.
  - Improved eval command with support for promises. (jberger)
  - Improved Mojo::JSON::Pointer to ignore many invalid JSON Pointers.

8.10  2018-12-18
  - Added reset event to Mojo::IOLoop.
  - Added limit argument to split method in Mojo::ByteStream. (s1037989)

8.09  2018-12-02
  - Added touch method to Mojo::File.
  - Added max_depth option to list_tree method in Mojo::File.

8.08  2018-11-26
  - Added stat method to Mojo::File.

8.07  2018-11-16
  - Fixed a bug that caused debug log messages to be generated for static files.
  - Fixed a bug in Mojo::Server::Morbo that prevented the before_server_start \ 
hook from getting emitted.

8.06  2018-11-07
  - Added support for progress updates to Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess. (karjala)
  - Added progress method to Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess. (karjala)
  - Added progress event to Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess. (karjala)
  - Improved debug, error, fatal, info and warn methods in Mojo::Log to accept \ 
closures to generate log messages on
    demand. So expensive code for debugging can be deactivated easily in production.
  - Improved Mojo::Log to use the time format "2018-11-08 \ 
14:25:5.76027" and to include the process id in log messages.
  - Improved Mojolicious performance by up to 10% with more efficient logging.
  - Fixed a problem with the built in templates where an image was missing.

8.05  2018-10-25
  - Deprecated Mojolicious::Plugin::PODRenderer in favor of alternatives from CPAN.
  - Deprecated Mojo::Home::mojo_lib_dir.
  - Replaced continue, flash, redirect_to, respond_to and validation methods in \ 
Mojolicious::Controller with helpers in
  - Updated FAQ with a warning not to use Perl 5.10.x and 5.12.x with Mojolicious.

8.04  2018-10-21
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL module Mojo::DynamicMethods. (mst)
  - Replaced all uses of AUTOLOAD with a much faster alternative, so helpers are \ 
faster by up to 400% and stack traces
    contain more information. (mst)
  - Removed experimental status from server method in Mojolicious.

8.03  2018-10-16
  - Added support for weak reference accessors to Mojo::Base. (mst)
  - Updated List::Util requirement to 1.41 for set_subname support.
  - Fixed a small bug in Mojo::UserAgent where request timeouts could be created \ 
  - Improved Mojo::Exception to include a stack trace in verbose output.
  - Improved Mojolicious::Types to use the correct MIME types for woff and woff2 \ 

8.02  2018-10-01
  - Deprecated Mojo::Transaction::success in favor of Mojo::Transaction::result \ 
and Mojo::Transaction::error.
    Unfortunately this method is used a lot in legacy code, so this deprecation \ 
will be in effect until the next major
  - Added support for gzip compression of dynamically generated responses \ 
(enable with $app->renderer->compress(1)).
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL compress attribute to Mojolicious::Renderer.
  - Added compressed attribute to Mojo::UserAgent::Transactor.
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL respond method to Mojolicious::Renderer.
  - Added save_to method to Mojo::Message.
  - Added gunzip and gzip methods to Mojo::ByteStream.
  - Added gunzip and gzip functions to Mojo::Util.
  - Improved HTML5.2 compliance of Mojo::DOM::HTML.
  - Fixed a bug in Mojo::Transaction::HTTP that prevented the finish event in \ 
Mojo::Message::Request from getting
    emitted sometimes.
  - Fixed a bug in Mojo::Promise where the ioloop attribute was not a weakened \ 
reference after object construction.
  - Fixed a bug where the is_fresh helper could only handle If-None-Match \ 
headers with a single etag value.

8.01  2018-09-25
  - Updated jQuery to version 3.3.1.
  - Fixed order of command namespaces so Mojolicious can be upgraded without \ 
uninstalling first.
  - Fixed a small problem in one of the TLS tests where an error message check \ 
was too picky.

8.0  2018-09-15
  - Code name "Supervillain", this is a major release.
  - Changed query method in Mojo::URL to merge with hash references and append \ 
with array references instead of the
    other way around. Because appended pairs should be able to preserve order.
  - Changed template attribute in Mojolicious::Command to activate vars by default.
  - Removed test command.
  - Removed deprecated expect_close attribute from Mojo::Content.
  - Removed deprecated error and finish events from Mojo::IOLoop::Delay.
  - Removed experimental status from server_timing method in Mojo::Headers.
  - Removed experimental status from tag_to_html function in Mojo::DOM::HTML.
  - Removed experimental status from tag method in Mojo::DOM::HTML.
  - Removed experimental status from bytes_read and bytes_written methods in \ 
  - Removed experimental status from before_server_start hook.
  - Removed experimental status from timing->* helpers.
  - Added clone method to Mojo::Promise.
  - Added chmod method to Mojo::File.
  - Added prepare event to Mojo::UserAgent.
  - Added Mojolicious::Command::Author default namespace in Mojolicious::Commands.
  - Moved Mojolicious::Command::cpanify to Mojolicious::Command::Author::cpanify.
  - Moved Mojolicious::Command::generate to Mojolicious::Command::Author::generate.
  - Moved Mojolicious::Command::generate::app to \ 
  - Moved Mojolicious::Command::generate::lite_app to \ 
  - Moved Mojolicious::Command::generate::makefile to \ 
  - Moved Mojolicious::Command::generate::plugin to \ 
  - Moved Mojolicious::Command::inflate to Mojolicious::Command::Author::inflate.
  - Updated project metadata.
  - Improved Mojo::Promise to allow for reject and resolve methods to be used as \ 
class methods.
  - Reduced memory usage of Mojo::IOLoop::Stream.
  - Fixed a bug that prevented permessage-deflate WebSocket compression to work \ 
with newer versions of Chrome.