Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/R-fs
From: Makoto Fujiwara
Date: 2020-09-19 23:39:43
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Log Message:
(devel/R-fs) Updated 1.3.1 to 1.5.0

 - Add  TEST_DEPENDS+, but still fails at pdLaTeX

# fs 1.5.0

* The libuv release used by fs was updated to 1.38.1

* `dir_create()` now consults the process umask so the mode during
  directory creation works like `mkdir` does (#284).

* `fs_path`, `fs_bytes` and `fs_perms` objects are now compatible with vctrs \ 
0.3.0 (#266)

* `fs_path` objects now sort properly when there is a mix of ASCII and
  unicode elements (#279)

# fs 1.4.2
* `file_info(..., follow = TRUE)`, `is_dir()`, and `is_file()`
  follow relative symlinks in non-current directories (@heavywatal, #280)

* `dir_map()` now grows its internal list safely, the 1.4.0 release
  introduced an unsafe regression (#268)

* `file_info()` returns a tibble if the tibble package is installed,
  and subsets work when it is a `data.frame` (#265)

* `path_real()` always fails if the file does not exist. Thus it can no longer
  be used to resolve symlinks further up the path hierarchy for files that do not
  yet exist. This reverts the feature introduced in 1.2.7 (#144, #221, #231)

# fs 1.4.1
* Fix compilation on Solaris.

# fs 1.4.0
* `[[.fs_path`, `[[.fs_bytes` and `[[.fs_perms` now preserve their
  classes after subsetting (#254).

* `path_has_parent()` now recycles both the `path` and `parent` arguments (#253).
* `path_ext_set()` now recycles both the `path` and `ext` arguments (#250).
* Internally fs no longer depends on Rcpp

# fs 1.3.2
* fs now passes along `CPPFLAGS` during compilation of libuv, fixing an issue \ 
that could
  prevent compilation from source on macOS Catalina. (@kevinushey, #229)

* fs now compiles on alpine linux (#210)

* `dir_create()` now works with absolute paths and `recurse = FALSE` (#204).

* `dir_tree()` now works with paths that need tilde expansion (@dmurdoch, \ 
@jennybc, #203).

* `file_info()` now returns file sizes with the proper classes
  ("fs_bytes" and "numeric"), rather than just \ 
"fs_bytes" (#239)

* `get_dirent_type()` gains a `fail` argument (@bellma-lilly, #219)

* `Is_Dir()`, `is_file()`, `is_file_empty()` and `file_info()` gain a
  `follow` argument, to follow links and return information about the
  linked file rather than the link itself (#198)

* `path()` now follows "tidy" recycling rules, namely only consistent
  or length 1 inputs are recycled. (#238)

* `path()` now errors if the path given or constructed will exceed `PATH_MAX` (#233).

* `path_ext_set()` now works with multiple paths (@maurolepore, #208).