Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/retext
From: David H. Gutteridge
Date: 2021-02-11 04:42:44
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Log Message:
retext: update to 7.2.0

## ReText 7.2.0 (2021-02-08)

* Dependency changes:
    - Python ≥ 3.6 is now required.
    - Qt and PyQt ≥ 5.11 are now required.
* General improvements:
    - Added ability to show a side panel with directory tree (contributed by
      Xavier Gouchet in #531).
    - Added support for searching in the preview mode.
    - When some text is selected and a quote, bracket or emphasis key is
      pressed, the text is surrounded rather than replaced (contributed by
      Daniel Venturini in #520).
    - Added an option to fully highlight wrapped lines (contributed by
      nihillum in #523).
    - Improved current line highlighting for right-to-left text layout.
    - Ordered list behavior can now be configured to repeat or increment the
      list item number (contributed by Binokkio in #527).
    - Added mnemonics to open the menus from keyboard (contributed by David
      Hebbeker in #528).
    - Added Apply button to the Preferences dialog (contributed by Amos Kong
      in #543).
    - Removed use of deprecated Python, Python-Markdown, Qt and PyQt API.
* Bugs fixed:
    - Issue #507 — Improved the error message when trying to build ReText as a
      wheel package.
    - Issue #529 — Markup that intersects with code blocks is no longer
    - PR #530 — Preview is no longer updated when it is not shown (contributed
      by rhn in #530).
    - Issue #533 — Fixed showing local images with Qt WebEngine 5.15.
* Translations updated:
    - Arabic (contributed by ZamanOof).
    - Chinese (China) (contributed by liulitchi).
    - Dutch (contributed by Heimen Stoffels).
    - Japanese (contributed by YAMADA Shinichirou).
    - Persian (contributed by Hadi F).
    - Polish (contributed by Maciej Haudek).
    - Russian.
    - Spanish (contributed by Félix Fischer).
    - Swedish (contributed by Philip Andersen).