Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/fossil
From: Jonathan Schleifer
Date: 2021-02-07 14:55:18
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Log Message:
Update devel/fossil to 2.14

Changes for Version 2.14 (2021-01-20)

  * Schema Update Notice #1: This release drops a trigger from the database \ 
schema (replacing it with a TEMP trigger that is created as needed). This change \ 
happens automatically the first time you add content to a repository using \ 
Fossil 2.14 or later. No action is needed on your part. However, if you upgrade \ 
to version 2.14 and then later downgrade or otherwise use an earlier version of \ 
Fossil, the email notification mechanism may fail to send out notifications for \ 
some events, due to the missing trigger. If you want to permanently downgrade an \ 
installation, then you should run "fossil rebuild" after the downgrade \ 
to get email notifications working again. If you are not using email \ 
notification, then the schema change will not affect you in any way.
  * Schema Update Notice #2: This release changes how the descriptions of wiki \ 
edits are stored in the EVENT table, for improved display on timelines. You must \ 
run "fossil rebuild" to take advantage of this enhancement. Everything \ 
will still work without "fossil rebuild", except you will get goofy \ 
descriptions of wiki updates in the timeline.
  * Add support for Fossil chat.
  * The "fossil clone" command is enhanced so that if the repository \ 
filename is omitted, an appropriate name is derived from the remote URL and the \ 
newly cloned repo is opened. This makes the clone command work more like Git, \ 
thus making it easier for people transitioning from Git.
  * Added the --mainbranch option to the fossil git export command.
  * Added the --format option to the "fossil timeline" command.
  * Enhance the --numstat option on the "fossil diff" command so that \ 
it shows a total number of lines added and deleted and total number of files \ 
  * Add the "contact" sub-command to fossil user.
  * Added commands "fossil all git export" and "fossil all git \ 
  * Added the "df=CHECKIN" query parameter to the /timeline page.
  * Improvements to the "/sitemap" page. Add subpages \ 
/sitemap-timeline and /sitemap-test.
  * Better text position in cylinder objects of Pikchr diagrams.
  * New "details.txt" settings available to custom skins to better \ 
control the rendering of Pikchr diagrams:
      * pikchr-foreground
      * pikchr-scale
      * pikchr-fontscale
  * Allow the use of SQL functions inside the ticket table definition for custom \ 
ticket configurations.
  * The built-in SQLite is updated to version 3.35.0 alpha containing \ 
performance optimizations, especially performance associated with startup, and \ 
minor improvements to the CLI.
  * Performance optimizations to Fossil itself.
  * Countless improvements and enhancements to the documentation