Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/siege
From: Nils Ratusznik
Date: 2020-10-05 22:15:01
Message id:

Log Message:
Updated www/siege to version 4.0.7.

Upstream changes (from 4.0.4) :
* src/cookie.c           Fixed an issue with expires
* src/cookies.c          Fixed an issue with persistence
* src/version.c          Version increment: 4.0.7
* src/init.c             Minor bug fix
* src/auth.c             Fixed initialization error
* src/version.c          Version increment: 4.0.6
* src/creds.c            Fixed an initialization problem
* src/cookies.c          Fixed locking issue
* src/url.c              Fixed an initialization problem
* src/init.c             Fixed an initialization problem
* src/memory.c           Formatting change
* src/version.c          Version increment: 4.0.5
* src/main.c             Added -j/--json-output
* src/init.c             Added -j/--json-output - force quiet mode
* src/setup.h            Added variable for json output
* doc/         Added documentation to the config file
* src/url.c              Adding DELETE and OPTIONS support.
* src/browser.c          Adding DELETE and OPTIONS support.
* src/http.c             Correct capitalization for Content-Type & Content-Length
* src/response.c         Handle case of incorrect server response header
*              Make readme's title nice
* src/page.c             Remove needless memset(2)
* src/cookies.c          Bug fix - prevent segfault when getenv(HOME) is null
* src/load.c             Bug fix - allow content-type override at cmd line
* src/version.c          Version increment: 4.0.4r3
* src/url.c              Skipped URL escaping for the host and port
* src/version.c          Version increment: 4.0.4r2
* src/sock.c             Added support for IPv6
* src/url.c              Added support for parsing IPv6 addresses
* src/version.c          Version increment: 4.0.4r1