Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/vim-share
From: Daniel Horecki
Date: 2020-11-01 15:53:00
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to version 8.2.1933.

8.2.1710  Vim9: list of list type can be wrong
8.2.1711  Vim9: leaking memory when using partial
8.2.1712  Vim9: leaking memory when calling a lambda
8.2.1713  Motif GUI: crash when setting menu colors
8.2.1714  text properties corrupted with substitute command
8.2.1715  Motif GUI: commented out code missed {}
8.2.1716  options window has duplicate translations
8.2.1717  MS-Windows installer doesn't have Russian translations
8.2.1718  Vim9: :def function disallows "firstline" for no good reason
8.2.1719  Vim9: no error if comma is missing in between arguments
8.2.1720  Vim9: memory leak with heredoc that isn't executed
8.2.1721  MS-Windows installer doesn't work
8.2.1722  Vim9: cannot assign a lambda to a variable of type function
8.2.1723  Vim9: Variable argument name cannot start with underscore
8.2.1724  Vim9: assignment tests spread out
8.2.1725  not all Pascal files are recognized
8.2.1726  fuzzy matching only works on strings
8.2.1727  a popup created with "cursorline" will ignore \ 
8.2.1728  compiler warning for using uninitialized variable
8.2.1729  endless loop when ":normal" feeds popup window filter
8.2.1730  Vim9: cannot use member of unknown type
8.2.1731  Vim9: cannot use += to append to empty NULL list
8.2.1732  stuck when win_execute() for a popup causes an error
8.2.1733  Vim9: memory leaks when using nested function
8.2.1734  Vim9: cannot use a funcref for a closure twice
8.2.1735  Github actions appear to timeout too soon
8.2.1736  failure to compile a pattern not tested much
8.2.1737  cursor line highlight in popup window is not always updated
8.2.1738  Mac: str2float() recognizes comma instead of decimal point
8.2.1739  Vim9: crash when compiling a manually defined function
8.2.1740  test fails without the terminal feature
8.2.1741  pathshorten() only supports using one character
8.2.1742  test still fails without the terminal feature
8.2.1743  cannot build without the eval feature
8.2.1744  Vim9: using ":const!" is weird
8.2.1745  tiny version doesn't build
8.2.1746  Vim9: cannot use "fina" for "finally"
8.2.1747  result of expand() unexpectedly depends on 'completeslash'
8.2.1748  closing split window in other tab may cause a crash
8.2.1749  Vim9: crash when closure fails in nested function
8.2.1750  popup_setoptions() setting firstline fails if cursorline set
8.2.1751  using 2 where bool is expected may throw an error
8.2.1752  GTK GUI: cannot map alt-? with <A-?>
8.2.1753  Vim9: crash when using import at script level
8.2.1754  completion with spell checking not tested
8.2.1755  Vim9: crash when using invalid heredoc marker
8.2.1756  Vim9: :let will soon be disallowed
8.2.1757  Mac: default locale is lacking the encoding
8.2.1758  Vim9: type of unmaterialized list is wrong
8.2.1759  Vim9: Some tests are still using :let
8.2.1760  Vim9: crash when end marker is missing
8.2.1761  Vim9: Some tests are still using :let
8.2.1762  when a timer uses :stopinsert completion isn't stopped
8.2.1763  Vim9: cannot use "true" for popup window scrollbar option
8.2.1764  Vim9: no error when assigning to script var with wrong type
8.2.1765  Vim9: some tests use "var var"
8.2.1766  Vim9: Some tests are still using :let
8.2.1767  Vim9: test fails with python support
8.2.1768  cannot use the help menu from a terminal window
8.2.1769  popup filter interferes with using :normal to move the cursor
8.2.1770  invalid memory use when using SpellFileMissing autocmd
8.2.1771  synIDattr() cannot get the value of ctermul
8.2.1772  cannot use CTRL-W <Down> to move out of a terminal window
8.2.1773  crash when calling mapset() with a list as first argument
8.2.1774  GTK: hang when forced to exit
8.2.1775  MS-Windows: adding a long quickfix list is slow
8.2.1776  filetype.vim may be loaded twice
8.2.1777  Vim9: some assignment tests in the wrong file
8.2.1778  Vim9: returning from a partial call clears outer context
8.2.1779  some debian changelog files are not recognized
8.2.1780  statusline not updated when splitting windows
8.2.1781  writing to prompt buffer interferes with insert mode
8.2.1782  Vim9: cannot pass boolean to mapset()
8.2.1783  try-catch test fails
8.2.1784  commits are not scanned for security problems
8.2.1785  compiler warning for strcp() out of bounds
8.2.1786  various Normal mode commands not fully tested
8.2.1787  crash with 'incsearch' and very long line
8.2.1788  Vim9: still allows :let for declarations
8.2.1789  Vim9: crash with invalid list constant
8.2.1790  MS-Windows with Python: crash when executed from Vifm
8.2.1791  Vim9: debugger test fails
8.2.1792  Configure does not recognize Racket 6.1+
8.2.1793  not consistently giving the "is a directory" warning
8.2.1794  no falsy Coalescing operator
8.2.1795  Vim9: operators && and || have a confusing result
8.2.1796  Vim9: invalid memory access with weird function name
8.2.1797  Vim9: some parts of the code not tested
8.2.1798  Vim9: trinary operator condition is too permissive
8.2.1799  some Normal mode commands not fully tested
8.2.1800  Vim9: memory leak if "if" condition is invalid
8.2.1801  undo file not found when using ":args" or ":next"
8.2.1802  Vim9: crash with unterminated dict
8.2.1803  a few failures are not tested
8.2.1804  resolve('/') returns an empty string
8.2.1805  Unix: terminal mode changed when using ":shell"
8.2.1806  MS-Windows with Python: Vim freezes after import command
8.2.1807  can use :help in a terminal popup window
8.2.1808  no test coverage for ":spelldump!"
8.2.1809  mapping some keys with Ctrl does not work properly
8.2.1810  some code in normal.c not covered by tests
8.2.1811  mapping Ctrl-key does not work for '{', '}' and '|'
8.2.1812  Vim9: nested closure throws an internal error
8.2.1813  Vim9: can assign wrong type to script dict
8.2.1814  missing change to remove "static"
8.2.1815  Vim9: memory leak when using function reference
8.2.1816  Vim9: another memory leak when using function reference
8.2.1817  Vim9: wrong instruction when reusing a local variable spot
8.2.1818  SE Linux: deprecation warning for security_context_t
8.2.1819  Vim9: Memory leak when using a closure
8.2.1820  Vim9: crash when error happens in timer callback
8.2.1821  Vim9: concatenating to a NULL list doesn't work
8.2.1822  list test doesn't fail
8.2.1823  "gN" does not select the matched string
8.2.1824  Vim9: variables at the script level escape their scope
8.2.1825  Vim9: accessing freed memory
8.2.1826  Vim9: cannot use a {} block at script level
8.2.1827  filetype detection does not test enough file names
8.2.1828  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.1829  warnings when executing Github actions
8.2.1830  MS-Windows: Python3 issue with stdin
8.2.1831  file missing from distribution
8.2.1832  readdirex() error is displayed as a message
8.2.1833  when reading from stdin dup() is called twice
8.2.1834  PyEval_InitThreads() is deprecated in Python 3.9
8.2.1835  ":help ??" finds the "!!" tag
8.2.1836  autocmd test fails on pacifist systems
8.2.1837  using "gn" after "gN" does not work
8.2.1838  Vim9: cannot insert a comment line in an expression
8.2.1839  Vim9: memory leaks reported in assign test
8.2.1840  Vim9: error message is not clear about compilation error
8.2.1841  Vim9: test for compilation error fails in normal build
8.2.1842  crash when USE_FNAME_CASE is defined and using :browse
8.2.1843  Netbeans: with huge buffer number memory allocation may fail
8.2.1844  using "q" at the more prompt doesn't stop a long message
8.2.1845  Vim9: function defined in a block can't use block variables
8.2.1846  Vim9: block variables are not found in compiled function
8.2.1847  Vim9: using negative value for unsigned type
8.2.1848  crash when passing a NULL string or list to popup_settext()
8.2.1849  Vim9: garbage collection frees block-local variables
8.2.1850  "vat" does not select tags correctly over line break
8.2.1851  Vim9: "!" followed by space incorrectly used
8.2.1852  map() returing zero for NULL list is unexpected
8.2.1853  "to_f" is recognized at "topleft" modifier
8.2.1854  Vim9: crash when throwing exception for NULL string
8.2.1855  Vim9: get error message when nothing is wrong
8.2.1856  "2resize" uses size of current window
8.2.1857  Vim9: using job_status() on an unused var gives an error
8.2.1858  Vim9: filter functions return number instead of bool
8.2.1859  Vim9: crash in unpack assignment
8.2.1860  Vim9: memory leak when throwing empty string
8.2.1861  Vim9: no specific error when parsing lambda fails
8.2.1862  vim9: memory leak when compiling lambda fails
8.2.1863  json code not sufficiently tested
8.2.1864  Vim9: no error for wrong list type
8.2.1865  Vim9: add() does not check type of argument
8.2.1866  Vim9: appending to pushed blob gives wrong result
8.2.1867  Vim9: argument to add() not checked for blob
8.2.1868  Vim9: no error for missing space after comma in dict
8.2.1869  Vim9: memory leak when using add()
8.2.1870  Vim9: no need to keep all script variables
8.2.1871  using %v in 'errorformat' may fail before %Z
8.2.1872  matchfuzzy() does not prefer sequential matches
8.2.1873  Vim9: missing white space when using <f-args>
8.2.1874  can't do something just before leaving Insert mode
8.2.1875  warning when building GTK gui
8.2.1876  Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile time
8.2.1877  test for function list fails
8.2.1878  GTK: error for redefining function
8.2.1879  Vim9: argument types of insert() not checked when compiling
8.2.1880  Vim9: asan complains about adding zero to NULL
8.2.1881  cannot build with GTK3
8.2.1882  Vim9: v:disallow_let is no longer needed
8.2.1883  compiler warnings when using Python
8.2.1884  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.1885  filetype tests unnessarily creates swap files
8.2.1886  using ":silent!" in a popup filter has unexpected effect
8.2.1887  Github actions not optimally configured
8.2.1888  Vim9: getbufline(-1, 1, '$') gives an error
8.2.1889  Vim9: errornous error for missing white space after {}
8.2.1890  Vim9: strange error for subtracting from a list
8.2.1891  Vim9: skipping over expression doesn't handle line breaks
8.2.1892  valgrind warns for using uninitialized access in tests
8.2.1893  fuzzy matching does not support multiple words
8.2.1894  Vim9: command modifiers are not supported
8.2.1895  Vim9: silent command modifier test fails
8.2.1896  valgrind warns for using uninitialized memory
8.2.1897  command modifiers are saved and set inconsistently
8.2.1898  command modifier parsing always uses global cmdmod
8.2.1899  crash in out-of-memory situation
8.2.1900  Vim9: command modifiers do not work
8.2.1901  variable completion does not work in command line window
8.2.1902  default option values changed with :badd for existing buffer
8.2.1903  buffer test fails with normal features
8.2.1904  still using default option values after using ":badd +1"
8.2.1905  the wininfo list may contain stale entries
8.2.1906  warning for signed/unsigned
8.2.1907  complete_info().selected may be wrong
8.2.1908  Lua is initialized even when not used
8.2.1909  number of status line items is limited to 80
8.2.1910  reading past the end of the command line
8.2.1911  tiny build fails
8.2.1912  with Python 3.9 some tests fail
8.2.1913  GTK GUI: rounding for the cell height is too strict
8.2.1914  Vim9: cannot put line break in expression for '=' register
8.2.1915  Vim9: error for wrong number of arguments is not useful
8.2.1916  Vim9: function call is aborted even when "silent!" is used
8.2.1917  no test for improved Man command
8.2.1918  Vim9: E1100 mentions :let
8.2.1919  assert_fails() setting emsg_silent changes normal execution
8.2.1920  listlbr test fails when run after another test
8.2.1921  fuzzy matching does not recognize path separators
8.2.1922  Win32: scrolling problems when part of window is off-screen
8.2.1923  Vim9: "filter" command modifier doesn't work
8.2.1924  Vim9: crash when indexing dict with NULL key
8.2.1925  list/dict test fails
8.2.1926  cannot use a space in 'spellfile'
8.2.1927  Vim9: get unknown error with an error in a timer function
8.2.1928  Vim9: "silent!" not effective when list index is wrong
8.2.1929  MS-Windows: problem loading Perl 5.32
8.2.1930  wrong input if removing shift results in special key code
8.2.1931  Vim9: arguments of extend() not checked at compile time
8.2.1932  compiler warnings when building with Athena GUI
8.2.1933  cannot sort using locale ordering