Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/nasm
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2020-09-29 16:08:36
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Log Message:
nasm: updated to 2.15.05

Version 2.15.05

Correct %ifid $ and %ifid $$ being treated as true. See section 4.4.6.

Add --reproducible option to suppress NASM version numbers and timestamps in \ 
output files. See section 2.1.34.

Version 2.15.04

More sensible handling of the case where one single-line macro definition will \ 
shadow another. A warning will be issued, but the additional definition will be \ 
allowed. For the existing error case where both a parameterless and parametered \ 
macro are created, that warning is promoted to an error by default.

Add special preprocessor tokens %*? and %*?? that expand like %? and %?? in \ 
single-line macros only. See section 4.1.6.

Correct the encoding of the ENQCMDS and TILELOADT1 instructions.

Fix case where the COFF backend (the coff, win32 and win64 output formats) would \ 
add padding bytes in the middle of a section if a SECTION/SEGMENT directive was \ 
provided which repeated an ALIGN= attribute. This neither matched legacy \ 
behavior, other backends, or user expectations.

Fix SSE instructions not being recognized with an explicit memory operation size \ 
(e.g. movsd qword [eax],xmm0).

The -L+ option no longer enables -Lw, which is mainly useful to debug NASM \ 
crashes. See section 2.1.4.

Document long-standing hazards in the use of $ in Dx statements, see section 3.2.1.

The NASM-only RDOFF output format backend, which has been broken since at least \ 
NASM 2.14, has been disabled. The RDOFF tools are scheduled to be removed from \ 
the NASM distribution in NASM 2.16. If you have a concrete use case for RDOFF, \ 
please file a NASM bug report at as soon as possible. See \ 
section 8.13.