Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/gnome-desktop3
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2020-11-04 13:12:48
Message id:

Log Message:
gnome-desktop3: Update to 3.38.1.

Based on work by Dan Cîrnaț in pkgsrc-wip.


- Add default input source for fr_BE
- Add default keyboard layout for Indonesia
- Add utility function to start a transient systemd scope
- Allow /etc/alternatives in bubblewrap sandbox (#92, Simon McVittie)
- Avoid using g_type_class_add_private()
- Blacklist seccomp on riscv64 architecture as its not supported yet
- Change default Japanish input source to KCC
- Disable gvfs in thumbnailer sandboxes
- Display locale @modifiers properly (#50, Gunnar Hjalmarsson)
- Don't run locale tests at build time (#159, Simon McVittie)
- Fix a compile-time error on x32
- Fix a crash in xkb info handling (#785320)
- Fix a memory leak in the display handling code
- Fix a use-after-free in the thumbnailer
- Fix bubblewrap sandbox on s390x (!82, Simon McVittie)
- Fix crash in idle monitor
- Fix crashes in thumbnailers (#785963)
- Fix detection of builtin display on NVIDIA (Jeremy Soller)
- Fix memory leak
- Fix multiple bugs in sandboxed thumbnailer handling,
- Fix multiple bugs in thumbnailing
- Fix regressions from intltool removal
- Fix regressions introduced by g_autoptr usage
- Fix slow thumbnailer due to missing font cache (#90)
- Fix some thumbnailer sandboxing issues
- Fix time display issue with Japanese translation (Tianhao Chai)
- Fix uninitialized memory in the thumbnailer (#784915)
- Fix various wall clock regressions
- GnomeBGSlideShow filename property replaced with a file property (Marco Trevisan)
- Honor XKB_CONFIG_ROOT environment variable
- Improve error reporting in thumbnailers
- Miscellaneous improvements to the thumbnailer code
- Modernize autotools configuration a bit
- Port buildsystem to meson
- Remove some obsolete API's in thumbnailer
- Remove unused API not compatible with wayland
- Remove unused gnome_desktop_thumbnail_has_uri()
- Replace GdkColor methods with GdkRGBA methods
- Require gio-unix-2.0
- Several fixes for compilation warnings
- Support common_name in ISO 639 (#49, Gunnar Hjalmarsson)
- Thumbnailers are now sandboxed (#7744970, #785197)
- Translation updates
- Use GLib fixed-width types (#168, Christopher Chavez)
- Use LC_TIME for time format string translations
- gnome-bg: Handle exif orientations (#516177)
- gnome-languages: Use uselocale to avoid threadsafety issues (#105)
- gnome_bg_slide_show_get_current_slide: add NULL check (#169, Mike Gorse)
- idle-monitor fixes
- languages: Fix encoding issue when translating locale modifiers (#156)
- remove unused direct x11 dependency
- rr: add color transform functions
- systemd: Change naming scheme to conform to systemd convention
- systemd: Default to garbage collect failed scopes
- tests/wall*: Do not fail if some of the locales is missing
- thumbnail: Update documentation
- thumbnailer: Correctly cleanup stale thumbnailer directories
- thumbnailer: fix incomplete TIOCSTI filtering (#112)
- thumbnails: keep the orignal file name (#154)
- wall-clock: Immediately react to show-weekday changes
- wall-clock: Tweak the clock format
- wall-clock: respect new clock-show-weekday setting
- wallclock: am/pm is always available now (#780877)
- wallclock: don't update needlessly (#780861)