Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/multimedia/obs-studio
Date: 2020-10-01 16:01:01
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obs-studio: Update to 26.0.0

OBS Studio 26.0

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New Features and Additions

  * Windows: Added Virtual Camera, allowing you to use the OBS output as a
    camera in other apps on your computer. Support for other operating systems
    will be added in future versions when they're ready [Jim]
  * Added a Source Toolbar to allow easy access to relevant controls for the
    currently selected source. The toolbar can be toggled via the View Menu ->
    Source Toolbar [DDRBoxman/Jim/cg2121]
  * Added media controls to allow controlling playback of media/VLC sources on
    the source toolbar when a media source, VLC source, or slideshow source is
    selected [cg2121]
  * Added a new noise suppression method to the Noise Suppression filter,
    RNNoise, which is an AI-based noise suppression method with significantly
    better results for voice than the pre-existing method (Speex) [remjay]
  * Added the ability to take screenshots of the previews, sources, or scenes
    with hotkeys [cg2121]
  * Added a log viewer when going to the Help menu -> Logs -> View Log menu
    item [cg2121]
  * Added a percentage toggle checkbox to the volume controls in advanced audio
    properties [cg2121]
  * Added more audio capture support for BSD operating systems [khng300]
  * Added the option to disable antialiasing for text sources [Codex-]
  * Added a right-click context menu option to projectors to make a specific
    projector always on top of other windows [Bennik2000]


  * QSV Encoder: Improved performance when running OBS on an Intel GPU and
    simplified various options [brittneysclark]
  * The cursor will now change to reflect your action (dragging edges or
    sources) when editing items in the preview [WizardCM]
  * Improved the interface of transitions dock [cg2121]
  * Increased the update rate of the level meters in the audio mixer from 30Hz
    to 60Hz for improved smoothness and responsiveness [dodgepong]
  * Media sources using remote URLs will now automatically try to reconnect
    when disconnected [Yohox]
  * Added a "Defaults" button to the script dialog to reset script \ 
    to defaults [cg2121]
  * Added a right-click context menu when clicking on scripts to allow opening
    the script file location or reloading specific scripts [WizardCM]
  * The auto-configuration dialog will now use standard/common resolutions when
    selecting what resolution you’d like to use [cg2121]
  * 709 is now the default YUV colorpsace
  * The VLC source’s playlist property can now be reordered by dragging and
    dropping items within it [cg2121]
  * Projectors associated with specific monitors will now be deleted when the
    monitor is disconnected from the system [cg2121]
  * You can now use slashes in the recording name format and prefix prefixes/
    suffixes to automatically create directories when recording or making
    replays [Jim]
  * Improved performance and accuracy of the LUT filter [jpark37]
  * The default audio sample rate is now 48khz instead of 44.1khz [e00E]
  * NVENC: Added a more friendly warning that will show up if you are using an
    outdated NVIDIA driver [notr1ch]
  * Windows: The program will now show a list of command line options in a
    dialog box if started with the --help or -h command line parameters
  * macOS: Added support for several more virtual audio drivers to be selected
    as desktop audio capture devices in audio settings [pkv]
  * Image sources will no longer check for changes or try to load an image
    while hidden [notr1ch]
  * The minimum canvas resolution is now 8x8 to prevent issues where this could
    be rounded to zero causing OBS to fail to start [notr1ch]
  * The settings window can now be closed with the ESC key [Bennik2000]
  * macOS window capture no longer shows windows which aren't relevant to
    capture [timmiehaha]

Bug Fixes

  * Windows: Fixed an issue where loss of certain devices could cause a crash
    with window capture [jpark37]
  * Windows: Fixed a bug where an inactive UWP app (such as Calculator) could
    be selected for window capture, but would still fail to capture even after
    being unminimized [jpark37]
  * Windows: Fixed a flaw where capturing Chrome-based programs with Window
    Capture might fall back and capture other Chrome-based programs
    unintentionally [jpark37]
  * Windows: Fixed the auto updater always launching OBS as administrator after
    a successful update [notr1ch]
  * Windows: The auto updater now works correctly if the OBS user and
    administrator user are different accounts [notr1ch]
  * Linux: Fixed an issue where the browser source could crash when browsing
    files [cg2121]
  * Linux: Fixed an issue with “always on top” sometimes not working with
    projectors [cg2121]
  * Linux: Fixed an issue where cameras using V4L2 would not respond correctly
    to pan/tilt controls [ioangogo]
  * Linux: Fixed an issue where a user’s preferred language could not be
    detected correctly [khng300]
  * macOS: Fixed an issue where “always on top” windows would not always be
    on top [jtopper]
  * macOS: Fixed an issue where certain prompts didn’t have a default action
    for keyboard users [unknowndomain]
  * macOS: Fixed a memory leak which could cause a crash after extended use
  * macOS: Fixed an issue where resizing a multiview window could cause a crash
  * Fixed a bug where pressing the rename shortcut while editing a scene name
    would reset the edit state [RytoEX]
  * Fixed a bug where the system tray icon could appear even though it was
    disabled in settings [Programatic]
  * Fixed a bug where you could get two save confirmation dialogs in a row when
    exiting the filter/properties [Jim]
  * Fixed various bugs and stability issues with Vulkan capture [jpark37]
  * Fixed a bug where starting recording or the replay buffer could resize the
    main window [cg2121]
  * Fixed a bug where media sources hotkeys would not work correctly in Studio
    Mode’s preview [cg2121]
  * Fixed an issue that allowed “Paste (Duplicate)” for scene sources,
    resulting in strange bugs [exeldro]
  * Fixed an issue where the volume meters in the audio mixer would appear to
    be clipping when docks were moved [WizardCM]
  * Fixed an issue where the right edge of certain JPEG and movie files could
    be incorrectly rendered [jpark37]
  * Fixed an issue where groups would not be selected/deselected correctly
  * Fixed a hang that could occur when streaming with certain streaming
    services (caused by certain RTMP status values) [eric]
  * Fixed an issue where scene collections which used similar names with
    different symbols could overwrite one another [RytoEx]
  * Fixed a bug where CoreAudio audio encoder would not work with 4.0 audio
    correctly [pkv]
  * Fixed a crash when a hotkey to play/pause was used on a media source with
    an invalid or blank file [exeldro]
  * Fixed a bug where the “Start Streaming” button could become blank under
    certain circumstances [WizardCM]
  * Fixed a bug where a changed theme get stuck if the user exited the settings
    dialog with the [x] button rather than the OK/Cancel buttons [Jim]
  * Fixed a bug where filters would be deleted on sources that had their
    plugins removed [Jim]
  * Fixed a bug where hotkeys could repeat when held down [cg2121]
  * Fixed a bug where unnamed sources would show up in the hotkeys settings
  * Fixed a bug where services wouldn't be ordered properly when showing all
    services [Jim]
  * Fixed an issue where the automatic scene switcher tool wouldn't detect some
    windows [adalessa]
  * Fixed a bug where the Stats dock would steal focus from the main window
  * Fixed a tearing issue for certain codecs (such as ProRes) when using FFmpeg
    output [ePirat]
  * Fixed a bug with the SRT output to make it compliant with ETR 290 Level 1
    recommendations (rewrite of srt output) [pkv]
  * Fixed a bug where the last frame of a media source could be visible briefly
    when restarting playback [notr1ch]
  * Fixed a bug where you could not capture programs using executable names
    beginning with “time” [notr1ch]
  * Fixed a crash with certain AJA devices [Jim]
  * Fixed a memory leak when dragging and dropping stuff on to OBS to create
    sources [cg2121]
  * Fixed a memory leak and crash on shutdown when scenes were reordered
  * Fixed the script_path() script function causing memory corruption [PerHeed]
  * Fixed camera controls on Linux video devices not working