Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/R-car
From: Makoto Fujiwara
Date: 2020-09-21 01:46:00
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Log Message:
(math/R-car) Updated 3.0.3 to 3.0.9. make test fails

Changes to Version 3.0-9

  o Declare linearHypothesis.survreg() method, previously omitted from
    NAMESPACE (following question by Robert Dinterman); tweaks to survreg
    methods for linearHypothesis(), Anova(), and deltaMethod() to make them
    more robust.

  o Fix bug in hccm() when model matrix includes just one column (reported by
    Justin Yap).

  o Fix buglet in scatterplotMatrix.formula() when groups specified.

  o Several functions are now generic: avPlots(), ceresPlots(), crPlots(),

  o Enable spread smoothers for crPlot(), ceresPlot(), and residualPlot()
    (suggestion of Dave Armstrong).

  o Small changes to docs.

Changes to Version 3.0-8

  o Import() now defaults to stringsAsFactors=FALSE to match the default
    behavior of read.table() as of R 4.0.0.

  o New strings2factors() function to convert character variables in a data
    frame to factors.

  o Added data.frame method for S().

  o Fixed a bug in estimateTransform.lm() that returned the correct answer
    with an unneeded warning.

  o Fixed Anova.coxph() to handle weights properly (problem reported by
    Daniel Morillo Cuadrado).

Changes to Version 3.0-7

  o Fixed boxCox(), powerTransform() to work when 'car' package is not attached

  o Fixed Anova() to work with "lme" models without an intercept (to \ 
fix bug
    reported by Benjamin Tyner).

Changes to Version 3.0-6

  o Explicitly import utils::globalVariables() (suggestion of Vince Carey).

Changes to Version 3.0-5

  o Change class(x) == "y" to inherits(x, "y") throughout \ 
code (thanks to Martin Maechler).

Changes to Version 3.0-4

  o Scoping improvements to deltaMethod(), which now also takes an optional
    hypothesized value; contribution and suggestion by Pavel Krivitsky.

  o Make Anova() work for coxph() models with strata (following problem
    reported by Susan Galloway Hilsenbeck).

  o Modify carPalette() to provide a colorblind-friendly palette as an option
    (suggestion of Sercan Kahveci).

  o Small improvements.