Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/ripgrep
From: Maya Rashish
Date: 2020-10-17 15:48:54
Message id:

Log Message:
ripgrep: update to 12.1.1, fix pkglint warning.

(Note: we are not including the docs. Maybe we should...)

ripgrep 12.1.1 is a patch release that fixes a couple small bugs. In
particular, the ripgrep 12.1.0 release did not tag new releases for all of its
in-tree dependencies. As a result, ripgrep built dependencies from
would produce a different build than compiling ripgrep from source on the
12.1.0 tag. Namely, some crates like grep-cli had unreleased changes.

    BUG #1581:
    Corrects some egregious markup output in --help.
    BUG #1591:
    Mention the special $0 capture group in docs for the -r/--replace flag.
    BUG #1602:
    Fix failing test resulting from out-of-sync dependencies.

ripgrep 12.1.0 is a small minor version release that mostly includes bug fixes
and documentation improvements. This release also contains some important
notices for downstream packagers.

Notices for downstream ripgrep package maintainers:

    Fish shell completions will be removed in the ripgrep 13 release.
    See #1577
    for more details.
    ripgrep has switched from a2x to asciidoctor to generate the man page.
    If asciidoctor is not present, then ripgrep will currently fall back to
    a2x. Support for a2x will be dropped in the ripgrep 13 release.
    See #1544
    for more details.

Feature enhancements:

    FEATURE #1547:
    Support decompressing .Z files via uncompress.

Bug fixes:

    BUG #1252:
    Add a section on the --pre flag to the GUIDE.
    BUG #1339:
    Improve error message when a pattern with invalid UTF-8 is provided.
    BUG #1524:
    Note how to escape a $ when using --replace.
    BUG #1537:
    Fix match bug caused by inner literal optimization.
    BUG #1544:
    ripgrep now uses asciidoctor instead of a2x to generate its man page.
    BUG #1550:
    Substantially reduce peak memory usage when searching wide directories.
    BUG #1571:
    Add note about configuration files in --type-{add,clear} docs.
    BUG #1573:
    Fix incorrect --count-matches output when using look-around.

ripgrep 12.0.1 is a small patch release that includes a minor bug fix relating
to superfluous error messages when searching git repositories with sub-modules.
This was a regression introduced in the 12.0.0 release.

Bug fixes:

    BUG #1520:
    Don't emit spurious error messages in git repositories with submodules.

ripgrep 12 is a new major version release of ripgrep that contains many bug
fixes, several important performance improvements and a few minor new features.

In a near future release, I am hoping to add an
indexing feature
to ripgrep, which will dramatically speed up searching by building an index.
Feedback would very much be appreciated, especially on the user experience
which will be difficult to get right.

This release has no known breaking changes.


    The --no-pcre2-unicode flag is deprecated. Instead, use the --no-unicode
    flag, which applies to both the default regex engine and PCRE2. For now,
    --no-pcre2-unicode and --pcre2-unicode are aliases to --no-unicode
    and --unicode, respectively. The --[no-]pcre2-unicode flags may be
    removed in a future release.
    The --auto-hybrid-regex flag is deprecated. Instead, use the new --engine
    flag with the auto value.

Performance improvements:

    PERF #1087:
    ripgrep is smarter when detected literals are whitespace.
    PERF #1381:
    Directory traversal is sped up with speculative ignore-file existence checks.
    PERF cd8ec38a:
    Improve inner literal detection to cover more cases more effectively.
    e.g., +Sherlock Holmes + now has Sherlock Holmes extracted instead
    of .
    PERF 6a0e0147:
    Improve literal detection when the -w/--word-regexp flag is used.
    PERF ad97e9c9:
    Improve overall performance of the -w/--word-regexp flag.

Feature enhancements:

    Added or improved file type filtering for erb, diff, Gradle, HAML, Org,
    Postscript, Skim, Slim, Slime, RPM Spec files, Typoscript, xml.
    FEATURE #1370:
    Add --include-zero flag that shows files searched without matches.
    FEATURE #1390:
    Add --no-context-separator flag that always hides context separators.
    FEATURE #1414:
    Add --no-require-git flag to allow ripgrep to respect gitignores anywhere.
    FEATURE #1420:
    Add --no-ignore-exclude to disregard rules in .git/info/exclude files.
    FEATURE #1466:
    Add --no-ignore-files flag to disable all --ignore-file flags.
    FEATURE #1488:
    Add '--engine' flag for easier switching between regex engines.
    FEATURE 75cbe88f:
    Add --no-unicode flag. This works on all supported regex engines.

Bug fixes:

    BUG #1291:
    ripgrep now works in non-existent directories.
    BUG #1319:
    Fix match bug due to errant literal detection.
    BUG #1335:
    Fixes a performance bug when searching plain text files with very long lines.
    This was a serious performance regression in some cases.
    BUG #1344:
    Document usage of --type all.
    BUG #1389:
    Fixes a bug where ripgrep would panic when searching a symlinked directory.
    BUG #1439:
    Improve documentation for ripgrep's automatic stdin detection.
    BUG #1441:
    Remove CPU features from man page.
    BUG #1442,
    BUG #1478:
    Improve documentation of the -g/--glob flag.
    BUG #1445:
    ripgrep now respects ignore rules from .git/info/exclude in worktrees.
    BUG #1485:
    Fish shell completions from the release Debian package are now installed to