Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-03-15 15:51:01
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Log Message:
sqlite3: updated to 3.35.0

SQLite Release 3.35.0 On 2021-03-12

Added built-in SQL math functions(). (Requires the \ 
-DSQLITE_ENABLE_MATH_FUNCTIONS compile-time option.)
Added support for ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN.
Generalize UPSERT:
Allow multiple ON CONFLICT clauses that are evaluated in order,
The final ON CONFLICT clause may omit the conflict target and yet still use DO \ 
Add support for the RETURNING clause on DELETE, INSERT, and UPDATE statements.
Use less memory when running VACUUM on databases containing very large TEXT or \ 
BLOB values. It is no longer necessary to hold the entire TEXT or BLOB in memory \ 
all at once.
Add support for the MATERIALIZED and NOT MATERIALIZED hints when specifying \ 
common table expressions. The default behavior was formerly NOT MATERIALIZED, \ 
but is now changed to MATERIALIZED for CTEs that are used more than once.
modified so that they only control triggers and views in the main database \ 
schema or in attached database schemas and not in the TEMP schema. TEMP triggers \ 
and views are always allowed.
Query planner/optimizer improvements:
Enhancements to the min/max optimization so that it works better with the IN \ 
operator and the OP_SeekScan optimization of the previous release.
Attempt to process EXISTS operators in the WHERE clause as if they were IN \ 
operators, in cases where this is a valid transformation and seems likely to \ 
improve performance.
Allow UNION ALL sub-queries to be flattened even if the parent query is a join.
Use an index, if appropriate, on IS NOT NULL expressions in the WHERE clause, \ 
even if STAT4 is disabled.
Expressions of the form "x IS NULL" or "x IS NOT NULL" might \ 
be converted to simply FALSE or TRUE, if "x" is a column that has a \ 
"NOT NULL" constraint and is not involved in an outer join.
Avoid checking foreign key constraints on an UPDATE statement if the UPDATE does \ 
not modify any columns associated with the foreign key.
Allow WHERE terms to be pushed down into sub-queries that contain window \ 
functions, as long as the WHERE term is made up of entirely of constants and \ 
copies of expressions found in the PARTITION BY clauses of all window functions \ 
in the sub-query.
CLI enhancements:
Enhance the ".stats" command to accept new arguments "stmt" \ 
and "vmstep", causing prepare statement statistics and only the \ 
virtual-machine step count to be shown, respectively.
Add the ".filectrl data_version" command.
Enhance the ".once" and ".output" commands so that if the \ 
destination argument begins with "|" (indicating that output is \ 
redirected into a pipe) then the argument does not need to be quoted.
Bug fixes:
Fix a potential NULL pointer dereference when processing a syntactically \ 
incorrect SELECT statement with a correlated WHERE clause and a "HAVING \ 
0" clause. (Also fixed in the 3.34.1 patch release.)
Fix a bug in the IN-operator optimization of version 3.33.0 that can cause an \ 
incorrect answer.
Fix incorrect answers from the LIKE operator if the pattern ends with \ 
"%" and there is an "ESCAPE '_'" clause.