Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/games/yquake2
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2020-11-24 14:04:53
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Log Message:
yquake2: Update to 7.45

Quake II 7.44 to 7.45:
- Fix a crash under windows when opening the games menu with mods

Quake II 7.43 to 7.44:
- Fix some input option not getting saved.
- Limit busywaits to the full client. This lowers the cpu consumption
  of q2ded considerably.
- Rework the build system to be more distribution friendly. The base
  CFLAGS and LDFLAGS can now be overridden by the environment and by
  options passed to make. (by Simon McVittie)
- Fix some corner cases of broken IPv6 connectivity.
- Fix qport colliding between several Yamagi Quake II clients.
- Keyboard keys unknown to Yamagi Quake II can now be bound.
- Adaptive vsync is now supported by setting 'r_vsync' to '1'.
- Implement 'coop_pickup_weapons'. When set to '1', a weapon may be
  picked up by coop players if the player doesn't have the weapon in
  their inventory or no other player has already picked it up.
- In coop elevators wait for 'coop_elevator_delay' seconds.
- If 'cl_anglekick' is set '1' angle kicks are ignored. This breaks
  the gameplay a little bit, but helps against motion sickness. This
  cvar is cheat protected.
- Add 'listmaps' command and autocompletion for maps. (by JBerg)
- Make 'wait' in scripts wait for 17 ms. This fixes some movement
- Support for Haiku. (by David Carlier)
- Add a 'mods' submenu. (by earth-metal)
- Add the 'vstr' command and 'nextdemo' cvar. Ported from ioquake3.
  (by Denis Pauk)