Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-prompt_toolkit2
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-02-11 13:44:02
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Log Message:
py-prompt_toolkit2: updated to 3.0.15

3.0.15: 2021-02-10
- Set stdout blocking when writing in vt100 output. Fixes an issue when uvloop
  is used and big amounts of text are written.
- Guarantee height of at least 1 for both labels and text areas.
- In the `Window` rendering, take `dont_extend_width`/`dont_extend_height` into
  account. This fixes issues where one window is enlarged unexpectedly because
  it's bundled with another window in a `HSplit`/`VSplit`, but with different
- Don't handle `SIGWINCH` in progress bar anymore. (The UI runs in another
  thread, and we have terminal size polling now).
- Fix several thread safety issues and a race condition in the progress bar.
- Fix thread safety issues in `Application.invalidate()`. (Fixes a
  `RuntimeError` in some situations when using progress bars.)
- Fix handling of mouse events on Windows if we have a Windows 10 console with
  ANSI support.
- Disable `QUICK_EDIT_MODE` on Windows 10 when mouse support is requested.

3.0.14: 2021-01-24
New features:
- Disable bell when `PROMPT_TOOLKIT_BELL=false` environment variable has been

- Improve cancellation of history loading.

3.0.13: 2021-01-21
- Again, fixed the race condition in `ThreadedHistory`. Previous fix was not

3.0.12: 2021-01-21
- Fixed a race condition in `ThreadedHistory` that happens when continuously
  pasting input text (which would continously repopulate the history).
- Move cursor key mode resetting (for vt100 terminals) to the renderer. (Mostly

3.0.11: 2021-01-20
New features:
- Poll terminal size: better handle resize events when the application runs in
  a thread other than the main thread (where handling SIGWINCH doesn't work) or
  in the Windows console.

- Fix bug in system toolbar. The execution of system commands was broken.
- A refactoring of patch_stdout that includes several fixes.
  * We know look at the `AppSession` in order to see which application is
    running, rather then looking at the event loop which is installed when
    `StdoutProxy` is created. This way, `patch_stdout` will work when
    prompt_toolkit applications with a different event loop run.
  * Fix printing when no application/event loop is running.
  * Fixed the `raw` argument of `PatchStdout`.
- A refactoring of the `ThreadedHistory`, which includes several fixes, in
  particular a race condition (see issue 1158) that happened when editing
  input while a big history was still being loaded in the background.