Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/json-c
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2020-10-01 11:16:12
Message id:

Log Message:
json-c: update to 0.15.

Next Release 0.15

Deprecated and removed features:
* Deprecate `array_list_new()` in favor of `array_list_new2()`
* Remove config.h.win32

New features
* Add a `JSON_TOKENER_ALLOW_TRAILING_CHARS` flag to allow multiple objects
  to be parsed even when `JSON_TOKENER_STRICT` is set.
* Add `json_object_new_array_ext(int)` and `array_list_new_2(int)` to allow
   arrays to be allocated with the exact size needed, when known.
* Add `json_object_array_shrink()` (and `array_list_shrink()`) and use it in
   json_tokener to minimize the amount of memory used.
* Add a json_parse binary, for use in testing changes (not installed, but
   available in the apps directory).

Build changes
* #639/#621 - Add symbol versions to all exported symbols
* #508/#634 - Always enable -fPIC to allow use of the json-c static library in
   other libraries
* Build both static and shared libraries at the same time.
* #626 - Restore compatibility with cmake 2.8
* #471 - Always create directories with mode 0755, regardless of umask.
* #606/#604 - Improve support for OSes like AIX and IBM i, as well as for
   MINGW32 and old versions of MSVC
* #451/#617 - Add a DISABLE_THREAD_LOCAL_STORAGE cmake option to disable
   the use of thread-local storage.

Significant changes and bug fixes
* Split the internal json_object structure into several sub-types, one for
   each json_type (json_object_object, json_object_string, etc...).
  This improves memory usage and speed, with the benchmark under
   bench/ report 5.8% faster test time and 6%(max RSS)-12%(peak heap)
   less memory usage.
  Memory used just for json_object structures decreased 27%, so use cases
   with fewer arrays and/or strings would benefit more.
* Minimize memory usage in array handling in json_tokener by shrinking
   arrays to the exact number of elements parsed.  On bench/ benchmark:
   9% faster test time, 39%(max RSS)-50%(peak heap) less memory usage.
   Add json_object_array_shrink() and array_list_shrink() functions.
* #616 - Parsing of surrogate pairs in unicode escapes now properly handles
   incremental parsing.
* Fix incremental parsing of numbers, especially those with exponents, e.g.
   so parsing "[0", "e+", "-]" now properly \ 
returns an error.
  Strict mode now rejects missing exponents ("0e").
* Successfully return number objects at the top level even when they are
   followed by a "-", "." or "e".  This makes \ 
parsing things like "123-45"
   behave consistently with things like "123xyz".

Other changes
* #589 - Detect broken RDRAND during initialization; also, fix segfault
    in the CPUID check.
* #592 - Fix integer overflows to prevert out of bounds write on large input.
* Protect against division by zero in linkhash, when creaed with zero size.
* #602 - Fix json_parse_uint64() internal error checking, leaving the retval
    untouched in more failure cases.
* #614 - Prevent truncation when custom double formatters insert extra \0's