Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/xterm
From: pin
Date: 2020-11-22 14:32:27
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x11/xterm: update to 362

Patch #362 - 2020/11/11
-cleanup of calls to free, removing checks for null (Walter Harms).
-improved mouse-button reporting (prompted by discussion with Stephane Chazelas)
	-narrow the scope of the change for shift-key in patch #361 to make it apply
	only when the modifyOtherKeys resource is set to 2 (i.e., “program mode”).
	Also, when checking the shift-key, ignore modifiers other than shift,
	control and “meta”
	-use the alt/meta modifier information obtained in VTInitModifiers to
	replace a hard-coded mod1 used to detect “Meta” for mouse-button responses.
-reduce SIGWINCH's sent to the client by filtering out duplicates.
-improve display when scaleHeight is greater than 1:
	-the text-cursor is vertically-centered on the current line, rather than
	only extending below the current line (report by Manu Chaturvedi).
	-the built-in line-drawing characters extend to the scaled cell-height.
-fill-in special case for motion-events to match the changes for shift-key in
pointer-button events from patch #361.