Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/puppet
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2021-02-03 16:15:19
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Log Message:
sysutils/puppet: update to 7.3.0

Puppet 7.3.0

Released 20 January 2021.

New features

* New serverport setting type

The serverport setting is an alias for masterport. PUP-10725


* Multiple logdest locations in puppet.conf accepted

  You can set multiple logdest locations using a comma separated list.
  For example: /path/file1,console,/path/file2. PUP-10795

* The puppet module install command lists unsatisfiable dependencies

  If the puppet module install command fails, Puppet returns a more
  detailed error, including the unsatisfiable module(s) and its
  ranges. PUP-9176

* New --no-legacy option to disable legacy facts

  By default, puppet facts show displays all facts, including legacy
  facts. This release adds a --no-legacy option to disable legacy facts
  when querying all facts. PUP-10850

Resolved issues

* The puppet apply command creates warnings

  This release eliminates Ruby 2.7.x warnings when running puppet apply
  with node statements. PUP-10845

* Remove Pathname#cleanpath workaround

  This release removes an unnecessary workaround when cleaning file paths,
  as Ruby 1.9 is no longer supported. PUP-10840

* The allow * error message shown during PE upgrade

  Puppet no longer prints an error if fileserver.conf contains allow *
  rules. It continues to print an error for all other rules, as Puppet's
  legacy authorization is no longer supported and is superseded by
  Puppetserver's authorization. PUP-10851

* 3x functions cannot be called from deferred functions in Puppet agent

  This release allows deferred 3.x functions, like sprintf, to be called
  during a Puppet agent run. PUP-10819

* Cached catalog contains the result of deferred evaluation instead of the
  deferred function

  Puppet 6.12.0 introduced a regression that caused the result of a
  deferred function to be stored in the cached catalog. As a result, an
  agent running with a cached catalog would not re-evaluate the deferred
  function. This is now fixed. PUP-10818

* puppet facts show fact output differs from facter fact

  The output format is different between Facter and Puppet facts when a
  query for a single fact is provided. This is now fixed. PUP-10847

* Issue with Puppet creating production folder when multiple environment
  paths are set

  Previously, the production environment folder was automatically created
  at every Puppet ran in the first search path, if it did not already
  exist. This release ensures Puppet searches all the given paths before
  creating a new production environment folder. PUP-10842

Puppet 7.2.0

This version of Puppet was never released.