Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/finance/py-eth-utils
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-02-07 21:01:35
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Log Message:
py-eth-utils: updated to 1.10.0

eth-utils v1.10.0


When a TypeError or ValueError is raised during \ 
:meth:`~eth_utils.applicators.apply_formatters_to_dict`, eth_utils appends some \ 
useful contextual information. It was trying to re-create the old exception, but \ 
that sometimes fails, like with a :class:`JSONDecodeError`, which expects more \ 
arguments in the constructor. So now we raise a basic TypeError or ValueError.
Update the type signature of :meth:`~eth_utils.address.to_canonical_address`, \ 
:meth:`~eth_utils.address.to_checksum_address`, and \ 
:meth:`~eth_utils.address.to_normalized_address` to allow bytes-typed address \ 

Performance improvements

Significant speedup of :meth:`~eth_utils.hexadecimal.is_hex` and \ 
Significant speedup of :meth:`~eth_utils.address.is_address`. Running a test \ 
that abi-encodes an array of 10 addresses was about 67% faster.

Internal Changes - for eth-utils Contributors

Upgrade eth-hash to v0.3.1, to use its exported type annotations instead of \ 
casting the results.