Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-wheel
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2020-12-06 12:05:09
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Log Message:
py-wheel: updated to 0.36.1

- Fixed ``AssertionError`` when ``MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET`` was set to ``11``
- Fixed regression introduced in 0.36.0 on Python 2.7 when a custom generator
  name was passed as unicode (Scikit-build)
  (``TypeError: 'unicode' does not have the buffer interface``)

- Added official Python 3.9 support
- Updated vendored ``packaging`` library to v20.7
- Switched to always using LF as line separator when generating ``WHEEL`` files
  (on Windows, CRLF was being used instead)
- The ABI tag is taken from  the sysconfig SOABI value. On PyPy the SOABI value
  is ``pypy37-pp73`` which is not compliant with PEP 3149, as it should have
  both the API tag and the platform tag. This change future-proofs any change
  in PyPy's SOABI tag to make sure only the ABI tag is used by wheel.